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  1. Rich bought a Raezers edge guitar cab from me , with good communication and prompt payment , a pleasure to deal with. Good luck on the jazz journey Rich 👍
  2. Hi , Up for sale a EMG 40DC pickup & wiring loom ( vol , bass , treble ) with hipshot knobs ( black ) All complete & working well - just missing jack socket £80 posted UK mainland ( now £45 )
  3. Bought some speaker leads from Ian , smooth as silk , thanks 👍
  4. Hi , Up for sale BassCulture dual coil neo blade pickup (EMG 40 size) in ebony topped cover , as new never fitted £65 posted UK mainland ( Now £35) SOLD 5x Gotoh gb707 tuners in black ( 3l , 2r ) in great used condition with screws £30 posted UK mainland ( SOLD ) Used set of GHS boomers 5 string 45-130 in good used condition £10 posted UK mainland ( SOLD )
  5. Hi , Up for sale some cases , Hiscox pro II ebs case in great used condition ( with keys ) £95 posted UK mainland Slickbag bass gigbag in immaculate as new condition £100 posted UK mainland ( SOLD) Withdrawn for sale....
  6. I’m not sure how to do that , but that’s cool
  7. I’ve got a hiscox I could let go of , but I’m in Bristol - so may not help you too much , I’ve got in laws in Gloucester though.
  8. It’s been a while , but iirc around £40/50 with your supplied strings. Give him a call , he’s a really great guy to deal with.
  9. I’ve never used them before , so can’t give a review. I’ve always used Johnny Kinkead (Kinkade Guitars) , but have also heard good things about Eltham Jones (Edge guitar services) and Simon Bamber (Si.Co setups). Hope this helps 👍
  10. I’ve bought & traded with sellers in Europe ,( Belgium, France , Germany & The Netherlands) and never had a problem before , it does help that they’ve been trusted BCers and know how to pack & ship well , also a few bits & pieces from zikinf & onlybass - but of course if you get a weird vibe , just think it over. I’m expecting a bass from France tomorrow ( with rosewood 😱 )
  11. Christoph bought a great bass from me , with excellent communication and prompt payment 👍 I also know the bass is in great hands and will be played well , Thankyou 🍻
  12. I’ve had a change of heart , and decided I can’t sell this bass - I’ll have to find another way. I’m really sorry to those who were interested. Best Regards
  13. 5 strings Tony , I have a masterpiece itch I need to scratch !
  14. Thanks Tony , if the bass I’m interested in sells ( surprise surprise another Leduc ) - then this is going nowhere !
  15. I’m sorry this bass is withdrawn
  16. Sorry it was a precision 🤦‍♂️
  17. Beres Hammond - Rose garden
  18. Joss stone - I’m diggin on you
  19. Ha ! It happens ( blame auto correct ) I used to have a Wizzy 12 m line & Wizzy 10 , I like ea cabs & think they have great spl for their size - I must admit the NL112 looks like a bit of a beast , with nice styling too
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