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  1. Shame it didn’t work out Dave , this is a brilliant bass - up there with a Celinder J classic I had. @Jimelliottbassist owned quite some time ago too , tempting but GLWTS edit just to say - Dave is a top basschatter to deal with , One of the good guys 👍
  2. Yes , def a few mock-ups to be sure! I still think sans pick guard for the win!
  3. I thought it was great too , and agree on how short it was , 2 or 3 times as long would’ve been better ! I’ve dug out and have been listening to odyssey number 5 , vulture street & tea&sympathy the last few days - the kids are getting annoyed 😂
  4. It’s a great looking bass for sure , I personally think it’ll look cool in surf green with the Birdseye neck & no pick guard. GLWTS or Refinishing job 👍
  5. Yes , thanks for the link 👍 ( & thanks Erwan😉 ) I think in the video is Elixir rounds , it now has Thomastik flats on.
  6. Thanks , I agree - I am a fan too , Christophe’s basses are just 👌
  7. * For a limited time - £1450 delivered UK/EU with new wiring loom & I’ll include a great condition case for delivery * I’ve been thinking .... which can sometimes be dangerous. This is the least used bass of mine , because I don’t play much fretless (criminal I know). I love the ergonomics, feel & sound of this bass, it’d be a shame to fret it. I offer it up for Sale or a very specific trade, a Leduc HMP528SF in good condition ( the pots turn quite freely & there is a little bend on blend pot - but everything works ). Specs :- 34” scale 9/18 mm string spacing Rio rosewood fretboard (28 positions) Canadian maple through neck Bubinga wings Leduc/Benedetti single pickups in Rio rosewood covers Passive - vol , blend , tone Lightweight ( I estimate 3.5 - 4kg ) but will weigh it I’d much prefer a trade , and only for another Leduc bass. Ideally a Leduc Maurad bass ( 4 or 5 , pref 5 string ) can add £ if needed. But will consider other fretted Leduc basses. Cheers Chris NOW SOLD
  8. Wow , thanks for the heads up ! Yes a great band , one of my faves - managed to see them live some 10 years ago. They were due to play near my birthday , but my wife went into labour with our first child the night before ! One of those things I thought , but the gig was postponed - so got to see them ! I also like Bernard’s solo material too 👍 Watching now 👌
  9. Hodge bought some leads from me , Was a pleasure & Is a top basschatter to deal with. Recommended , thanks 👍
  10. greenolive


    Paul bought a Crazy 8 cab from me , with fast payment & great communication. It was a pleasure, Thanks 👍
  11. Hi , Up for sale a Crazy 8 speaker cab ,in fabulous condition with a Gravity speaker stand. Rated at 200w 8” speaker with tweeter , comes with roqsolid cover. I was using this with an EUB , but also sounds great with bass guitar ( including low b ). Includes postage uk mainland.
  12. Thanks , it’s been great to play and I agree. Just passing it on for the same deal I got it for , and would be not for sale if not for my wrist issues.
  13. Hi , With heavy heart due to some wrist issues which are making 5 string upright uncomfortable for me 😞. Up for sale a 5 string eub built by Derek High , top notch build quality & woods throughout ( flame maple , ebony ). Magnetic pickup & piezo pickups by Wilson in Denmark , there is a volume control for each on the back & a side mounted jack input. Strung E-C & String length of 107cm. Comes with custom padded bag & collapsible stand. Its been a pleasure owning this for the last year and it needs to be played more often. Postage is not an option , it can be picked up or meet up can be arranged. Any prospective buyer would need to try it no doubt , so may be better after lockdown. Here are the pictures:-
  14. Hi , Up for sale some wooden control knobs in sets of 4. 3/4” shaft with grub screw ( Allen key supplied) 22mm wide & 15mm high cocobolo with maple line £25 posted uk mainland walnut & zebrano £25 posted uk mainland
  15. +1 great price & great guy to deal with , hope all is well in Mulhouse ! 👍
  16. I know what you mean , the new stuff has gone to the wall.
  17. My favourites are John McVie with Fleetwood Mac & Russell Jackson with BB king
  18. Some great tracks in this thread 👍 I’ve been doing some decorating today with some classic Luciano , after all & live in 2000 ( one of my favourite live albums )
  19. Dave bought my Sei jazz , in a smooth , fast & very communicative manner - I can heartily recommend dealing with Dave and wouldn’t hesitate to deal with him again. Its been a pleasure, Thankyou 👍
  20. Stuart bought some knobs from me in an easy , no fuss & friendly manner. I wouldn’t hesitate in dealing with him again , recommended - Thanks 👍
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