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  1. I can still get a shift on, was never a problem for me, but I think I’ve slowed down a bit too. The nerve issues in my arm hinder me. I used to be able to pick absolutely anything; can’t now. ☹️
  2. I’m faster with a pick. Many years ago I used to practice Yngwie solos as exercises.
  3. This was the first thing that came to mind.
  4. Being a Rickenbacker user, it’s something I’m kind of used to. 😉
  5. You may also wish to experiment with more different picks as they all sound different and there are thousands out there. But yes, you may have to eq differently. Also a lighter touch may work wonders. I don’t hold typically hold my pick between my thumb and first finger with the first finger tucked up like many do, although I do occasionally. I hold mine more like I hold a pen or pencil, kind of with my thumb and first two fingers and then my fingers/thumb kind of pivot. It’s a very light technique, pretty much like writing with a pen.
  6. 4000

    Neck heavy bass.

    Yeah, I only noticed the dates once I’d posted after Breezy’s post!
  7. This is one of the reasons I prefer narrow string spacing, even on 4s (16.5 mm). But as for ‘a while of sounding awful’, isn’t this pretty much the case learning any new technique or instrument? FWIW I think many bassists seem to approach pick playing with the wrong mindset, thinking they’re going to struggle in some way before they’ve even started. Give it time and practice, and relax. 😉
  8. I also play with a pick and rest my arm on the bass. It made little difference to me.
  9. 4000

    Neck heavy bass.

    My take from this is you haven’t played a lot of Warwicks.😉 some balance fine, but many don’t IME.
  10. 4000

    Neck heavy bass.

    The weight and balance of Ps and their copies is all over the place. Same with Js, Ricks, loads of stuff.
  11. I’ve played a couple and they neck-dived like crazy, like proper headstock-hitting-floor. I particularly struggle with neck dive due to neck and spinal problems, it’s an absolute no-no for me. I was fairly gutted as I’d planned on buying one. I know Andy T has said the replacement bridges (Babicz and Hipshot) help with this though. I would have thought too that the tuners were maybe replaceable with lighter versions too?
  12. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much every discussion on every Internet forum ever. Except for the wood/instruments bit. 😉
  13. Well the difference could well be down to the wood, I’m not saying it isn’t either.😂 As in the particular pieces of wood in each individual instrument. They are, after all, part of the whole, as you seem to agree. 😉 Going back to my own basses, all made of maple, each one has very different characteristics, both acoustically and amplified. So much so that I would tend to choose each for certain things based on their particular sound, although that certainly isn’t to say I can’t use any of them. That would be silly. FWIW, I can’t eq them to sound the same as each other either, to my ears at least.
  14. But you seem to have completely missed the point I was making, that the individual basses themselves in that example sounded different enough to me to affect/be noticeable in a mix, which may cause to me to choose one over another. I wasn’t making a point about the species of wood. For what it’s worth, playing live is the least important part of why I play, and in some ways the least satisfactory.
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