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  1. I took mine out for it's first outing Sunday having owned and used it at home since December and it just wouldn't power up. Appears to be an issue with the power supply (I think). Very, very frustrating. When you have everything in one box you forget how stuck you are when that box decides it's not going to play ball. It's still in warranty and being returned for fix/replacement. Anybody else had power supply issues?
  2. Here is an update with specs maple and wenge (or walnut) laminated neck ebony fretboard two way truss rod Gotoh GB2 tuners Swamp ash body polyester basecoat sunburst gloss lacquer topcoat EMG j set EMG BQC eq ABM bridge Chrome hardware
  3. Quilter bass block hands down - I've not found anything else that size that produces that much volume
  4. Bought a stageclix wireless from nord1. Great communication and a more than fair price.
  5. Bought a Quilter 800 from Matt - he has set the gold standard for packaging and an absolute gem to deal with
  6. Forgot to mention includes Aguilar bag
  7. Although that one doesn't look cosmetically in great shape
  8. If you have the option to purchase the Ampeg SVTII-P (pre-amp) by itself....... then buy it........ highly recommended including some of it's eccentricities.
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