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  1. This is a fabulous VI, an absolute gem. I've actually had the pleasure of playing this one myself, and if I didn't have two already I would be buying it. I doubt there is a cleaner one on the market, it plays great too. Good luck with the sale Si.
  2. Pick up looks good to me. I have a 1960 jazz and a 1961 precision that look the same and they are original winds. Great basses these stack knob 1960s. Mighty rare too, especially at this sort of price these days!! great looking bass!
  3. Just bought a few bits from Tony, really helpful and pleasant to deal with. Arrived very quickly too. Many thanks
  4. Has this bass sold now? Thanks
  5. Is this lovely 66P still available?
  6. Great set of pictures Karl... All looks very good to me - fine looking bass.
  7. Terrible business. Make sure you contact all the remaining Denmark Street shops - Wunjo and No Tom in particular. Also the Bass Gallery in Camden and the boutique in Shoreditch. These are so unusual I can't see them being able to pass it on.
  8. What a great looking bass! Great chap to deal with too! GLWTS.
  9. CH161

    Feedback for Brams77

    Nice to deal with Bram again. All nice and straightforward.
  10. Absolutely, what a great looking bass. Also a must for Eberhard Weber fans with that top C string.
  11. The only other of these I've seen was for sale at a very reputable shop in the US. Looking at the photos I would surmise this is most likely the same bass. They were asking £20,220 plus £135 shipping to the UK. Then there would be import duty and VAT to pay on top of that. Plus the CITES business to deal with. Probably 25% in additional costs in real terms on top of the asking price to land it here, plus the time and expense regarding certification. It's starting to look like a bit of a bargain!
  12. I doubt the seller expects to return the full amount as listed. In fact there is a rather large 'Make Offer' button below the listed price. There is also the VAT element to consider when buying from a retailer such as this. It won't be possible to know what that amount is as it will be sold under the VAT margin scheme - and consequently any VAT can't be claimed back. It would certainly be offered for less money without the VAT element, and I suspect as Rick says, it is very hard to price something so rare. The seller himself will no doubt be aware to find another will be extremely unlikely.
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