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  1. It might matter if shipping or travelling. CITES and all that. Edit: beaten to it!
  2. Sonic blue & surf green. Fabulous.
  3. I’m the opposite. Love blue. The only red bass I really like is the Nate Mendel P.
  4. As much as I like Bakithi, I actually prefer ASLs sound on these.
  5. That’s one thing we seem to do ok with. Getting them to listen in the first place is the most difficult part, but once they have they seem to come back for more. In fact usually they’re more shocked that the material is all ours than anything.
  6. Yeah, to be honest it could almost be Yes!
  7. Sandy Denny, as usual. My current rota remains Sandy/Fotheringay, Lissie, Billie Eilish and Babymetal.
  8. If you’ll take my chronic anxiety instead I’ll likely enjoy the gigs more. Win win. 😉
  9. Close to the Edge or The Yes Album for starters.
  10. I treat gigging as a necessary evil, most of the time. It earns the band money to enable us to record, and gets our music out to people who may hopefully enjoy it. However as someone who suffers with chronic anxiety, I don’t often find it a very happy or relaxing thing to do, with the occasional exception. And sadly, we don’t earn enough for us to give up our soul-destroying day jobs. I generally much prefer playing festivals to pub gigs, FWIW.
  11. I’m a prog rock fan through and through, but there are loads of punk/new wave bands I love too; the Stranglers, the Damned, early Jam, Buzzcocks, Siouxsie, all sorts of stuff. Never understood why they (or any other genres for that matter) should be mutually exclusive. Have to say I never got The Clash though. Gimme The Damned any day. 😉
  12. I too was initially influenced by others; Lemmy, JJB, Geddy, Geezer, Glenn & Rog, Mike Rutherford, Leigh “Leroy” Gorman. I only really discovered Chris after reading that he was a famous Ric user in a book I bought, a few years in. I went out and bought Classic Yes and it all made sense. Although he has been a huge influence, in reality my style was pretty much established before I ever discovered him. He just dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s. I came to Entwistle very late too, mid ‘80s probably. I’d been playing a few years by then.
  13. I remember JJB saying in an interview that he thought Chris Squire was A “fantastic” bass player. He’s not wrong (Chris is my favourite player). Also interesting that Chris himself, despite having been such an influence on so many who came after, has openly admitted that he himself was hugely influenced by Entwistle’s sound at the time.
  14. I seem to be in the minority, but Black & White is my favourite of all their albums. Never got to see them, sadly.
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