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    Recently sold a power amp to ffv in what was a pleasant experience with good communication throughout. Would happily recommend Peter to anyone here on Basschat. P
  2. Just brought a cab from Chris in what turned out to be a quick trouble free transaction. Cab arrived today very well packaged and exactly as described. cheers Chris! P
  3. <<< NOW SOLD >>> Fender USA Original 70's Jazz Bass 4 string Black body, pearl blocks on maple board with binding, Made in 2017 and in really excellent condition, barely a mark on it. Weight is about 9.5 Lbs (4.3kg) see link for more detail: https://youtu.be/ZeMtYC-T3Ks new these basses retail for between £1,600 - £1700 £800 collected form Pinner HA5 (from doorstep!) or add £20 for courier.
  4. Just received a lovely Stingray 4 from Jamie, in what was a simple trouble free transaction. Would be happy to deal with Jay anytime. cheers, P
  5. Love those Atelier Z Vintage basses, have the precision version myself. really high quality and those gig bags are good too!
  6. Wow! What a bass. I have that phrase saved as a hot key, to hit whenever I see one of Si’s ads!
  7. Sold a cab to Franzbassist in what was an simple trouble free transaction. Great guy to deal with as as all the above feedback testifies to! thanks again Gareth.
  8. Recently bought a bass from from Isabelle, in what an easy trouble tree transaction. bass arrived safely very well packaged and exactly as described P
  9. Recently bought a preamp/DI from Gavin in what was an easy trouble transaction. Good comms throughout and item arrived safely as described. cheers P
  10. Interesting article in the Guardian today about musicians and the bond with their instruments: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/feb/20/it-feels-like-an-extra-limb-musicians-on-the-bond-with-their-instruments#comment-138354044
  11. Sold Laurie a Radial DI, in what was a smooth and simple transaction. Highly recommended Basschatter! P
  12. I’d recommend having a look at some of the recording courses at CityLit the adult education college in Covent Garden. Some are daytime courses others are evening or weekend. example here of one of the Ableton courses: https://www.citylit.ac.uk/courses/ableton-live I’ve done a couple of Logic courses there and would recommend them, tutors were good and studios well equipped.
  13. Radial JDI DI box with original box. excellent condition £90 posted in UK - £95 in EU can collect from Pinner Middx (close to Pinner Tube station).
  14. Had a couple of requests to ship this amp, though I’m not happy to trust it to a courier. Collection only or meet-up - though I’m happy to drive an hour or so to deliver. P
  15. Just received a jazz bass from Martin in a quick and easy transaction. Bass had been very well packaged and arrived today in perfect condition. Very happy to recommend Martin to anyone on Basschat. P
  16. Just weighted it on the bathroom scales, it came in at 21 Kgs or 46 lbs
  17. Yes, I was expecting it to have sold by now as it’s a quality cab at a decent price - had quite a few pm’s about it, though hasn’t sold yet.
  18. Doesn’t state the weight on the Demeter site, though I’ve seen it quoted as 39lbs on TalkBass. sounds about right - might weigh it myself later To confirm. update: it weighs 21Kgs or 46 lbs
  19. Recently sold a p bass to Paul in what was a simple, trouble free transaction. Good communication and quick payment, can’t ask for more than that! cheers Paul P
  20. Now here's something you won't see every day! In fact I've never seen another one for sale. Absolute highest quality all valve construction - hand built in US, featuring point to point wiring. Features two preamp valves and 8 6550 power valves. Gold Plated RCA connectors - I'm including one of OBBM's RCA to Speakon cables. Demeters list price on these is $3500 on top would be shipping 20% VAT + Import duty of 2.5% which will amount to something like $4,500 This power amp is in near immaculate condition with just a couple of minor scratches on the side of the casing. From Demeter site Designed for heavy duty use, the VTHF-300M is equally at home in the studio or on the road. Its all tube high fidelity design rivals and surpasses the sound quality of many of the so-called audiophile amplifiers, yet sells for substantially less. Its awesome power (300 W RMS pentode/150 W triode) can run any speaker through its paces with the accuracy, definition and fullness that only tube amplifiers can deliver. Featuring a custom designed and high current bifiler audio output transformer, regulated B+ to the preamplifier section, individual output tube bias for long tube life, pentode/triode switch, variable feedback control, heavy duty binding posts, gold plated RCA input connector (1/4 phono and Jensen balanced 3-pin also available), optional two speed fan, toroidal power transformer, solid power supply (880 mf @ 800 volts), Demeter selected tubes, a beautiful heavy duty aluminum and steel chassis, all hand built construction in the U.S.A. using only the best quality components. Specifications Output power: 300 watts RMS pentode / 150 watts RMS triode Output impedance: 4 and 8ohms Nominal input impedance: 100kohms THD: Less than 0.05 @ 1 watt Bandwidth: 20 to 20 kHz - .7dB Preamp tubes: 1 - 12AX7a, 1 - 12AT7a Power tubes: 8 - Svetlana 6550c Mounting: 4 space standard rack Operating voltage: 240/120V AC Dimensions: 7" x 19" x 12" Bass Player Magazine reviewer probably summed it up perfectly when he ended his review with: “It's hard to go back to a solid-state power amp after listening to the VTHF-300M's heavenly sound. this powerhouse is also one of the few pieces of professionally audio gear that's equally at home kicking out a 4-string funk as it is filling a living room with Mozart. You'll probably have to save a ton of pennies to afford one, but it will put a smile on your every time you use it.” Bass Player Magazine review here: http://www.demeteramps.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=20 Pro Audio Player here !! I love the 'Two are needed for Stereo" http://www.demeteramps.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=52 Demeter Support Manual: http://demeteramps.com/manuals/vthf300musersguide.pdf I'm based in Pinner Middx. and any trial is welcome. take you own preamp along or use one of mine. Collection or meet up only - I won't be sending anywhere by courier
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