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  1. Sold SPECTOR NS4 H2 bolt on Woostock NY Very good condition as new Year 2015 Ebony fretboard Preamp Aguilar OBP3 (vol, vol, stack bass treble, mid range control pull push) Weight 7,93 pounds 3.6 kgs Shipped in SPECTOR Case 1780£ / 1900€ p
  2. SOLD Shuker Single cut 5 strings 24 frets 33" scale 5 piece laminated neck (maple / wenge) walnut headstock scarf usual singlecut contruction Rio Rosewood f/board two way truss rod carbon fibre reinforcement buckeye head veneer - front and rear medium jumbo fretwire mother of pearl face dots mother of pearl side dots brass nut gotoh resolite tuners 10mm height from body top to top of f/board 45mm nut and 17.5 or 18mm string spacing. 20.5mm deep at 1st fret, 22.5 at 12th, shallow 'C' section Possible asymmetric shape - tbc - thinner on treble custom body shape - more round back Black Walnut body chambered upper body, not too deep to allow for rear contour buckeye facing (more golden) black veneer between top and body adjustable ramp (Black walnut with buckeye top) polyester basecoat satin topcoat poids 4 kg En option: pickups - handmade Armstrong soap bar pick ups Mike Pope Flexcore preamp: 3 band eq, treble, mid+mid frq stack, bass, pan, vol, passive tone control SWITCHABLE 1450£/1600€
  3. sold Shuker Single Cut 5 strings built in Jan 2014 Bought on this forum The bass is in new conditions Alder body with buckeye facings and black veneer between top and body 34" scale currently tuned B to G Angled headstock with buckeye veneer - front and rear Gotoh tuners 7 piece maple / black veneer laminated set neck. 20.5mm deep at 1st fret, 22.5 at 12th, shallow 'C' section Two way truss rod with carbon fibre reinforcement Rosewood fretboard with 26 medium frets and 45mm brass nut Mother of pearl face and side dots Nordstrand Big Split pickups Shuker 3 band preamp: treble, mid cut / boost and mid freq stack, bass, pan, vol (pull passive) Schaller 2000 bridge, set at 18mm string spacing (can adjust from 17 to 19mm) Weight 8.6lbs / 3.9kgs Shipped in Case Shuker 1450£/ 1600€
  4. I'm selling my bass Elrick Expat Evo 4 strings Nex condition •Swamp Ash body •Natural satin finish •Maple neck •2-way adjustable truss rod •Width at nut: 40mm •Wenge fingerboard, radius: 16’ •24 frets + zero fret •Medium Fretwire •34’ scale •19mm string spacing at bridge •Bartolini J coils •Bartolini NTMBF 3 band eq, 9v. volume, pan, treble, mid, bass, 3 way mid switch, active/passive switch •Black knobs •Black Hipshot tuners and custom Elrick bridge •Dunlop Straploks •Elrick Fundamental strings •Very light Weight: 7lb 8oz/3.5kg 1450 £/ 1600€
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