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  1. Purchased a Morningstar MC6. Great communication and a free midi lead thrown in - great guy
  2. I'm still very much enjoying mine - it's a go to over some of my more expensive instruments
  3. Just picked up a B-stock head of Doom to try out. Never been the biggest Ashdown fan in the world but always wanted to love them. But I think that's down to meeting their products in beaten up states in rehearsal rooms and venues on their last legs around the country. The Head of Doom is quite the piece of engineering. An absolutely phenomenal head that sounds great and is beautifully made and has head room for miles. Can't wait to gig it. It's absolutely beautiful, loud. It's next level.
  4. Had some time today to update my V1 to V3 which has been sitting on a shelf gathering dust. My goodness this has come along way in a very short period of time. It was good before but this is now excellent.
  5. Without getting the scales out it feels around the 8.5lbs mark compared to other basses I own. I'm very impressed with it from in regards to playability. The neck is very slim which I really like. Plugged into a pre-amp for recording I'd describe it as 'hi-fi' sounding and I suppose it will come down to how you feel about EMG's which divide some people. I'm very pleased with it.
  6. It's a great quality bass - good fit and finish and the EMGs sound great - really punchy. Superb value for money.
  7. Bought a pair of PJB headphones from Graeme. Quick postage and great communications. Deal with confidence.
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