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  1. The Stanley Clarke shape typically neck dives like crazy. I had one - a fantastic bass - but sold it for that very reason. Certain shapes will always neck dive, whoever they’re made by. It’s nothing to do with quality.
  2. I only play seated these days so it’s likely that wouldn’t work for me. It always surprises me how many instruments are a struggle to play seated.
  3. Assuming you believe there is a difference, why would alder be any better? Plenty of cheap guitars use that too. FWIW Eddie Van Helen’s signature Peavey was basswood.
  4. Tangerine Pearl.........mmmmmmmm.
  5. Spinal problems - amongst other physical issues of course - are the bane of us bassists.
  6. No, I have chronic back and neck problems and some nerve damage, particularly in my right arm. Very few basses are now comfortable for me. I actually get on best with minimal contouring; I’m fine with my Rickenbacker 4001 /4003s but had to get rid of my supposedly more comfortable 4004 because of the above issues. The more contouring, particularly in the right arm area, the worse.
  7. The few I’ve tried I’ve really liked, but I found the body shape rather uncomfortable. Shame as I’d love an orange one; I have no real problem with the looks.
  8. I’ve tended to find the set necks a little growlier, to my ear, although all individual basses will differ somewhat.
  9. I haven’t been on in a long time but the Alembic Club was a great forum. Loads of information. The “Factory to Customer” build threads on the Alembic site are wonderful too. For what it’s worth the typical Alembic neck shape - although if going custom you can have anything and some models do have what they call the ‘taper’ neck profile, in addition to the necks on the cheaper models generally being a bit chunkier - is not far removed from being Rickenbackerish, I.e. it’s pretty parallel and narrow all the way along. My custom came with by far the best factory setup I’ve ever had, and noticeably better than any other boutique I’ve had. My friend who owns my Wal Custom was very impressed at the setup. Sound-wise they tend to be very pure and clean (some would maybe think too much so), but obviously you can change that with amps/pedals. Most, but not all of the models have filters, not bass/treble etc, although some do (e.g. Rogue, which also has the taper neck). The Series electronics are a step above everything else IMO, but you pay for them. I’d go to Alembic.com for more info as it’s a bit of a wormhole. Alembic will pretty much build you anything within the various shapes, and sometimes beyond those.
  10. 4000


    If they're heavier it’s likely they may have pulled the neck forward, in which case you would need to tighten your truss rod to compensate.
  11. Yeah, will do at some point when I get chance.
  12. I will say that IMO, the best of Alembic are the absolute pinnacle. Of course YMMV; they’re not for everybody and I know Alembic’s aesthetic - and tone - divides opinion.
  13. It was hollow. All Series basses are hollow and you can request it for a custom. It was still around 10 lbs though, similar to my Wal Pro and the Dolphin. Shame because standing I found the shape extremely comfortable. Seated, not so much. 😉
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