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  1. These are absolutely fantastic basses - I'd have it off you if I didn't already have one and mine's going nowhere GLWTS
  2. I tried the Macchiato and sadly it went straight back. although I like what it did to my tone the boost when kicked in made it unusable unless used as an always on pedal. For the price it just wasn't flexible enough compared to other pedals with more control in the same bracket.
  3. Some pedals for sale - With the purchase of a Microtubes V2 amp these are now all surplus to requirements. PM me with any questions. Vintage Microtubes (Boxed) - SOLD https://www.darkglass.com/creations/vintage-microtubes/ Darkglass BK3 (Boxed) - SOLD https://www.darkglass.com/creations/microtubes-b3k/ Darkglass Super Symmetry - £185 https://www.darkglass.com/creations/super-symmetry/ Mini XO - £130 https://johnkvintageguitars.homestead.com/mini-XO.html Mesa Throttle Box EQ (Boxed) - £180 https://www.mesaboogie.com/pedals--related/drive-pedals/throttle-box-eq.html
  4. Bought an Orange bass Terror from Nigel Great price and delivered next day with brilliant communications Great guy
  5. +1 for the AH250 GP12 SMX. i won't part with mine
  6. string gauge .045/.065/.085/.105/.045/.065/.080
  7. This https://thorpyfx.com/collections/thorpyfx-pedals/products/the-fat-general-parallel-compressor-mini My favourite and I've tried them all
  8. Bought a GlockenKlang pre-amp from Tony Smooth sailing all the way - an absolute gent and great communication
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