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  1. Still available - Thought I had a sale.
  2. Not withdrawn yet, so still available - I think..?!
  3. Was on eBay..! Hopefully got a buyer 🤞
  4. No, it’s still on hold. Went in to KGB Musical Instruments (Merseyside based guitar luthier) last week for a service. Mainly on the crackly electrics. Due to be picked up around 23rd Jan.
  5. http://shukerguitars.co.uk/price-guide/ Ive been asked the cost of a new bass guitar of the type I’m selling! Just thought I’d put the above link to the Shuker website price guide. It gives prices for through neck and bolt neck designs. Take into account the one I’m selling is a 5-string through neck design with Bartolini’s. Prices start at £2750.00 - I’d suggest that the one I’m selling would be over £3000.00 NEW
  6. Unfortunately I have no idea. I do know Jon Shuker has his own preamp - I assume it’s his own, but I don’t know. Sorry! The pickups are Bartolini..
  7. I’ve been asked about the body size, insofar as how big it looks. I think it’s pretty compact in size for a 34’ 5 string, but I thought I’d post some pics of it next to my sons V7 Jazz. It’s also quite a slim body thickness. The electronics consist of a push / pull volume control; pick up sweep between bridge & neck with central lock; 3 tone controls Bass / Mid / Treble (boost / cut on each) with central position lock. A couple of pots are slightly stiff to turn but don’t effect the sound and they’re not loose. Everything on this bass is rock solid. But I do reiterate: The electronics could do with a small service, reflected in the asking price!
  8. If win the lottery tonight I might just do that..! 😂
  9. Behind every great bass player there’s a half decent drummer. Geddy Lee was a lucky guy! Sometimes the planets align a certain way and greatness comes together. What a band, and what a brilliant musician. Sad loss.. 😔
  10. Thanks for the interest, I would need to some pics and have more information about your Jazz Deluxe. It would also need to be American. There is already a U.S. Jazz deluxe on this forum that I want, so it would need to be as good as that. The cost of insured shipping (Eurosender) to France would need to be added, as well as the added cost of Hiscox flight case, that I wasn’t going to add to the sale as it’s the last case I have and I’d need to purchase another one. Hence, I was looking ideally for local pickup. You’d be looking at a total cost of around £1100..?!
  11. Shuker 5 String Single Cut.. Back to £1000 Turns out the active is fine it’s just a noisy socket (that I already knew about). On this style of active the tone controls don’t function in passive mode; they come in to play when the push/pull volume control goes active; according to Barry at KGB. The actives are not Bartolini (unlike the pick-ups) - it appears they are Shukers own & incidentally I think it sounds great. KGB is replacing a pot and a noisy socket so I’m down about £45.00. As I’ve had the work completed and pick up the guitar tomorrow it’s back to the original ALREADY LOW asking price of £1000. I’m keeping the information below for clarity, but it’s no longer £850; and it is functioning fine.. *** £850 - If you get it fixed..! *** There is a fault with the active side of the electronics; the passive works okay 👌. I’m only selling this bass to fund a Jazz Deluxe / Elite or Ultra, and I’ve seen one I like for £850. If your prepared to except the fault, then you are getting an absolute bargain & a luthier could make the active sing again. This offer can only last while the other bass is still available or until the guys at KGB musical instruments fix the fault, but they haven’t contacted me yet so I could pick it up in a heartbeat. £850 doesn’t cover postage or hard case. I’d like someone to pick it up or buy my hard case and arrange their own courier from my address. If you buy the hard case £50 (Hiscox) and arrange your own courier I’ll wrap this bass in all kinds of bubble wrap packing and place the lot in a bass size cardboard box.. If in the meantime KGB fix my guitar this bass goes back to £1000..! Still Getting the electronics fixed. Due to illness the guitar is still (1 week thus far) at the workshop (KGB Musical Instruments). £1000 Up for sale / or trade is my Shuker Single Cut - 5 string. I’ve owned it for about 8yrs and never really gigged it. Mainly used for practice sessions and home playing. It could probably do with a small service (crackly jack skt) but it’s still very playable; in good overall condition with low action and a stable, fast shallow neck. 34’ Scale and Bartolinis. Payed a lot more than I’m selling for. The only mark I can see on it is a small nick in the lacquer on the top edge of the body. Not sure of the woods but I think the facing is spalted ash with a tiger stripe finish that looks amazing. 24 frets in good condition. Currently fitted with 30-115 (super light) Status steel round wound strings, and there’s precious little rattle. It’s a lot of bass for the price! Selling as I’ve recently played a friends USA 77 jazz at a gig; and I want one. So this has to make way. If anyone has a newish re-addition 70’s jazz I’ll consider a trade / swap..! Ideally a USA Jazz Deluxe with the block (70’s style) neck inlays and edge binding or an Elite or Ultra.. ideally looking for a buyer to arrange local pick-up.
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