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  1. Although Trace made a range of amps badged with different ratings, if you inspected the actual amp modules inside the heads you might just find that they had a practice of putting higher rated modules into lower output badged amps to meet production targets - economies of scale would have made a big difference to their bottom line, and it's important to remember that Trace were not manufacturing on the same scale as Fender/Hartke/Ampeg/Marshall.
  2. If you identify the riff variations, then practice them individually till you have them spot on, then practice swtitching between the different variations with a metronome until the transition is smooth, you will absorb the phrases into your own playing vocabulary and they will come out naturally after a period of time. In the short term, as long as you have a couple of the easier variations down it will get you through the gig - as @peteb pointed out having a handle on the underlying chords which form a simple repeating chunk of information is more important than trying to process a long stream of notes if you are struggling to retain the structure.
  3. Is the port really 8.2 cm tall internally? There is an enormous difference in port cross sectional area between the two porting suggestions, you could try plugging in a smaller number for the square port (either just the central portion, or just the two corner portions) bearing in mind that you can reduce the port cross section by adding material under the port shelf fairly easily. Really this needs some input from the forumites with more loudspeaker design knowledge than myself calling @stevie @Bill Fitzmaurice who can probably shed a more expert view on the port tuning aspect - the circular port suggestion has a much higher resonant frequecy than the square one, so there may be other factors to consider beyond taking the numbers from winIsd at face value.
  4. Your cab is already ported - rather than sealing the existing port and cutting a different shaped one, surely it would make more sense to tune the length of the exiating port appropriately. There are both commercial and DIY cabs that use slot ports, here is a link to the download page for the Fearful range of cabs which use slot ports, take a look at the plans and it should become clear how the slot ports are implemented. http://greenboy.us/fEARful/DL/ With a little ingenuity you could make a two piece shelf that could easily pass through the existing speaker opening (I would layer two thinner pieces of ply like this - viewed from the cab front) AAAAAABBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBB ..............S..........................S................ Both pieces (A) glued together beforehand into one piece, likewise with pieces (B), then you have a large mating surface to glue the two pieces together inside the cab. If you size the pieces so the long layer of each piece extends to cover both braces(S), you will be able to screw the port shelf down securely to dry fit and finesse the tuning before committing to fixing the shelf more permanently within the cab or glueing the two halves together.
  5. Might be worth having a lesson with a pro bass guitarist - they should be able to identify very quickly whether the root of your problem is instrument setup/your technique/other signal chain issues. If you are a beginner, it is quite possible that your understanding of setting up your instrument is flawed (I've rescued a number of intruments from bad DIY setup attempts). Take a look in this thread There may be a friendly basschatter local to you who would be willing to take a look at your bass with you - sometimes small adjustments can make a world of difference.
  6. Just seen a video about the video in the OP, that sheds some more light on this by way of interview with the person who shot the footage.
  7. Why on earth hadn't the band registered the name themselves?? Even at the lowest levels of the music industry bands get into disputes over name usage, and if you intend on selling merch or recorded music one of the first things you should do is check that the cool name you just came up with by your band isn't already owned as a trademark or likely to land you in hot water with a big corporation who already owns the name (even if none of their products are music related) - I know a band who just had to scrap all their merch and CDs because they didn't do any due diligence in this respect. This isn't really stealing so much as it is incompetant management - it still sucks for the band, but anyone who has been involved in the music industry for half a century should be well aware how mercenary and backstabbing it can be whenever money is at stake and should have taken measures to protect themselves many years ago.
  8. As no-one has mentioned him yet I'm going to have to show Mani from the Stones Roses some love - danceable tunes within the tunes, what's not to love about that.
  9. Reading through the details they say they are going to provide accomodation and food for the duration, but it doesn't explicitly state that the gig is unpaid or paid. Has anyone actually applied and raised the remuneration question?
  10. Is Donald Trump moonlighting as a business consultant for Gibson on the quiet?
  11. Make yourself a simple jig to test the pickup positions and combinations in the same way that Leo Fender did, and listen to the sound they make rather than other peoples opinions.
  12. Why not just use the existing bass drum and hihat pedals which you know will work, and just assign a snare sound to the hihat pedal - you might want to rotate the snare pad out of the way, but surely using what's there already is the most straightforward solution.
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