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  1. Very nice pair, @DaPhonque ! 👌👍🍾
  2. Indeed, but also remember that Christophe Leduc is a graduated architect, so finding solutions to a problem is something he is accustomed too. 😉
  3. Superb ! Simplicity at its best makes this bass even more beautiful !
  4. Send a message to the seller by clicking on his pseudo (name).
  5. Quite close to a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with just a bit more clarity in the notes. And the feel is somewhere between an ebony and an epoxied fingerboard. I own this one : GLWYS, Olaf !
  6. Why I am even bothering after all ? By the way, I'm a medical advisor and can tell you that the most biased peer reviewed double blinded reproducible methodic credible studies are the medical ones... Give me a goal and I'll build you a study aiming exactly to it with the figures you want.
  7. Then you can use Cocobolo (Dalbergia Retusa) or Amazonian rosewood (Dalbergia Spruceana) which are both very very very close sound wise to the Brazilian rosewood (Dalbergia Nigra). Pau Ferro (Machaerium Scleroxylon) which is not a rosewood at all is also very close sound wise, but much clearer, and is used on both Fender Jaco Pastorius models.
  8. @Bassfinger Here's some real science for those naysayers pretending wood doesn't matter, worth reading it and, for some, admitting that it's not because they don't hear any difference that there's none. Also maybe showing their hearing test could help too... Archives of Acoustics.2021.138150.pdf
  9. Wot ? You mean you're a ballerina in a Spandau ballet. True ?
  10. In fact, it's all in the way the pickups pick up the strings vibrations coming from the wood cancelling and amplifying at the same time these abovementioned vibrations that are more oscillations than vibrations as the string when picked up is oscillating at a certain frequency also generating complex harmonics, thus creating nods than can be seen with an oscilloscope.
  11. If you can get some Brazilian rosewood for the fingerboard, it's another key factor to Jaco's tone (whatever some deaf people of this very parish might yell), alongside epoxy and stainless steel round wound Rotosound RS 66 LD strings as partially mentioned before and a very good bridge pickup, of course.
  12. @Boodang : There's a brand new set for sale on Reverb at the moment : https://reverb.com/item/1497486 That said, I bought (again) a 2012 Fender Jaco Pastorius last week and must say it sounds very very very close to Jaco's tone with the American Vintage pickups fitted. But I might be interested in these pickups too...
  13. I'm out of missiles for the moment, waiting for the new Russian supply.
  14. Thanks @rmorris, I'm glad somebody else explained this phenomenon, that has nothing to do with a missing or forgotten bridge grounding as it's there. That said people still have to evolve as well as science that doesn't have all the answers. So thanks again for your crystal clear explanations, hoping the missing bridge grounding believers won't stone you for heresy. 😉 And I really should stop telling bullsh*t instead of giving a correct answer when I'm fed up, but it's too late to change (me).
  15. Yes, the link talks about compensating for bad bridge grounding and also a lot of other interesting points that you decided to ignore as well as explanations about the issues of conventional bridge grounding. No, I have no shares in it, but maybe I should. Now I have a question for you : Can you explain how a totally ungrounded body can ground the strings to the electrical network, as it's what the instruments grounding is supposed to do ? Yes, I know the answer.
  16. Check the link below as you seem to take me for an idiot. Maybe if this phenomenon is also described by a pickup maker, you'll start to understand that pseudo science can't explain everything. Remember that the earth was the center of the universe according to science until a guy called Galileo proved science or, better, belief was wrong ... https://d-buz.com/ Ask studio resident Anthony Jackson why is he using the above items and why his hyper high priced basses or his faithful old Precision also have this issue ? That said, the above is a fast and easy solution to these grounding issues. Check also Faraday's work, it will help understanding this phenomenon too. And I think it's time for me to stop helping people, especially when they don't want to evolve or understand that it's not because the majority is wrong that the majority is right. It's only the minority that has made the human kind evolved...
  17. Bridge made out of bad conducting alloy showing good results on a meter, but being really poor in real life or mechanical issues in the bridge itself... There is no logical, to date, scientific reason behind this typical Fender(ish) issue. All I can say is, as I mentioned earlier and as @GlamBass74 explained for his bass, that all the instruments I had to fully shield had all a theoretically well grounded bridge, but were buzzing when not touching the strings and became dead quiet after a full shielding as explained, twice, above. Sometimes you have to accept that science, at the present day, doesn't have all the answers to all our questions. It's not a mystery, it's just that science still has to evolve.
  18. Lignum Rosa in Latin simply means rosewood without any other distinction as Rosa covers at least 200 species. 😉
  19. Looks like the crowd funding didn't make it... https://www.gofundme.com/f/jack-songs-an-allstar-tribute-to-jack-bruce?utm_campaign=p_cp_display&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=customer
  20. The forgotten bridge grounding is a myth. All the basses I had to fully shield, and we are speaking hundreds if not thousands, all had a grounded bridge and a theoretically perfect ground continuity... The only way to solve this typical Fender (and relatives 😉 ) issue is to do a perfect shielding with all cavities linked to have a total continuity. The graphite paint or so called copper paint is not working at all, which is explained by the poor conductivity of the paint (check with a meter if you don't believe me) and the lack of links between the cavities. I've been telling that Faraday principle for years and I'm glad someone else is also "telling" it.
  21. I've just fitted this Noctua model in my Markbass Combo 121 Lite Alain Caron and it's working flawlessly : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Noctua-NF-A6x25-FLX-Premium-Quiet/dp/B009LEKGGE/ It comes with all the adaptors needed, but you'll have to use the 3 to 4 one and transfer the black and white wires to the Markbass connector, nothing extraordinary to do with a decent soldering iron. I've used the Ultra Low Noise Adaptor to reduce the fan noise by 18 dB !!! compared to the stock Markbass fan. Here are the measurements made 5 centimetres away from the fan to get useable measurements, so the measured noise is not correct as it's way too close. 1. Markbass original fan (already quiet Fonsoning) : 2. Noctua at maximum speed (no Ultra Low Noise Adaptor) : 3. Noctua at minimum speed (with Ultra Low Noise Adaptor) : This is the original fan :
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