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  1. I used and loved early Markbass products (and still own some of their best products) and was looking forward to this as I thought they’d lost their way a bit in regards to innovation. But the reveal. Lightweight cabs being chucked around on a keynote speech……. Surprisingly not the worst thing that’s happened in 2022. But close.
  2. Whatever it is......... get one before it's instantly discontinued.
  3. or A Digital amp head that offers bassists an incredible wide range of virtual bass amps, both modern and vintage, speaker cabs and microphones, studio and stompbox effects, and a powerful stereo amp... in a practical rack mountable unit
  4. Could it be a a customisable modular bass amp that allows the player to use a variety of different preamps, EQs, or master controls to dial in just the right sound for their particular needs with the ability to mix and match various modules? Again........
  5. Bought a Sadowsky from Pete. Absolutely great communication and a great price.
  6. It definitely looks more like the Gallery pictures in the flesh finish wise. Hard to photograph in sunshine this afternoon but you get the idea.
  7. Yes this is one I think I'll probably end up regretting in the future
  8. Atelier Z Custom for sale. This is a great Super Jazz but just not getting the use it needs. Looking for £1350 delivered. I've used pictures from it's original listing at the Gallery but will update with new ones tonight. Its in exactly the same condition as when bought. be mindful it's definitely not the lightest Jazz bass in the world but definitely one of the most resonant I've played. Any questions drop me a PM Specs Atelier Z Custom Fingerboard Material Maple Body Material Ash Finish Burst Number of Frets20 Scale Length34 Pickups ATELIER Z JBZ-4 Pre-Amp Bartolini XTCT +Spectrum boost Hipshot D-Tuner Weight 10.4 lbs
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