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  1. I’ll have to look into Dan Reed, used to love them. Next for me is Babymetal in Feb, then Nick Cave and then Billie Eilish in May. Desperately trying to get a ticket for Lana Del Rey in Manc in Feb. Whilst the photo ID policy is great in some ways, it makes buying a ticket when you missed them originally going on sale (in my case because I’d sunk into the worst depression of my life) rather difficult. It’s frustrating because I even had access to the pre-sale, but was just in no position to even consider buying one at that stage.
  2. I never get bored with Seconds Out either, and it’s my fave era too. I think by that point the band were playing the oldies fantastically well.
  3. I remember learning to play recorder in the first term at my first senior school. We had a test where they went round the class and we had to sight read a piece. I got stuck half way through, although I eventually got through it. Thought that was it for me! In terms of sight-Reading, it was. 😉 Still, Tori Amos had the same problem and she’s done ok!
  4. Fairport were on at the Acoustic Festival of Britain last year, on the Saturday. We played Friday and Sunday, so Saturday was our day off. Sitting outside the main beer tent in the afternoon, a couple of ciders in so a little more outgoing than usual, I spotted Peggy several yards away. “Dave Pegg!” I shouted. He turned round, spotted me, and made a very rapid exit towards the main bar. I did laugh. Would have loved to have chatted to him though. Great player, and obviously actually knew and played with my current obsession, Sandy Denny, although doubtless he’d be fed of being asked about her.
  5. Me neither! I’ve never known any decent keyboard players who were interested, for a start.
  6. Apocalypse in 9/8? I always start listening to the keyboard solo and forget where I am.😂
  7. Or anything at all - Go Your Own Way or Rhiannon? - with Rumours era Fleetwood Mac.
  8. I’d say something by Yes but I could never replace Squire, even for one song. It’d just be a disappointment. Probably Supper’s Ready, assuming I could remember it.😉 Although getting to play something like a Dancing Queen or Eagle with ABBA would have been unreal. Or getting to play anything with Space Ritual era Hawkwind.
  9. I reckon he could probably do the full curl. With one finger. 😂
  10. My last gig was Lissie, with Jo Dudderidge of the Travelling Band on piano. Just the two of them at Stoller Hall in Manc. Had a massive anxiety attack and nearly didn’t go, but so glad I did; it was unbelievable.
  11. Seen Seth twice, fantastic both times. Big fan here.
  12. Before my back went I used to carry my Trace 4x10 one-handed. I could do 2/3 of a single arm curl with it.
  13. I used to use an AH150 (GP11) with my 8 ohm 4x10 at all sorts of gigs, never once ran out of steam.
  14. Ha! Not just me then! Personally I much prefer Diane and Katya....😉
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