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  1. Brian bought some Hipshot tuners , with good communication and fast payment- great basschatter to deal with. Thanks 👍
  2. They’re not ultralites ( smaller tuners ) , but lighter than the standard fender equivalent tuner - hope this helps 👍
  3. Ian bought a boost pedal , with good communication and fast payment.A great basschatter! Thanks Ian 👍
  4. https://reverb.com/uk/item/56682680-20300g-gold-hipshot-bt3-x-tender-drop-d-tuner-for-fender-bass This looks like the one ☝️
  5. Nice moon 👍 I’d say Hipshot BT3 , but won’t be reverse wind to my knowledge 🤔
  6. Andy bought some thomastik strings , with fast payment & easy to deal with. Thanks 👍
  7. Hi , up for sale a used set of Hipshot HB3 tuners with screws in great condition. £75 posted uk mainland
  8. Hi , up for sale a few months old set of thomastik JF344 ( cut for a 34” 4 in line P bass ) in great condition. £25 posted uk mainland
  9. Good advise from toneknob , I didn’t factor in leaving the venue. It probably took a good 20mins to get out of Hyde park come the end of the show, and then of course to where you need to be.
  10. Hi , I was at a Hyde park concert last week 👍 The gates open at 2pm , and all the support acts will be on through the afternoon - expect pearl jam to be on around 8:30pm and the whole concert day to finish at around 10:30pm. Hope this helps , enjoy the concert.
  11. John bought some Hipshot tuners from me , was quick with payment & cool with delivery. Thanks 👍
  12. Very true Congratulations again 👍 I’m really pleased you found a fretted brother , here’s to another 20 years 🍻
  13. Great stuff Fabrice 👍 is it 20mm string spacing ?
  14. They are configured 4 in line , but can easily be made 2+2 ( with a 1.5mm Allen key ) 👍
  15. 😂 still a good outcome Luke 👍
  16. Yeah I know what you mean , keeper basses for sure 👍
  17. Yes it was passive also , I’ve not got too much experience with fretless - but can say it was the easiest and best one to play out of the few fretless basses I had 👍 I’ve got 4 Leduc basses and can say I’ve got zero gas at the moment ( well always interested in Leduc instruments ! ) I also play some acoustic guitar 🤫, and would love a C2 - let’s see if & when Christophe builds again!
  18. Lovely masterpiece DaPhonque 👍 Love the grain in the bubinga , I wish I kept hold of the HMP528SF, but I’m not really a fretless player , sure @alaink is still loving it .
  19. It was modified by Christophe, He had to get around the original design , & went from this :- To this :- And I love it !
  20. I’m pleased to start a feedback thread for S’manth , who bought some Hipshot tuners from me - excellent communication, fast payment & nice lady. Thanks 👍
  21. Pleasure to meet mike and hand over a fretless bitsa , good chat and very easy to deal with. Thanks 👍
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