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Withdrawn Yamaha TRB6-P -- status update

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Tony B and Henri M kept talking to me about music and I'm gonna get back to playing and donate the profits to charity, instead. Will end up being the bigger amount by Christmas if they fiiiiiinally let us go out and play


So everybody wins, eh?


So I was about to sell this back in January/February when I realised I hadn't touched a bass in 5 months or more. It's been 2 months and I still haven't touched a bass, so I'm selling this even though my friends tell me to not quit. I can always just buy a 100 squids chinajazz if I feel like playing next year or decade.

So this is a Yamaha TRB6-P. P here stands for piezo. The TRB basses got Patitucci and Andrew Gouche to switch over from Ken Smith, and these are well known and loved basses. The 33 7/8 scale makes this a really nice first six. Well-defined B without extended scale.

Pretty jazz-like tonally, but the piezo opens up new possibilities, it can be blended in with the magnetic pickups with it's own pot. Can sit in the mix very much like a jazz bass does. Ebony board gives the highs a very clean, clear character, which I need to hear what's happening. It seems to me to reveal more nuances in technique and such.

Frets have very little wear, it's been owned by 2 jazz players before me.

The photos show the small ding in the back of the neck, and Nordic winters have caused the typical shrinking of neck to make the fret end on the UPPER (thankfully not the lower) side of the neck to peek out.


Asking price excludes shipping costs, because those will vary very very much based on what company and options you want, so there's no fair way of including shipping costs in the price.

More photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qiec2i1jcd15nb5/AACZpDouW1CQF8WQBz5wmmZxa?dl=0


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That's nice!!! However, I'm really not in the market for another 6-string at the moment but will say that, imho, these are without doubt one of the best 6-string basses out there, especially for the money. GLWTS.

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21 minutes ago, andybassdoyle said:

It's great to hear from you ville but I'm sorry to hear you are hanging up your spurs 

What a wonderful bass too 

Was just thinking the same - best of luck Ville


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Posted (edited)

Thanks for all the kind comments, guys!

Looking back, I'd really quit shortly after I moved to Sweden. No-one* to play with, and full-time studies + part-time work was more than enough to keep me occupied.
In a sense, selling off my gear is just facing the facts.

Spoilered my grumbling that's more fitting a spoiled 15-yo.



*I found out that Sweden doesn't subscribe to truth in marketing. People here freeze out people with a strong accent. As one Swedish-Iranian author said:'You have to understand**, the Swede likes difference ... from a distance.'
** 'Du måste förstå --> you HAVE TO understand, i.e. accept my opinion as God-given fact, is a VERY common phrase here. Very disappoint. Note the sneaky substitution of 'understand' for 'accept my opinion'. The Persian in question was using it ironically, because in HIS culture, they don't mince words.

All the players I've met here bar ONE (he moved to Denmark to have ... better time ;) ) have awful time-feel. Just awful. It's like they hear 1 2 3 4 as upbeats and the second quavers as backbeats, and they avoid the backbeat like it was lava. People here think syncopation is something Meshuggah does. Go listen to G3 play Hendrix's Red House live, then compare it to actual blues players to get a feel for the difference.

I thought it was terrible back in Finland, where people would clap on 1 and 3. And then I came here and people clap on 1 2 3 4 as if they were in kindergarten.
Can you tell I've evolved into being REALLY REALLY into time and great groove coupled with rhythmic precision the last few years? If you want to avoid this fate, do NOT listen to gospel bass players or, say, Anthony Jackson. (brrrrh, the chills up and down my spine when he places his notes precisely where he wants them, not where he's able to put them. Still can't tell whether Andrew Gouche or Anthony Jackson is more precise in note placement, need to develop my ear further. AG does have slightly better groove sense, to my ears, he often offsets his notes slightly to create that feeling of being sucked in.)

I found I can't enjoy stuff like U2 any more, and I used to like them as a lad. But the playing is so stiff!



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more whining
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On 01/04/2021 at 11:25, Cairobill said:

Seeing this really, really has me missing my JP1.

These early Yamaha six-strings are the best... GLWTS!

I can imagine. Got mine some weeks ago. Yamaha sure know how to build worldclass instruments.
Is the 6p still up for grabs?


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