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  1. In praise of Thomann

    Bought a Warwick short scale bass from them a few months ago. To be honest, I thought the price was a mistake it was so low but it arrived quickly and is superb.
  2. Mid-gig gear disasters

    Mid song at a university gig I noticed my amp head on top of the cab start to move. I was using a cable free set up so it wasn't me pulling it. It seemed to lift a bit, move backwards then fell off down the back of the cab by itself. Fortunately it was still working so I lifted it back up at the end of the song. When I mentioned this to the organiser at the end of the gig she laughed and said that was the resident ghost. Strange things happened there regularly and he seemed to hate loud noises so picked on bass players!
  3. Changing from long scale to short scale!

    Changed over myself a year ago and haven't regretted it at all. For the stuff I do (old men playing to a backing tape in pubs) they are wonderful, easy to play and handle. I use a Mustang, a couple of SW1s and a Warwick shorty and love them all.
  4. I might try upping it to 18v thanks. That's possible according to EMG, and indeed recommended by them.
  5. No sorry, they are original models. I have bought a boost pedal which has transformed the new bass though! It's much heavier than the originals as well, which isn't necessarily a bad thing tone wise.
  6. Did do, but no reply yet.......
  7. I have just bought a lovely blue Chowny SW-1 bass with the active tone system, but find that the output is quite low and as a result the tone at my normal amp levels is "polite" rather than full of umph! I have tried lifting the pickups to the point where they are nearly touching the strings but this has only given a marginal increase and the EMG system doesn't have an output control as such. Would I be best changing the pickups for something hotter and if so, what would be best, or do I need to upgrade the whole system? Could the volume pot be in any way to blame or is it just a characteristic of the bass? I would add that I own 2 other SWB-1 basses, an active fretted and a passive fretless and whilst not fire breathing monsters (like the Warwick Corvette short scale and a Fender Mustang I now gig with) they don't seem to be as restrained. I know I can turn the volume up on the amp but this gives me less headroom to play with! Thanks, Bob.
  8. Warwick Rockbass Corvette Short Scale - SOLD

    Is there a gig bag with the bass please? Thanks, Bob
  9. To fit a Fender Mustang short scale bass, preferably plastic please but anything in good nick considered. Or alternatively, does anyone know where I can get a new one from for a reasonable price? Thanks, Bob
  10. Backing Tracks - Any users?

    Look at an app you can use on an ipad called Stagetraxx. It syncs with any backing tracks you have on your iTunes library and is, for my little 2 piece pub setup the best thing since sliced bread.
  11. Feedback for songofthewind

    Stuart popped over the other day to buy a combo off me and a more pleasant transaction would be difficult to imagine. No haggling, super guy, good player, what more could you want? Cheers Stuart!
  12. Feedback for GCYPbass

    Couldn't find a feedback entry for Guven, but having just sold him an amp with no problems whatsoever deal with him in confidence! Very friendly, immediate payment, perfect!
  13. I have a gig on Saturday but Sunday should be fine (old man post gig recovery time!) Thanks Jeremy!
  14. Feedback for Tradfusion

    Excellent transaction with Dave who bought my Chowny. No problems at all, prompt international payment and good comms. Deal with confidence!
  15. Hi Stuart. I have used several TC products over the last few years and I have to say without any problems whatsoever. I have a TC head and 12" cab as well and gigged with a full 750 watt TC set up until I retired and couldn't have been happier. I think there were one or two problems with the early models but this is a later one and seems to be really well built. I think with most electrical problems the worst period is just after purchase, then they tend to settle down. You are more than welcome to come and have a play if you want? Cheers, Bob