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  1. Yes love these. Built link a tank and sound great. Miss mine which I moved on because of my REDDI but they were close in sound. Don’t do it Phil!!!
  2. I used and loved early Markbass products (and still own some of their best products) and was looking forward to this as I thought they’d lost their way a bit in regards to innovation. But the reveal. Lightweight cabs being chucked around on a keynote speech……. Surprisingly not the worst thing that’s happened in 2022. But close.
  3. Whatever it is......... get one before it's instantly discontinued.
  4. or A Digital amp head that offers bassists an incredible wide range of virtual bass amps, both modern and vintage, speaker cabs and microphones, studio and stompbox effects, and a powerful stereo amp... in a practical rack mountable unit
  5. Could it be a a customisable modular bass amp that allows the player to use a variety of different preamps, EQs, or master controls to dial in just the right sound for their particular needs with the ability to mix and match various modules? Again........
  6. Bought a Sadowsky from Pete. Absolutely great communication and a great price.
  7. It definitely looks more like the Gallery pictures in the flesh finish wise. Hard to photograph in sunshine this afternoon but you get the idea.
  8. Yes this is one I think I'll probably end up regretting in the future
  9. Atelier Z Custom for sale. This is a great Super Jazz but just not getting the use it needs. Looking for £1350 delivered. I've used pictures from it's original listing at the Gallery but will update with new ones tonight. Its in exactly the same condition as when bought. be mindful it's definitely not the lightest Jazz bass in the world but definitely one of the most resonant I've played. Any questions drop me a PM Specs Atelier Z Custom Fingerboard Material Maple Body Material Ash Finish Burst Number of Frets20 Scale Length34 Pickups ATELIER Z JBZ-4 Pre-Amp Bartolini XTCT +Spectrum boost Hipshot D-Tuner Weight 10.4 lbs
  10. Indeed a great amp - only moved it on as I had an incoming Aguilar DB751 - Kev is a top guy
  11. Yes Cab sim was engaged. I would say the real difference is how the Origin feels rather than sounds when you change your playing dynamics compared to the VTDI. Certainly at higher gain settings there are more harmonic overtones. Good point regarding 'bottom end' - i was thinking more how it would sit in a recording rather than live as i was running out of DI into a DAW/Interface. Haven't tried through an amp yet either through effects return or front of the amp. The manual shows how to do both.
  12. Great amps and your just done the road from me. If I didn't have one already i'd have this off you. Sickamps also gave mine a service recently - highy recommended them
  13. Well spent about an hour with it and so far I like it a-lot. Side by side with the VT bass DI out the Origin has a lot more bottom end and feels more touch responsive, like playing through a miked amp. I'm a really big fan of the Tech 21 pedals but the Super Vintage really feels like your playing through a tube amp in the way it responds. Where it excels are when you start increasing the drive and really digging in. It's super responsive and the breakup sounds more real world tube like. Playing in a mix is where I think it will really shine. I really, really like some of the high gain sounds this can produce. So far so good then. Hopefully i'll get some more time with at the weekend and might even gig with it Saturday. In regards to the price. Yes it's expensive but it has to be without a doubt one of the best put together 'pedals' i've come across. I can't think of anything else that comes close regarding the build quality and aesthetic.
  14. I’ll get to have a play this evening and post some thoughts later
  15. Mines arrived. It really is a thing of beauty.
  16. Me too on a Super Vintage arriving Thursday. Will do the same.
  17. Bought an Aguilar Db750 from Jimmy. Absolutely brilliant guy to deal with.
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