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  1. Saw him at a clinic at Overwater several years back. Was very interesting.
  2. I don’t care how many strings (or even what instrument) someone uses, but I will say that the only name bassist I can think of off the top of my head who I really like and who consistently uses more than 4 strings is Matt Garrison. Edit: Richard Bona too.
  3. It is a huge gamble. The only one of mine that came out as expected was my Alembic.
  4. The “long upper bout” is only around the 12th fret, similar to a Fender. It looks so long because of the access at the top end of the neck. Sei Flamboyants balance perfectly, as well as anything out there.
  5. My old bass (originally built for Scooby as mentioned). I think you’re actually the 4th owner as Scooby had it built (and bought it back off me) but in between I sold it to another friend; I got it back from him in a part trade against my Wal Pro. I’ve owned 5 Seis, and this was the best-sounding of them, although I note it’s now got an Aguilar pre; it had a Schack when I had it. It also had the most stable neck, along with the 4 string headless I had made. Some Seis can require constant tweaking for optimum performance, but this never budged. It’s a great bass, one of the better ones I’ve had.
  6. I went the whole hog and chose a 6.😁 The next two were 4s, and if I was ordering again it’d be a 4. To be honest, I’ve never played a 5 or 6 (and I’ve played a lot and have owned a few top notch ones) that’s really done what I want tonally, which is the main reason I no longer bother with them. However, I’m not you. I’d go for the one you’re likely to use more.
  7. I’ve played loads of baseball bat necks and owned a few. The best sounding-basses I’ve ever played/owned have very slim necks. I wouldn’t worry about it.
  8. Yeah, Lennon & McCartney, right pair of chancers.🙄 I will never get Dylan. I’ve tried and tried and tried. Still, I feel more or less the same about Joni Mitchell. Fleabag’s got the right attitude when it comes down to it though. It’s only ever people’s opinions, wherever you stand. And you know what they say about opinions being like chocolate starfish. 😉
  9. Mine was a bit heavier than either of my old Rics, probably a shade over 9lb.
  10. Lemmy's 8 string was an original Hagstrom. He used it when they were on TOTPS once. https://www.guitarworld.com/features/lemmy-i-always-wanted-to-be-john-entwistle-but-since-that-place-was-taken-i-became-a-lesser-version On Doremi Fasol Latido he played a Hopf bass. On Space Ritual he played his first Ric (originally a through-neck 4000), with the Thunderbird neck pickup. Hall of the Mountain Grill was the Ric, and Warrior was an actual Thunderbird. I've seen Phil Lynott with a few Rics, including at least 2 different 4001 basses and a 4000.
  11. Apparently that Jaydee wasn't his. Jaco said in an interview I have from the '80s that he'd had many basses, and he had certainly owned more Jazz basses than the best known 2.
  12. He used a different (green) one on the early stuff.
  13. I don't have kids, but have suffered from chronic depression, anxiety and PTSD for many years now. It sucks the joy out of everything you do, but worse, you lose any motivation to do anything, even the things you did enjoy. If I had kids as well, I wouldn't cope at all. So to the OP, if there was anything underlying going on, and you had all the other responsibilities on top of that, you are certainly likely to feel unmotivated.
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