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  1. NOW SOLD thanks subject to the usual. I have completely retired from playing the bass for various sensible reasons and recently set about trying to sell off most of my gear and prepare for a life of boredom. After clearing out one of my music cupboards today I have put together a lucky bag of stuff, none of which has been tested by me but there is no reason to believe any of it might be non-functional as it all worked before I hid it from the wife’s view. Some of it is brand new, most items have their instructions and on top of the items listed I will continue to add (for free of course) anything else I might find as I continue rummaging. There are a couple of small surprises already there in the pile that aren’t listed. In no particular order, Tascam CD-VT2 music and voice trainer Fender ST1 stage tuner Zoom GM-200 guitar amp modeller Blax stage tuner and power supply Samson AP 1 radio guitar system Pulse dual channel microphone pre amp Zoom 607 bass effects AKG SR/WMS 40 pro radio guitar system Millenium headphone monitor amp for wired in ears system Citronic Q-Mix 2, 2 channel usb mixer Korg Beat Boy Single led stage light Digital sound level meter BD 121 V-Tone bass driver di Quality bass cab lead Fender PR388 floor tuner Bass overdrive pedal 2 x bridges Bag of various machine heads Bag of assorted knobs, Fender, chicken head etc Bag of rubber cab feet Fender neck plate Novelty robotic tuner K&M stage music light and 2 spare bulbs Assorted cables, power supplies, 2 led music lights, 3 guitar pickups etc. £125 all in, no picking and choosing or haggling, I just have to clear everything out for brownie points. I’m sure you all understand!
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    I checked and couldn’t find any feedback for Paul, but what a super guy to do business with. No haggling, immediate payment and as pleasant as possible with a lovely wife as well! Hope to come across Paul again in the future, Cheers, Bob
  3. Several people have asked me how much the fretted bass weighs, and the answer is precisely seven and a half pounds. The fretless is similar too.
  4. Any offers? No trades sorry as I don't play any more. Bob
  5. What a lovely chap! Sold Tom my blue SWB-1 and it couldn't have been a quicker, nicer transaction. Hope you enjoy playing her Tom. Bob
  6. All three basses are now sold thanks. I have retired from playing so will be selling off all my stuff soon. For the last few years I have gigged exclusively with short scale basses and loved them all. The first three being very similar I have grouped them together into a single advert and hope I’ve done the right thing! All three of the basses are in mint condition, and have gig bags or cases, strap locks fitted and no marks or dings that I can find. Anyone that has bought from me in the past will know that I baby my gear. The first one up is a fretless passive model, but included in the sale is the correct EMG pre amp, unused and boxed as fitted by Scott that you can pop in if you so desire. There is a Flightcase Warehouse Spider hardcase included that really is the badger. This bass is really light and easy to play, you may not want to fit the pre amp, it’s up to you. The second bass is a totally mint Chowny SWB-1 made in India. I don’t think this has ever been played in anger, I certainly haven’t gigged it and it’s an active model finished in I think it’s sonic blue? This bass is heavier than the other two which gives it a bit of a different tone. It’s not a heavy bass, just heavier. Totally mint with a Fender Urban gig bag. The third bass was my main gigging bass until I discovered the Fender Mustang p/j I changed to and it’s a beauty, one of Scott’s earlier basses. It’s active, very light and punchy and a joy to play. Nice wood, lovely neck and it’s original hardcase, again no marks I can find. I thought £325 for each bass would be reasonable?
  7. I couldn't find a feedback thread for Bernard who has just bought my ACG bass so here's one! What a pleasant transaction, immediate payment and friendly as you like. Bernards a super guy who works tirelessly for charity with his band and deserves all the plaudits he gets. Hope you get on with the bass Bernard, and it was a pleasure meeting you today! Cheers, Bob
  8. It does have an asymmetric neck Tom, but it’s never bothered me one bit. In some respects it makes playing it easier which I’m sure is the point!
  9. Any offers? Have I overpriced it? I thought the price seemed reasonable with the leds but I admit to being a bit out of touch with things bassy.
  10. Hi Tom. Yes, still fishing but my great plans of fishing more in retirement seem to have been overtaken by looking after 90 year old mother in law and fishing less type plans! Hope you are well, Cheers, Bob
  11. Wow, thanks Sam! I'm blushing now....... A couple more bits of info, she weighs 8lb 13 oz and although the preamp has mids control and a bright pull I can't find a passive mode. There is a Neutrik locking jack socket as well.
  12. I should have said, I'm sorry. Yes, it's a 34 inch scale.
  13. SOLD, many thanks to the buyer. This is serial number 0073 and can be seen in better detail on Alans web site where there are much better photos than my poor efforts! Alan built this for me a while back when I was regularly gigging, and having had a few learning difficulties with the filter pre amps in previous ACG basses he arranged for John to build a custom J-Retro which suited me fine. The pickups are custom wound Bart Classics and the teal body staining was chosen by me after considering several different options and looks really superb with the gloss finish. The top is flame sycamore with a swamp ash body core and back. The headless neck is 5 piece flame maple with black veneer contrast lines and a heartwood birdseye maple fingerboard. The radius is 16, nut width 40mm and black hardware and an ABM bridge with standard 18mm spacing is used. Locking strap buttons are included, as is Alans dinky little tool kit and a fitted Hiscox case. Installed whilst the bass was being constructed are red Sims leds on the edge of the fingerboard, for practical purposes on dark stages rather than front mounted for effect! The preamp is 18v and a low battery warning light is fitted. Now heres the interesting bit. The bass is still as brand new, despite being a few years old! I never gigged with it or took it to practices but every so often I would take it out of its case and admire it as a superb work of art, play a few riffs then put it back in its case under the bed. The last few years I have only gigged in a pub duo using short scale basses so don't ever envisage it being used in anger so thought that now was the time to let it go to someone who would appreciate it. The tone is everything I have ever wanted from a bass, its lovely to play and mint, what more can I say?
  14. Bought a Warwick short scale bass from them a few months ago. To be honest, I thought the price was a mistake it was so low but it arrived quickly and is superb.
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