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  1. My basses are 7.25 and I can get the actions very low. My old Rick 4000 used to have an action of 1mm at the 12th fret E.
  2. Still the Sugarcubes! And think I will be for some time.....
  3. I’m with CV. The entire thing is wonderful, regardless of how it was constructed. Love it to bits.
  4. No. There’s no one I’d sooner punch than Piers Morgan.
  5. My old OLP was effectively a passive Stingray, give or take. Could get a pretty good Bernard Edwards tone out of it. Not much else though.
  6. Anybody got any straightjackets? I’m thinking of taking some in for management.
  7. Still at work, for now. Why? You tell me, I wish I bloody knew.
  8. I love all the Magical Mystery Tour stuff. It’s actually my favourite Beatles ‘album’ (given it wasn’t originally an album). Don’t think I’d bin anything you’ve listed. Off the top of my head the only one that would definitely go is Obloody Bladi. I can’t stand that, never could.
  9. This. None of the basses in the first post strike me as particularly beautiful.
  10. Sorry to hear this either way Andy. Best of luck with it.
  11. I came at these the opposite way round. I like the looks, love the orange finishes, but when I tried one I found the body really uncomfortable. It was really disappointing, as if not for that I’d have bought one. I keep meaning to try another, see if I have the same experience, but I never see them these days.
  12. I’ve had Lana cancel due to losing her voice, Billie E suspend gigs for obvious reasons, but as yet it appears Nick Cave may still be on. I suspect not for long though! As for Genesis and Steve Hackett, I hope they’re being kept in isolation!
  13. They’ve got some of the funniest banter going too. 😉 I first saw them supporting the wonderful First Aid Kit too, at Liverpool. Blood I Bled is just epic. As a friend said, like The Battle of Evermore sung by angels.
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