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  1. Recently sold a DI/Pre to RowanBailey1, in what was a simple trouble transaction, with quick payment and good communication throughout. Happy to deal with Rowan any day! P
  2. Just bought a headphone amp from Nige, in what was a simple, trouble free transaction. Happy to deal with any day! P
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Bought a bass from PMAC today in what was a quick and easy transaction. Bass was exactly as described and included some unexpected extra sets of strings. Happy to deal with Paul anytime! P
  5. Platypus


    Congrats - looks great!
  6. I’ve experienced the same quick turnaround with support queries from Demeter - pre the pandemic though....
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Cool! i got a Jazz 4 last year and then ordered a P - should have it in September or thereabouts
  9. Yes, pretty much 'standard' jazz neck - width at nut is 1.5'' see pic below and string spacing is 19 mm (at bridge)
  10. Yeah, Sound Control were a bit of a mess - i used to work close to the big branch at corner of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road and would often pop in during a lunch break and have a noodle on a bass. Was a bit like a musical instrument supermarket there and staff never took any notice of you picking up a bass to try. Anyways, they used to have a couple of US made Spector NS 5XL's on the wall, priced at £2,250 and i had played one of them a couple of times - very nice it was too! When Sound Control went under the entire stock was sold off via the Bristol branch. I saw the ad online and the US Spector was selling for £999 delivered! I had that sent to me and it was a beauty, still had the hang tags and £2250 price tag attached. I sold it a few years later to a Basschatter named Mr. Hugs who travelled over to London from Germany to collect it. God, there's a good story there too, though I'll save that one for another occasion.
  11. Yeah, great cabs these - I have the 112 version and it’s the best cab I’ve owned
  12. Recently bought a bass from Mark, in what was a nice simple transaction with good comms etc and Mark delivered the bass to my door today! happy to deal with Bridgehouse any day! P
  13. I recently sold a Jazz bass to D.Pal in what was a simple trouble free transaction, with good comms and quick payment. Would be happy to deal with Davide anytime. P
  14. <<<< SOLD >>>> Xotic Jazz Bass 4 string, Trans Blond, in fantastic condition. Built in Japan in July 2010 and factory fitted with Lindy Fralin single coil pickups with wooden covers. Vol, Vol pots with just/pull on vol1 for active passive and push/pull on vol2 for series switch. 3 band Xotic IQ High and mid frequencies dip switched are on rear panel on this model - gives a cleaner look than on the front! 21 fret maple fingerboard Comes with two pick guards , the original white one and the black sparkle one i had made and is currently fitted. I'm really struggling to find a mark on it, testament to the quality of the finish and how well its been liked after. Frets, truss rod are all as they should be. Weight is 9.5 lbs (4.3Kg) I personally loved the bass in passive mode when i was running it with Dunlop flats and combined with the Franklin pups sounded lush. I tended to then just switch to active when i wanted the extra boost. I just recently strung it with DR Hi-Beams and in active ode will do a great modern jazz thing. Price is £1125 I'm in Pinner HA5 and you're welcome to collect(from my doorstep!) or i can ship across EU in a hardcase.
  15. I’ve never seen a Rosco Centuary available for this kind of money - I’d call that a bargin!
  16. Platypus


    Just bought a bass from Nikos in what was a simple and trouble free transaction. Bass arrived very well packaged and exactly as described. I would be happy to deal with Basspirate anytime. P
  17. I sold a combo to Stuart in what was a simple, trouble free transaction. With good comms, quick payment, I couldn’t have asked for any more. i can happily recommend Stuart to all on Basschat.
  18. I think it’s a mark 1 version - though I will check
  19. SOLD Mint Condition EBS Session 60 combo for sale - £110 More than decent small combo with very great tone and volume. I believe this to be a series 1 version. see review here from Dood! Spec here: Power: 60 W RMS Equipped with: 1 x 10 "+ 2" Tweeter EBS Custom Speaker Monitor tilt back design 2-Band EQ: Bass & Treble Character switch Gain controls with Peak LED Volume control Enhance Filter switch Headphone output Ground Lift Balanced DI/recording output AUX input (RCA) with volume control Dimensions (H x W x D): 37.6 x 31 x 34.3 x cm Weight: 16 kg Price includes courier or can collect (from my doorstep!) from Pinner HA5 short EBS promo vid here https://ebssweden.com/content2/combos/session-bass-combos/ not looking for trades on this one thanks
  20. Platypus


    Recently sold a power amp to ffv in what was a pleasant experience with good communication throughout. Would happily recommend Peter to anyone here on Basschat. P
  21. Just brought a cab from Chris in what turned out to be a quick trouble free transaction. Cab arrived today very well packaged and exactly as described. cheers Chris! P
  22. <<< NOW SOLD >>> Fender USA Original 70's Jazz Bass 4 string Black body, pearl blocks on maple board with binding, Made in 2017 and in really excellent condition, barely a mark on it. Weight is about 9.5 Lbs (4.3kg) see link for more detail: https://youtu.be/ZeMtYC-T3Ks new these basses retail for between £1,600 - £1700 £800 collected form Pinner HA5 (from doorstep!) or add £20 for courier.
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