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  1. Hi , I have 3 basses, but seem to have 3 hardcases & 2 gigbags , so time to restore some balance... Harvest nylon & leather gigbag (immaculate as new) £120 includes postage ( uk mainland) Hiscox Liteflite Case ( in excellent , almost as new condition- with key ! ) £65 includes postage ( uk mainland ) * SOLD * cheers Chris
  2. Just purchased a mono gigbag & tic from Jon , good communication, good guy & good gigbag ! Thankyou
  3. Tricky audio do a greenboy design crazy 88 , could be worth investigating?
  4. Price drop to £275 👊 I’ll also entertain trades ( small combos , pre amp pedals ) with some cash my way
  5. Just completed a part trade deal with Tony with one of his lovely Leduc basses - super easy & smooth transaction, with excellent communication. Deal in complete confidence, one of the good guys , Thanks it’s been a pleasure Tony 🍻
  6. Thankyou for the link bassbunny, it’s a great cab & seeing your efforts makes me want to keep it , but I’m pretty much using my walkabout combo exclusively now 🤔
  7. Thanks bass bunny , I’m interested to see it - a link would be great 👍
  8. Hi , the weight is around 18/19 kg , I think it was refurbished by a previous owner ( new paint & maybe corner protectors) speakers & everything else looks original
  9. Thanks for the comments , common sense prevails - withdrawn for the time being 🤦‍♂️
  10. Sorry Richard no trades on this , I’m getting a bit wobbly on selling this 🤔
  11. Always the way Steve , I heard on another thread you acquired another - otherwise you’d have had a pm 👍
  12. Hi , Up for sale a Schroeder 1515L in good condition, bought from olipaulo of this parish , A monster of a cab and has been a pleasure owing it this short time - but is a bit overkill for the gigs I do - so moving it on ( 800w @ 4ohm ) Based in Bristol cheers chris
  13. Hi , Up for sale is a Mesa Walkabout head / combo , bought from Mr.Browning of this parish ( top basschatter ) in good condition , I may be moving in the new year so moving this on - it’s been a great combo & lovely tones *please note this is a 110v version* step down transformer included Based in Bristol ( I have local interest in just the cab - so if you want just the head it’s £500 and could post at your cost ) cheers chris
  14. Surely if they want you to organise courier , they should pack it & give you the weight & dimensions 🤔
  15. Bought some pickup covers from Tom , easy transaction & fast delivery , Thankyou
  16. Donald bought my aer amp one , good comms , swift payment & great bcer ! Deal with him in confidence , enjoy the amp & thank you cheers chris
  17. Yes can be posted to you , drop me a personal message & we’ll go from there , thanks
  18. Thanks Loz , hope you’re well 🍻
  19. Hi , up for sale is my Aer amp one , great amp with tonnes of features- read the reviews Im sure I’ll regret this - but I’m not using it much and could do with the money for other things ( bought from “three” of this parish and offering for the same price I paid ) The amp is in great condition with padded amp bag Could courier but would prefer a meet up , based in Bristol cheers chris
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