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  1. Have you got a close snap of the rear panel you can post? Please. Is it UK voltage ?
  2. I have for sale this rather fine example of a Limelight ‘P’. Description copied from Marks WWW. Apologies for the size of text. Cash would be good. Simple reason for selling, too many Basses not enough projects, this was for a Blues Project that faltered and passed away. https://classicandcoolguitars.co.uk/portfolio/limelight-00192-p-bass/ I can do some ‘real time’ snaps, hanging around looking cool. Limelight Custom Guitars 00192 1970’s P Bass Light relic Olympic White over Black with rosewood fretboard This is a Limelight early 70’s P Bass with all the correct features from that era. This bass is finished in aged Olympic White (It’s actually quite creamy colour when you see it for real but shows up much whiter in the photos) The bass is light reliced but looks “right” and the metal work is just tarnished which is how we’ve been doing them recently, and I think it looks better and more authentic. Product Description Limelight Custom Guitars – 00192 early 70’s P Bass light relic Specifications: Aged Olympic White over Black Gotah Vintage tuners Aged Nitro-cellulose finished neck with Tusq nut, clay dots and hand rolled fingerboard edges Quality vintage bridge CTS pots and Sprague cap Vintage wired Vintage type Pick ups Switchcraft jack 45-105 Roundwound strings
  3. Ampeg PF 50T + 112HLF Cab + Sub

    Ok ok, price adjustment. Cab gone pending... PF-50T £575.00 Roland KCW-1 £125.00 thanks for lookng
  4. I’ve seen the day and now it’s night. I guess GAS got the better of me again (and again and again), you know what like. I’m selling my Ampeg PF 50T and 112HLF Cab together with the absolutely sublime Roland KCW-1 sub. This pairing is the best sounding ‘small’ Rig ever. You have the simplicity of the PF the roundness of the 112 and the massive punch of the sub, be afraid, very afraid. It all looks like this. To top it off I’m also selling the almost compulsory Fender ‘P’ (Limelight). The bass can be part of the package as can the Overwater both Basses listed in Basses for sale. Its part of a Mega clear out ( for me ) not averse to trades but no Basses unless it’s an acoustic 5 iver... Thanks for looking 🤔
  5. What a fantabulous Rig, cheesus. GLWTS
  6. Ampeg PF 50T + 112HLF Cab + Sub

    112HLF SOLD pending the usual. PF-50T including hard carry case still available. KCW-1 Sub still available
  7. Ampeg PF 50T + 112HLF Cab + Sub

    I'll split the 'Rig' into PF-50T plus 112HLF Cab selling the 'Sub' separately. The PF-50T street price is circa £799.00 the cab £400.00+. I have the box and will throw in a padded hard case all for the princely sum of £800.00. Save yourself £400.00. very little use never gigged. With the exception of a 3/4 month hiatus in John Biffa's studio this has been mine from new. We traded then traded back.... its egocentric overkill for me. As a set up with the Roland Sub it is a killer rig. Thanks for looking I'll deliver or meet up 50 Mile radius (or maybe more) from Leicester. Courier for a Valve head could be problematical but I do have a foam padded ABS plastic case for transporting it at your expense..
  8. Phil Jones Bass PJB C4 Compact 4 (Sold)

    So is the other payment pending of course....😱
  9. Bump for a ‘Fab’ bass. Buy the ‘Rig’ as well 😱 get yer self an authentic sound... PF-50T and it’s matching 112HLF... posting separately later today.
  10. I would like to move this Bass to a nice home so I can consolidate my (small, but perfectly formed) collection, I will look at serious offers and a part chop. No Basses though unless it’s a Acoustic 5. There that should do it 🤔
  11. This is a feeler for my Overwater Contemporary J Series Custom Build. I ordered the bass 16th December 2014 and took delivery of Serial Number 14-3823 30th April 2015. This was going to be a keeper, a bass to be cherished, but I’m not playing as much as I thought I would be. So I got to thinking, streamline the collection. This is far too good a bass not to be played and although it looks lovely on its Hercules wall hanger in my ‘Shed’, it’s time to offer it up as a feeler to gauge interest. The custom specification price, at the time, including options, was £3,055.00 with a lead in time of nearly 5 months. Ordering this specification now, would be the thick end of £3,500.00. If you are looking for a Blacker than Black Bass, with more black, without the wait, It could be yours for the princely sum of £2,350.00. It is in immaculate condition with no blemishes, dings, dongs, scrapes or scratches having been gigged maybe 10 times in its short life but rehearsed with at home on a regular basis. I re-strung with DR Black Beauties about a year ago and still have the old set as spares. Hiscox Hard case is standard issue with Overwater and the all-important Certificate of Authenticity. I would consider a Part Chop to ease the pain, maybe an acoustic Bass or a fretless P (no lines). I’m not tempted by heads and cabs as I have enough, but a Mesa Walkabout might hit the spot. Its cash I would prefer. Specification as follows: Instrument Type: Contemporary J Series Custom 5 Strings 35” Scale Neck: Wood/laminations: One piece Maple Nut spacing: 10mm Bridge Spacing: 19mm Fingerboard: Ebony Fretted: 24 Frets Binding: Ebony Position Markers: Block Inlay – Black Pearl Profile: Standard J5 Body: Core/Main Wood: Swamp Ash Top Wood: Flame Maple Electronics: John East Flat response U Retro – 3 Pot Pick up Type: Overwater 5 soapbars Pickup Placement: Standard Contemporary position Jack Socket/XLR: Edge mounted locking jack Additional Switching: None Bridge Type: Overwater 19mm Black Machine heads: Hipshot Ultra-Lite Black Scratchplate: None Finish: Trans Black Satin matching headstock String type: DR Black Beauties Playing Style: Finger style high action about 4mm at the 12th fret I will take some up to date snaps and post over the weekend.
  12. Still got the triple DC connectors and the Jack to Jack interconnects. £15.00 posted and they are yours, the lot.
  13. 9 volt connector cables. 4 x 25cm Sold 5 x 60cm Sold Triple connectors (not sold) Jack to Jack interconnects 5 x 12cm 2 x 23cm 1 x 30cm Delivered U.K. mainlan
  14. Leicester. Weight: 3.96Kgs or 8.85llb in old money Nut width: 40mm String spacing at Nut: 9mm String spacing at bridge: 20mm Not looking for trades.
  15. Yep, I’ll measure and weigh later Jon.
  16. A “Just gave it a Shiny o” bump. Sensible offers and a partial trade might ease the pain. Save a shedload of money against buying new and waiting on the 5/6 month build time...... Thanks for looking
  17. Feedback for Ricksterphil

    Sold an SWR 4 x 8" to Phil, collected today cash on the nail, communications good pleasure to deal with him.
  18. Genzler Magellan 800 and 350 bass amplifiers

    Totally agree. I have had the 800 for maybe 6 months, I’m still sussing out the variety of available toneage ( new word )suffice to say it exceeds my expectations, especially after returning an AG 700 for the Magellan. I run it with 3 x PJB C4’s...
  19. *Sold Pending Barefaced Super Compact

  20. ON HOLD - AER Amp One - £650