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  1. I'm quite surprised to hear about this 3 injections rule. I've had 5 steroid injections in the vicinity of my nevicular bone. Each time they've told me to fast and that they would give me an anaethsetic (never did) it was a real achy pain when they injected it.. As far as I'm aware they were perfectly happy to inject more but the pain went away.
  2. Other than overseas projects apart from York everything is in London / South East.
  3. Doesn't the tascan 16x06 function as a live mixer too - I'd think it was worth a look. The tascam us2000 might also be worth a look with 16 inputs.
  4. The tascams are great,but sound quality degrades very quickly when slowed down, and they're unreliable, my first one conked out completely, the batteries stopped holding charge after a while, and they are expensive, light also failed, and jack failed. Tthe second one I bought, the jack doesnt work, and the effects are stuck on, and the tuners not great on the b string, - its a bit better on the others. I use transcribe on pc now - the sound quality is much better.
  5. According to some youtube comments - which I was reading while I was listening to some of his other stuff, he's also in a death metal band. I wouldn't have seen that coming.
  6. Depending on how you resolve this issue - if it is resolved to your satisfaction then I'd say don't name and sham, but otherwise if you would tell a friend about your poor service then tell us. I wasn't warned about a certain motorcycle repair workshop, who posted regularly on newsgroups dispensing excellent technical advice, and lost about £20k worth of bikes. It seemed that many of the people on the newsgroup knew about his kleptocratic nature, but didn't publish it. If you've got evidence and you think carefully about it and perhaps discuss it with the mods there should be no reason not to name and shame. I know it's a person's livelihood, but at the same time if they don't produce good work and behave with integrity, there's no reason to feel guilty about naming and shaming.
  7. [quote name='2004gdavi' timestamp='1485287129' post='3222835'] Here's Dave on bass in this photo. The shorter of the group on the left. [/quote] That's him - I don't think I've ever been more comfortable going into a bass shop as the bass centre with him managing it. It wasn't like like the other bass specialists not a million miles away where it's all (in my best Harry Enfield voice) "You don't wanna do it like that!!".
  8. [quote name='yorick' timestamp='1484989367' post='3220163'] The Bass Place started off in Brum at the address on the t-shirt design, then moved nearer Musical Exchanges in the railway arches. Dave AKA Kink, ran it for a while then moved jobs to Exchanges where I worked with him. Haven't seen Dave in years. The Bass Place became The Bass Centre not long after, think it was acquired by them. [/quote] Was Dave quite a short guy? If so I remember he was a very nice chap he really looked after a customer - letting me take basses home, and try them for a few days - I was having problems choosing a bass, and he was fantastic, I think I took about three basses home before buying the two which I wanted. Very trusting which is quite rare in a music shop.
  9. I bought several things from the states, which UPS managed to damage with a 100% success rate. My success rate for claiming from their insurance 0%.
  10. Don't do it - until they start treating Palestinians like people.!
  11. [quote name='Lw.' timestamp='1460623350' post='3027275'] In a similar vibe, I saw this guy playing in a pub in London last year - stripped back set of just him playing guitar & singing with a guy on one of those drum boxes they sit on, I was very impressed. [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkMdskZB_So"]https://www.youtube....h?v=BkMdskZB_So[/url] [/quote] Really like the bass on this - do you know who's playing?
  12. I managed about 12800 at 55. I was a bit surprised my 16year old son only got to 14KHz ish and my 14 year old got to about 17khz Has anyone tried the subwoofer test on the same page - I must admit I was pretty shocked at the changes in volume I perceived through my KRK Rokit 6 powered monitors which were about £350 a pair. They were pretty loud at at 145hz then got much louder to around 130hz then started fading and at about 110hz hardly audible at all. Then started getting lounder and and fairly flat until about 80hz really big volume peak at about 70hz dropping off and virtually inaudible between 60 and 50hz. Another loudness peak between 45 and 35hz and silent from 30hz on. Am I to assume that my monitors are crap or is something else going on - I know the ears have reduced sensitivity at lower frequencies, could this explain this varied response?
  13. [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1453495388' post='2960126'] Are you sure you mean UPS and not USPS? [/quote] I've used USPS many times and have never had a problem with them, shipping anything from tiny things a couple of inches long to marine boat engines weighing several hundred pounds (don't think they do such heavy stuff anymore). I always use them as first choice shipping from the US. I find that the chances of paying duty are much lower than when using other couriers. In contrast I will never use UPS again, not only are they incompetent they are also dishonest.
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