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  1. Hello Unable to get away from the Hi-fi sound of my Swr, I sell this excellent Aguilar DB 751 never out of the house, it is new. After the success of the DB 750, Aguilar offers the DB 751 hybrid bass amp head. The latter offers a powerful and rich sound. For this, it has a Mosfet section and a preamp stage with three 12AX7 lamps. While maintaining the legendary sound of the DB 750, this DB 751 offers an improved EQ section, a better control device, detachable rack adapters and thermal-controlled fans. The Aguilar DB 751: A powerful and versatile amp With a power of 975 watts under 2 ohms and 750 watts under 4 ohms, the Aguilar DB 751 offers a wide enough gain reserve to give life to your sound, regardless of the style of music you play. Offered in a rack format with a height of three units, this amp head remains easy to use. It has a gain potentiometer and a volume potentiometer with clip indicator, as well as a 3-band equalizer. In order to add clarity or punch to the sound, the head is equipped with both Bright and Deep potentiometers. and to connect bass with high output, a-6 DB switch is present. Spec: Aguilar Bass amp head Power: 975 W (2 ohms), 750 w (4 ohms), 400 W (8 ohms) amp type: Hybrid Preamp Lamps: 3x 12AX7 Power amp: 12x Lateral complementary Mosfet Toroidal Power Transformer Aguilar Universal power Supply (SMPS): 100-120/200-240 VAC switchable, 50/60 Hz Settings: Gain, bright, treble, mid, bass, deep, master, send/-20dB, Return/series EQ section: Tone setting for mid active Bass: + 12/ -12 DB at 40 Hz Mediums: + 12/ -12 DB at 750 Hz Treble: + 12/-7 DB at 4 kHz Deep switch: + 5 DB boost at 30 kHz Bright switch: + 5 DB boost at 5-7 kHz Effects loop with volume settings for Send and return Send: Push/pull switch for Line/instrument level (-20 DB) return: Push/pull switch for parallel or serial loop Input 6.35 mm with switch-6 DB for connecting active and passive bass Speaker Outputs: 2x Neutrik SpeakON Tuner output: Jack 6.35 mm Input for footswitch for controlling Mute function DI output: Jensen balanced XLR (-32 DB) with switch pre/post EQ and switch ground lift Cooling: 2x High quality silent fan with thermal adjustment Dimensions: 432 x 356 x 133 mm (3he rack format) Weight: 19 kg Included: Detachable rack adapters Send it possible, delivered in case 4U Cheers! Michael
  2. Hello! I sell my excellent Gallien Krueger made in US. Comfortable in all styles 2 channels: Clean & Drive, this last will allow you to go from the light saturation very useful to warm your sound, to the big distortion well fat.. The settings and the connection are very well thought out, no wonder to find among the users Flea, Duff McKaggan, Rocco di Prestia.. Etc.. In short, easy to adjust and with it, you will never run out of power:) Its price was over £1920 I sold it £660. For specs: Bi-amplified bass head -2 x 540W (2 ohms) or 1 x bridged 1080W (4 ohms) + 2 x 50w -Clear Channel and saturated channel -4-Band Active EQ -Adjustable Contour and presence -Filter 4/5 strings -Boost control (lamp effect)-Woofer volume controls & separate tweeter -Effects loop & Tuner output with Mute -XLR output with volume control and Pre/Post switch -Possible chaining with several 2001RB -Output Speakon & Jack 6.35 mm -Dimensions: 13.3 x 48.2 x 30.5 cm (3u) Delivered in Case 4u Cheers!
  3. Hi bobmartin Thank you for your message... the head never served... from which the word new and the small price goes with:.. Best Regards Michael
  4. Hi! I am based in the south of France. a consignment is possible in armoured package All the best Michael
  5. Sells Moon Larry Graham. This bass is exceptional in every way. Comfort of play, sound, finishing ... This bass has a nice story: it was the main bass of Randy Hope Taylor (Jeff Beck, Incognito, Jamiroquai etc ..) to see and especially listens here: Price : 2500£ / Final Price : 2100£ All the best Michael
  6. Hi I sell it because I was offered a Markbass Little Marcus 1000. 😊
  7. Thank you! It's true he s beautiful! Sound is amazing
  8. Hi I'm selling an amp Markbass Little Marcus, 800 new! Technical Specifications Markbass Little Marcus 800 Marcus Miller Signature 800W Bass Amp Head Power: 800W Two channels Single input Controls: Ultralow, low, mid, high mid, high, Old School, Millerizer, gain, volume, mute switch, pre/post EQ switch Speaker output Balanced XLR line output Tuner output Effects loop Dimensions: 10.87 x 3.27 x 9.84 in. Weight: 6.61 lb. Footswitch sold separately https://youtu.be/OoIKw03t8L0 450£ All the best Michael
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