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  1. Bargain, Alan's workmanship is on point!
  2. That's cool, I understand that it's worth a lot more. Just a bit of a slap in the face from the guy that you bought it from when he was deperate just the other month if you sell it at quite a big profit.
  3. I'm confused , is this selling at £550 more than you paid for it?
  4. I already have a ACG fretless and I am after another but fretted to accomodate a new band so I am gonna try and see if this sells.
  5. Century Standard 5, Custom sprayed at Full Spectrum in an awesome metallic gold green. Only one ding on the body (see photo) Swamp Ash Body...Very Light Bass 3 piece Maple neck with Black Diamond Wood fingerboard Bartolini CB pick-ups Hipshot tuners 35" Scale NEW Kalium Balanced Tension Hybrid round wound strings!
  6. Thanks mate, I'm a total dopetard as you've listed Dublin twice
  7. What's the string spacing and where abouts in Ireland are you, cheers?
  8. Thanks for the reply ma man, it gives me things to think about
  9. Thanks mate. Great looking bass. I was asking because I would want to dye the body but as the neck is set it would be a more difficult to dip.
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