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Everything posted by Oldman

  1. So Soon ! I'm now gassin' for its return...
  2. TecAmp Puma 500 - Sale or Trade

    Best little big head in the business 🤭
  3. Feedback for Ricksterphil

    Sold an SWR 4 x 8" to Phil, collected today cash on the nail, communications good pleasure to deal with him.
  4. I have this fabric bass case for sale, it’s fairly large and would fit a 3/2 headstock 35” scale bass. Good condition, a bit dusty through lack of use. External dimensions are: 49.5” x 15.25” x 5” Internal dimensions are: 47.5” x 13.25”/14” x 2.75” Snaps are wrong way but you get the idea. Any questions please ask. I’ll take a snap with a bass inside so you can see! Thanks for looking
  5. Fabric Bass Case

    Nick, in original post: External dimensions are: 49.5” x 15.25” x 5” Internal dimensions are: 47.5” x 13.25”/14” x 2.75” lower part Approx 4”
  6. Ok OK why don't you, take the pennies from my eyes I'll take £700.00 Yes that's £700.00 or a part chop with a Class D head and the balance Cash.... Or, Or, I'll do a straight swap for a Limelight fretless 'P', no lines... any colcour
  7. I have decided to sell this Limelight Fretless Jazz in Fiesta Red. I bought a Limelight P earlier this year for a Blues Project (the way you do) and decided to twin it with a fretless Jazz, mistake I should have commissioned another P, fretless. Anyway the Blues project gigged once and musical differences caused it to falter then fail. All incidental of course, but you get the background. I commissioned it from Mark in May and took delivery late June, it is a really nice bass to play, dots on the side no poncy lines a lovely rosewood board. I have not gigged it, it hangs on the wall of the man cave. New cost was £965.00 including a Generic Bass Case. Anyone who owns a Limelight can verify the build quality of Mark's Basses and this is no exception. I'm looking for Cash and with this in mind I will take a big hit as its only 6 months old! so how does circa £800 seem? I would trade for a fretless P no lines any colour and some cash my way other than that just money will be fine. Thanks for looking More snaps later
  8. Fabric Bass Case

    Snaps Nik. Sorry for the delay. Takes my Overwater 35" scale no probs.
  9. Overwater 7 string custom bass - On hold.

    This bass Is not Cheap, it’s inexpensive, probably the nicest Overwater I’ve seen for many a year. GLWTS
  10. Fabric Bass Case

    I have some Nik, I'll dig them out or take new. Post em later or tomorrow
  11. Ceebass Feedback

    Will bought my Markbass Synthy/Octavery pedal, nice easy prompty transaction, managed to collect it from me. Its great chatting face to face to a fellow Bass player. Thanks Will.
  12. Fabric Bass Case

    Case still here,
  13. Guy’s this a seriously good bass, if you have a Fretless, unlined Limelight ‘P’ we can trade. I am also amenable to a part chop of the head variety, try me.
  14. I’m up for that, missed the last two due to hollidogs. Happy to bring a Genzler based 3 cab rig.... oooer 😱
  15. Oldman Feedback

    Sold the Spector to Cosmo Valdemar Sold the Dean Pace 5 to Ateyercheese Both transactions smooth except for glitches with carrier
  16. Middle snap the true colour ...
  17. A really nice bass, shame, but it needs to go.
  18. All gone.

    Ok, it was there, I assumed it was. ?
  19. All gone.

    Have you sold the Freeze?
  20. Lost feedback

    I have lost all feedback since 2015. Can I get it back, is my reputation in tatters? Or is it hiding somewhere?