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  1. Bought a bass from Andy, Top bloke to deal with, great communication all the way through. Bass arrived expertly packed exactly 24 hours from me paying. you cant ask for more !!
  2. sorry guys and girls, there's been so much love for this bass on here that after a long chat with my lovely wife, i'm going to withdraw it from sale. I truly am sorry for the inconvenience but i let my head rule my heart. thanks
  3. sorry, Withdrawn from sale Pangborn warlorld, mid 80's, Mahogany body with a 24 fret maple and Walnut thru Neck, Schaller hardware and a 3 band active/passive eq The bass is in really good condition with just a couple of miniscule dings which were very hard to photograph. It really is a lovely bass if your into this type of bass, its just been hidden away for too long. If you'd like any more info or pics just ask I'm looking for £1200, sorry no trades please. Thanks for looking [attachment=177045:full sofa.JPG] [attachment=177046:body shot.JPG] [attachment=177047:headstock.JPG] [attachment=177048:full back.JPG] [attachment=177049:dings.JPG]
  4. hi, can anyone recommend a decent pickup for my double bass? the bass is a cheapo!! so i dont think i need to worry to much about bringing out every suttle nuance of the wood!!!! im new to the world of upright so id like something thats forgiving to my dodgy playing technique not asking for much am i ?? cheers
  5. trevor bolder on the early bowie stuff, holds it all together nicely while keeping a bit of melodic interest. and the guy with elvis costello i think its bruce thomas, listen to "pump it up"
  6. love anthonys playing! saw him last year at the north sea jazz festival, which was always a dream of mine, my favorite work of his is the early chaka khan stuff, "any old sunday etc..
  7. hi, ive just taken the plunge into double bass and am looking for a teacher in the essex/london area. cheers
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