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  1. Always remember the first time I saw this on the telly (OGWT?). Thought it was amazing. Well, thanks to your recommendation a while back, I’m still mainly listening to Pooka and Natasha Lea Jones. Can’t get enough of either:
  2. I’m not sure about later Warwicks, but I know Martin Petersen has said a problem with the earlier basses is the truss rod is too near to the back of the neck. If that’s the case I’d be wary about slimming it down,
  3. Thing is, I’m not a fan of tapered necks (e.g. Jazz). They don’t feel right to me. Not just on basses; my mate has a couple of Faith acoustics with quite tapered necks and I don’t like those either. I think the only tapered neck I have really liked is the Peavey B Quad 4 (I suspect that may be something to do with it being stiffer, so feeling different). My preference is narrow all the way along, e.g. Rickenbacker, most Alembics.
  4. There was one just like this in PMT Salford at the start of this year. Nice bass.
  5. The rods aren’t so rigid that you can’t move the neck. Even modern Status full graphite necks have a truss rod. The idea is mainly to make the neck stiffer, as opposed to completely rigid, and to help with movement, twist etc. Doesn’t always work though. My first Sei, a 6, had twin graphite rods and the neck moved so much I eventually sold it.
  6. At the end of the day the only important thing is that you find an instrument you get on with. What that instrument is matters not one jot.
  7. Some people prefer asymmetrical necks.
  8. Great necks on these. Played one several years back that I thought was nicer than any Stingray I’d played. This is a great colour too. Very tempting.
  9. All interesting stuff guys. We were anything but recording-gear heads at the time, and like most things in life, kind of took it for granted that nothing would change so drastically that it would become an issue. Oh how wrong we were. 😂 I half expect finding the Betamax players may be a bigger problem than the state of the tape.
  10. Could well have been, I honestly can’t remember. I think these were from ‘88 and ‘89/‘90. Thanks for the advice; I don’t think anything was written on them but I’ll have to dig them out.
  11. They were the studio’s preferred method of keeping final studio mixes for customers. The problem is I’ve been unable to find anyone with suitable machines. The studio still has theirs but they no longer work, or so they told me.
  12. I also have a tape somewhere that could do with copying. Possibly more problematic, I also have a couple (?) of Betamax tapes that some old studio sessions (late ‘80s) were mixed down onto, that being the preferred method of the (local) studio at the time. I have no idea whether they’re playable or suitable for copying to digital, but would love to find out. Anyone know anywhere that might be able to copy these? Or are they likely to be dead in the water?
  13. I don’t think that’s the one I played, although my memory (other than that I really didn’t like it) is hazy. I’m pretty sure the one I played was a 4. Maybe it wasn’t his, just someone said it was.
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