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  1. I also think one person’s “timeless” is another person’s dated. I’d have said Tangerine Dream, speaking as a fan, but my partner thinks they sound like someone playing a stylophone, so I suspect I may not be completely objective.
  2. Jon Anderson told a story that was, IIRC, essentially about some kids coming up with Yes records asking for autographs. He asked why they were listening to “this old music”. The reply was “it’s not old to us”. Ive been listening to loads of stuff over the past 18 months that’s from the late 60s and 70s and much of it doesn’t sound dated to me, because I’ve never heard it before and the production still sounds pretty fresh. Of course that may not have been the case say in the ‘80s. I struggled with early Yes production when I first heard it, early ‘80s, because then everything was all delays and reverbs and it was so dry. Now everything (well maybe not everything) that’s all delays and reverbs sounds dated, and early Yes sounds completely contemporary to me. It all goes round and round. I remember hearing a live ‘60s version of My Generation in a club maybe a decade or so ago and it sounded like it could have come out the day before.
  3. And the more beer, the more beautiful……😉
  4. Although understandable, it’s a bit of a bugger it only being on Facebook because I’m not…..
  5. I thought for a minute you were referring to the Genesis gig - which I know you really enjoyed - so was a bit baffled. 😂 When I’ve seen Hackett previously the above were also some of my issues. The feel and sonics - not just the notes - are extremely important to me, and I just don’t feel his band pays enough attention to that. That’s their prerogative, obviously; maybe they’re not interested in being faithful. But I want it to be faithful, so for me it doesn’t really work as well as it could. And the wrong drummer for the material - in any band - is a complete no-no. Quite honestly, although I haven’t seen Hackett on this tour, there is no comparison between the last time I saw him and the recent Genesis gig, even with Phil how he is and the shortage of older material. The Genesis gig was light years better.
  6. For us the acoustic thing wasn’t a conscious decision, it just kind of fell into place. However the nice thing is, based on our experience at least, that it seems to be far less polarising for the audience than many full band situations can be. Whatever the reason it’s certainly worked for us so far, fingers crossed.
  7. It’s called the Bass Gallery. 😉😂
  8. Ah well, best of luck when the time comes.
  9. Original. 😉😂 Seriously, difficult to say, other than apart from me everything is acoustic instruments, with a cajon instead of drums. For that reason we get thrown in with folk but we’re really not folk, although we do dip our toes in that direction occasionally. It’s fairly eclectic, with the main constant being harmony vocals. The acoustic thing has made such a difference, opened so many doors for us. I’m not entirely sure I’d ever want to be in a full blown all-electric band again.
  10. 11lbs? Blimey. My real Rics are under 9!
  11. And here is the problem; you think it doesn’t really matter. But to some people (Paul S obviously, and certainly others) it obviously does matter. And mocking somebody because what matters to them just doesn’t matter to you seems, well, “ridiculous…..laughable”. 😉
  12. And this is the most important sentence in the whole thread for me….
  13. Oh of course you have to. But the trick is to be on the same page as much as possible, which may not be possible for ever, hence why bands split up. But surely you’d at least try to start on the same page? And yes, of course a lot of people writing original material aren’t necessarily good, or don’t write accessible material. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to write original material that’s good or accessible. But the point is, if someone’s writing what they like and that’s making them happy, even if it isn’t either good or accessible, then that’s up to them. Of course they may have to suffer the consequences of that, which is probably struggling to get gigs, but again, that’s up to them. 😉
  14. I’m not in a city. And I’ve had the same problem with past originals bands as anyone in the provinces or any other musical backwater. For us, we simply happened to come across a band format that people seem to like, whilst writing songs that people also seem to like. We’ve been gigging regularly - and occasionally but not often in cities - since 2012 and have never once been told to “play something we know” (although someone did once ask if we knew any Johnny Cash - we didn’t 😂). Usually people are surprised that the material we’re playing was actually written by us.😉 FWIW, everyone I’ve ever played with has been involved in writing to a greater or lesser degree, and I’ve written since the day I started playing (it never occurred to me that I couldn’t!), so maybe I’m lucky in that respect.
  15. It really depends. Some of the older, more accurate Japanese copies (Ibanez etc) can be very good indeed. As a dyed-in-the-wool Rick player, all of the recent Chinese (?) “copies” I’ve played I’ve thought were horrible, but YMMV. Indeed you may find you prefer them to the real thing, as they are actually very different instruments and you might not actually like the real thing as they can be a bit marmite. You’d need to play some and make up your own mind.
  16. But if they did want to walk out, it’s their prerogative isn’t it? You don’t have to play anything you don’t want to, as long as you understand what the consequences of that might be.
  17. As usual, there seems to be a lot of not understanding that people play for different reasons going on here. Some play for the buzz, the roar of the crowd, all that stuff. Some play for their own enjoyment. Some just enjoy the act of playing, for its own sake. Some need to play things they like, to feel like they can relate to what they’re playing. Some play for the money. For many -but not all - it may be a mixture of these things. Just because it might not match your personal outlook doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Speaking personally, I like creating and playing original music. It’s the creativity part that interests me most. If I’m playing live, obviously it’s nice if the audience enjoys it, and in my current band they seem to far more often than not. But that’s not why I play. If they didn’t like it, it makes no difference to me, other than that it would then become more difficult to get gigs. But then gigging isn’t the be all and end all either for me. As long as I’m writing songs, recording and playing (which could just as easily simply be rehearsing) I’d be happy. The only person I’m actively trying to please is me. Of course YMMV, and that’s fine too. If I was playing in a covers band I would hope to reach an agreement as to what songs we were happy playing. If I couldn’t do so, I’d probably find another band where I could, or indeed form one with like-minded people. As others have said, there are millions of popular songs out there. Surely you can choose enough songs that are both popular and that you like to make up a set? Of course in a scenario where you’re joining someone else’s cover band and having to fit in with them that may not be feasible, but that’s your choice to accept that or not.
  18. If you’re playing for enjoyment, rather than treating it as a job, and you don’t like what you’re playing, then don’t do it. If it’s a job, then you’ll likely have to compromise. If there’s just a percentage of what you’re playing that you don’t like, then it’s up to you (and you alone) to weigh up whether or not you are happy to make those compromises. Personally I’m not really interested in playing covers, which is why I’ve never been in a full covers band in 40 years of playing, but that’s another story. 😉
  19. That’s your prerogative. I’m glad I didn’t leave it.
  20. Indeed. But seeing as they’ve been in pretty close contact, there’s a reasonable chance of that. ☹️
  21. What a shame. Hope they’re all ok.
  22. So is Lee doing the whole Caravan tour? I love Caravan and Lee’s great. I hadn’t actually realised they were touring but I might look for tickets.
  23. Oh he played the parts fine, but his sound and feel were a little different IMO and the band just wasn’t the same.
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