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  1. [quote name='Chiliwailer' timestamp='1490381628' post='3264817'] Did you sell it via Andy Baxter? [/quote] Did indeed, I had bought it on here from Si - 0353203 We could have met up and cut out the middleman!
  2. I was the previous owner of that '66P - funny old game!
  3. Dan bough an amp from me recently in what was an easy and stress free transaction. Quick payment and good communication throughout. Happy to recommend Dan to anyone on Basschat P
  4. [quote name='johnbiffa' timestamp='1490128073' post='3262489'] Bargain for someone !!!! [/quote] Indeed, - one of the very best amps at a really good price
  5. Was that a claim on your household policy, or a separate musical instruments policy? Good to know some companies respond well to this kind of thing
  6. [quote name='FilipBass' timestamp='1489222091' post='3255236'] Trade for Markbass MB 1000? http://www.markbass.it/product_detail.php?id=196 [/quote] I'm just looking for a sale on this one. P
  7. Snap! http://basschat.co.uk/topic/294247-sei-jazz-5/page__p__3250354__hl__sei__fromsearch__1#entry3250354
  8. [quote name='ordep' timestamp='1488622937' post='3250504'] so tempted by this.. [/quote] and we're almost neighbours too......
  9. My recently acquired Demeter VTHF-300M all valve power amp:
  10. <<<< Now Sold >>>> High quality Demeter 800D power amp, in mint condition, for sale 800 watt (into 4 Ohm) power amp measuring just 10" by 6" by 2". spec here: [url="http://www.bassgear.co.uk/product/demeter-minnie-800d-power-amplifier/"]http://www.bassgear....ower-amplifier/[/url] I'm based in Pinner, Middx and any trial is welcome - I'm also happy to post £550
  11. I bought an Aguilar head from Lukasz two days ago in what was an easy and effortless transaction, with good communication throughout. Amp arrived in post this morning, very well packaged and exactly as described. Thanks Lukasz P
  12. I have found these guys to be reliable for valve stuff: http://www.guitaraid.co.uk/what-we-do
  13. Not surprised that this one went quickly - sweet looking bass
  14. Mad World by Gary Jules (originally by Tears for Fears)
  15. [quote name='krispn' timestamp='1486418507' post='3231683'] I was all set to sell my DB680 and get a Noble [/quote] DB680's = hens teeth. You might never have a chance to get another one
  16. I bought an Ibanez bass from Geoff recently, in what was a simple and uncompleted transaction. Good communication throughout and bass arrived today well packaged and exactly as described. Thanks Geoff
  17. Well I can jump right in here with a recommendation for Basski. Our recent transaction was as simple and effortless as you could want, with good communication throughout. I called over to Basski's workplace today to collect my new bass and chat over a cup of coffee. Deal with confidence.
  18. [quote name='owen' timestamp='1486326038' post='3230936'] I do love a nice preamp [/quote] You still rocking the Monique?
  19. [quote name='owen' timestamp='1481581491' post='3193530'] Not me, but I am subbing cos I am interested. [/quote] 'Course you are Owen Think I'll join you,,,
  20. [quote name='Dan Dare' timestamp='1481657079' post='3194110'] Jack's Instrument Services in Manchester. They're just about to make me a p/g for exactly the bass you have. Made me one for a P bass recently. Nice job and not that expensive. Google will find them. [/quote] The're doing a pickguard for me also, should hopefully have it back next week
  21. Have you considered getting one made - copied from you existing one? Plenty of makers out there
  22. I'm the new owner since Monday and have to say I'm very impressed with it
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