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  1. Very nice, Ben ! Excellent work. No more TLRT's, so 💙.
  2. Here's the official quote by the Blue Book : And according to the serial number it's a 1978 model :
  3. I have nothing for you @Teebs, but you can have all my sympathy, as long as you pay all the postage fees.
  4. No marks with mine, but it's only one month and five days old... Will now be more careful and check regularly. 😉
  5. Stupidity, I guess... Or maybe because I have no (long) hair anymore... 😂 The one shown is Tony Franklin own model, but I had the same, now very long gone.
  6. Another Tony used to own a fretless Jaydee for years that made me want to play one after watching his Fretless bass with Tony Franklin VHS tape... I generally don't like black basses, but a black fretless bass with an ebony fingerboard is always a beauty !
  7. I don't agree at all. Mediocrity and incompetence are slowly destroying this world, alongside self-sufficiency. This guy is pretending to be something he is not. He is definitely no luthier, nor novelist. And it's about time to tell him !
  8. Maybe this one is in the Burn Before Reading section.
  9. This doesn't look like carbon at all, but the more classic plywood or MDF... Carbon dust ist not really white. I know it's written AeroTech on it, which is even more weird.
  10. Don't forget to link each copper shielding to ground otherwise it will be useless. And it's really very often forgotten. So solder a wire between the two cavities and a wire from the main one to the grounded pot. Use star grounding for optimal results.
  11. As I wrote way earlier too, I suspect that he's buying his own stuff...
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Nice basses and @Roadybus is a very nice person to deal with.
  14. This must be one of your early attempt then...
  15. Weirdly, the all time award winning ugliest bass ever has not been shown. Now it even comes in a colour fitting the shape... When designers have sh*t in their brain, this is what happens. How wrong can a design be ? Check the photo above...
  16. @BillyBass You forgot one very important point : 4) Go to a real luthier who is also a bass player (there are some) and get your bass totally set up to your taste while staying there when he is doing the work. And don't forget that the strings have also a great impact on the sound. Come with your amp too. You have excellent pickups on your bass, so the "issue" certainly is the perfect setup. Sometimes it takes me 2 to 3 hours to have a perfect setup on a bass and I've set up thousands...
  17. A fretted Fender Tony Franklin signature model will also be perfect just like any very good sounding P-Bass with an added Jazz Bass pickup in the bridge position, which is a typical 80's mod. Avoid the expensive Yamaha BB2024X that sound really dull, especially compared to an old Yamaha TRB-4P...
  18. An old Yamaha TRB-4P will tick all the boxes.
  19. Hellzero


    E who sells his E sells his A next.
  20. According to WD Music, this one is exactly the same : https://www.wdmusic.com/wd-custom-pickguard-for-fender-american-deluxe-21-fret-jazz-bass-details.html
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