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  1. Open to trade with JB Maple 4 strings Avri.
  2. it is us a cut for high fequency for humbuncker.
  3. some sounds: https://soundcloud.com/cyril36/attitude-1-test-03012021-09
  4. I sell my Schroeder 1212L (L stands for "Lightweight") neodymium magnets Bass Amp Speaker Cabinet. Equipped with a Titanium Tweeter and adjustable attenuator. Cabinet is 4 Ohm - 800 WATTS rated and tested. Regular and speakon input jacks. This one is largely unplayed. I added several burning daylight photos to show high level of condition. Retail paid $800+ I am the original owner as I ordered this from Jorge Schroeder direct. This is a 2×12 (two 12 inch bass drivers) cabinet with the right facing speaker side angled as to be almost hidden, allowing the cabinet to be reduced in size....although the latest Schroeder 1212 has both speakers front facing and is fitted with neodymium chassis as standard. 43 lbs. weight. 24" W x 16" H x 16" D. Price : 500 euros
  5. I am selling my Yam Attitude Limited 1, the very first Billy Sheehan Signature. This is the first series, 1991, 250 copies only in red. It is in good condition, truss and nickels electronics. The finish is very good, it is made in Taiwan but very good work. Originally fitted with a Drop D, which makes it sting a bit. Rather wide neck (44 at the nut) but fine and very low action possible so it plays itself out. Currently a little over 2mm at the twelfth, but it was at 1.2 without a frieze when I bought it! Crazy neck-body junction ,impressive sustain. In terms of sound, it's a PB, but with the addition of a humbucker in Gibson position. It is both modern and vintage: the PB alone sends as it is not allowed, in output level as in aggressiveness, the humbucker is there to provide the foundation and if necessary calm the game thanks to the phase effects . While keeping the hifi side of the Yamaha, the highs can be crystal clear and the harmonics sound great. Possibility of operating in mono or stereo (one output per microphone), controlled by a push-push. Price 1350 euros . for shipping i have to quote it in UE and GB.
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