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  1. GT001935.mp3 Agreed. On the file above you can hear how the Atelier is sitting next to the Fenders and other quality Japan brands. 1-Atelier Z (fresh rounds) 2-All original 1969 (old La Bella quarter rounds, very dark sounding) 3-Van Zandt (fresh quarter rounds) 4-Japan Fender 62 RI (old quarter rounds) 5-Moon (active, old quarter rounds) 6-1962 Fender - stripped body, Fralins (TI Flats) Both pickups, tone open, recorded with Tascam GT-R1
  2. Just uploaded a video here: Click - you can see the condition of the frets and the real colour of the headstock. Cheers!
  3. The bass is sold. A proof, that the international market still works. Thanks Alain, thanks Basschat!
  4. Sold my MIJ Jazz to Alain. He is a top guy to deal with-superb communication, prompt payment. I can't recommend Alain enough. Thank you so much mate!
  5. Thanks mate! Got a professional scale today:
  6. I replaced this neck with 1972 P neck and it fit perfect....
  7. Based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Shipping to any door in Europe included. Not customs at this time... yet....
  8. NOW £999 Delivered! Here is my Atelier Z Vintage #664. I found a good description of this model+a bit of history here: click The grain of the fingerboard is the most beautiful I ever seen. Some scratches around 18-20 fret-see pics. The finish of the back of the neck is damaged around 5-7 fret-the finish is very thin and this is not a problem when play it. The weight is 4.21 kg (9.28 lbs) More pics here: click Original soft case included. Shipping to GB and EU included also.
  9. Here is my extremely rare Fender Japan JB65B-85US. Produced in 2007, alder body, olympic white, matching headstock, US made pickups. Perfect condition, no buckle rash, the back of the neck is flawless. The neck is very thin front to back. The color is more yellowish than white, I made a pic of printer paper over the body to compare both colors. Weight is 4.25 kg (9.3 lbs) The price include shipping to GB and EU.
  10. Will bought my Sadowsky NYC. Perfect transaction-immediate payment and excellent communication throughout! Thank you Will!
  11. Now sold! Thank you Will!
  12. Yes, stunning bass sleeps in its case....
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