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  1. (Copied from other feedback thread) Recently bought a DI from John in what was an easy and trouble free transaction. can happily recommend JohnR to all P
  2. There were a few punters in for it tbh, though bigthumb beat them to it
  3. Recently bought a DI from John in what was an easy and trouble free transaction. can happily recommend JohnR to all P
  4. <<<< NOW SOLD >>>> Fender USA Precision1995 Rosewood Board Olympic White, which on this 25 year old bass, is fading nicely towards vintage cream. Plays really well, truss rod works fine and frets are also good. Currently has LaBella flats for that good old p bass thump! Weight is 9lb 5 oz (4.2 kgs) Fitted with Schaller strap locks Besides the white pickguard, it also comes with a Fender tort guard(not shown in photos) £750 I'm in Pinner Middx - close to Pinner Tube station and any trial is welcome. Im not looking for any trades
  5. Just received a Yamaha BB from Alberto, perfectly packaged and in excellent condition. Great communication in what was a simple transaction- just the way I like it! P
  6. Yes, it was delivered to me last week very nice it is too! P
  7. 1.75” (44.5mm) I’m the new owner
  8. <<<< NOW SOLD >>>> Aguilar DB 751 with Aguilar case - in excellent condition (2 years old) One of the very finest heads available, with great tone and power. Can deliver 750 watts at 4 amps (975 at 2!) Preamp section has 3 AX7’s Amp condition is excellent and unmarked, the case has a few minor marks. Note: the stock fans have been swapped out for the much quieter Noctua models. The original fans are included and I can arrange to have then refitted, to return amp to original spec, if required. I’m based in Pinner Middx - close to Pinner Tube station and any trial is welcome. I’m not looking for any trades on this one.
  9. Gábor - replied just now, by pm - yes, shipping across EU is fine
  10. <<<< SOLD >>>> BAER ML-112 Bass Cab for sale - 8 Ohm - £300 Drivers: Custom 12'' Neo woofer - 3” Voice Coil - 6" Mid Driver. Speakon 1/4" combination input jacks Heavy duty vinyl covering Steel grill and heavy duty isolation feet. This cab was bought new by me from Bass Direct and is in pretty much mint condition. I'm based in Pinner Middx. - close to Pinner Tube station and any trial is welcome. Update: Can ship within U.K. for £10 or £20 across EU Review of Baer ML-112 here(page 46): https://www.bassgearmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Issue9.pdf
  11. Platypus


    Recently took delivery of this Moollon Jazz 4
  12. Platypus


    I bough an amp from Tim recently, in what was a simple and trouble free transaction. Good communication throughout and amp arrived today nicely packaged and working as expected. I can happily recommend Tim to anyone on Basschat. P
  13. Another quick and easy transaction with Loz Always a pleasure to deal with highly recommended Basschatter! P
  14. That’s a very good price for what is a great amp!
  15. Platypus

    Mr Chips

    New to Basschat, Mr Chips bought a bass from me recently in what couldn’t have been a more straightforward transaction! he saw the bass on Wednesday and signed up to Basschat to get in touch. Transferred the money same day and courier dropped it off to him on Friday morning! can definitely recommend dealing with Mr Chips P
  16. <<< NOW SOLD >>> Shuker 4 String Custom Jazz Bass: Cocobolo top on Mahogany body EMG Jazz pickups 3 Band Sweepable EQ Controls are: Volume, Pan Stack Knob 1 - mid Frequency Range + cut/boost Stack Knob 2 - Base & Treble Shaller Untralites Fitted Shuker case included Weight 9 lbs Beautiful Shuker bass in excellent condition. I've owned it for a few years, though am playing my precision mostly and also have a custom order to pay for. I'm based in Pinner Middx. close to Pinner Tube and your welcome to drop in and try it. Price is £875 any can include courier within UK Add £20 for courier within EU I’m just looking for a sale on this one, thanks you can see pictures of this bass on Jon’s website: http://shukerguitars.co.uk/j-bass/
  17. <<<< SOLD >>>> Eich T-900 mint condition. Condition is as new, no marks or scratches, everything working as it should. Comes with the original Eich box and packaging, instruction manual, cables & lanyard! Price £500 See link for spec: http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Eich_t_900_amplifier.html I live in Pinner, Middx – close to Pinner Tube station and travel daily into central London, if you’re over this way your very welcome to try it out. A few phone pics here
  18. I called over to see Mark today and collect a Precision bass. Bass was as described and all in all proved to be an easy transaction. Can happily recommend Mark to anyone here on Basschat
  19. I met up withMax today to collect an Aguilar head. Amp was as described and the whole transaction was as smooth as you could ask for, with good communication and quick responses to any queries I had. thanks Max! P
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