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  1. Sold an Ampeg SVTII to Bunion (Ian). Quick response and payment and great communication around posting. Good to deal with someone who knows their bass stuff.
  2. All trades p/ex welcome. Not desperate to get rid of but not using. This needs a good home.
  3. Just a note on Stoneham YI200 mentioned in the thread. Picked up one that was just in the used section. Certainly no problems with clean volume whatsoever and beautifully put together.
  4. Based on a Knightfall and Tarkin with a clean channel?
  5. It’s done a couple of festivals with me as well
  6. and here is Andrew's website. Some great looking basses available and custom builds https://www.anacondabasses.co.uk/
  7. Well I contacted Andrew Taylor-Cummins from Anaconda Basses who had this to say - "Thank you for getting in touch and for reminding me of this Bass. I’m very excited to see it, as I sometimes wondered what had happened to the handful of Ostinato Basses, that were built prior to Anaconda Basses. It is indeed a very early Anaconda Bass, before I decided to go full-time building Basses. Ostinato Basses were effectively the fore-runner of Anaconda Basses. It would probably have been built around 2010-2011. I’m pretty sure the body is Idigbo, The Top is definitely Lacewood. My recollection is that they were Killer Basses. Then again, i am biased"
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