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  1. brought Steve's Peavey Darkwood Cirrus BXP from him this morning,top bloke great communication easy transaction buy with confidence
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Hi Folks has anyone got or knows someone who owns a Parker PM20 pro? I missed the chance to get one when they came out now its come back to haunt me
  4. Great lad just brought my Yamaha TRBX304 from me no hassles great communication would deal with again anytime
  5. [b]Everson fretless[/b] [b]Fender Reggie Hamilton with Warmouth P bass neck [/b] [b]Letts Bubinga fretless five [/b] doing studio stuff Sorry bout the dodgy photos taken on phone
  6. [quote name='groove machine' timestamp='1416852611' post='2614315'] sorry guys and girls, there's been so much love for this bass on here that after a long chat with my lovely wife, i'm going to withdraw it from sale. I truly am sorry for the inconvenience but i let my head rule my heart. thanks [/quote]good man nice to know who the other Pangborn Warlord owner is here in the Uk
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