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  1. Oldman

    Engl E115B cab. New, still in box !!

    Thank you 😎
  2. Oldman

    Engl E115B cab. New, still in box !!

    Do you have the Dimensions and weight please. ENGL’s site is a bit sparse on information! Thanks
  3. Due to circumstances that are beyond my control (old age) and due to playing bass and humphing gear both my wrists and my right shoulder are in constant low level pain. That and my dodgy knees caused me to change out my Amp kit to ‘flyweight’ D class heads and cabs. Woosey! I hear you say, after playing bass for an awful long time I need to move from 35” back to 34” scale still on fiver’s, without the stretch. Hence this clear out . These are snaps of the Four basses but only the RUACH Tech Spec in this post. Namely the two on stands, Fretted and Fretless. The two wall hangers are Overwaters and will be the subject of the next post. The RUACH’s were commission just five years ago as a matching pair with Georgeous Flame Maple body, Neck and Maple quilt top. Both fretboards are Ebony and the finish is Matt , hardware on both is Black, a neat touch is the extension Thumb rest on the Fretless which has a Headway Piezo in an acoustic bridge with volume and tone, it’s passive as such. The fretted is similar in all aspects ( they is twins) apart from (frets) 2 Aaron Armstrong Humbuckers with an East two way EQ with volume and blend. Nut string width on both is 10mm Bridge string width on both is 18mm. They both have a ‘Unique’ Scorpio inlay on the 12th fret. I have hardly used them over the years as I meandered in and out of my GAS delusions, suffice to say they are immaculate in both playability and condition, complete with Hiscox hard case. I’m posting at less than half of what these twins cost me, I’ll bite the bullet. Available as the pair for £1,500, no issues on splitting them up, partial trades acceptable, basses 34” 5ivers, fretted and Fretless, Class ‘D’ heads, small (ish) lightweight cabs (PJB 47) Tecamp XS series/EICH XS series, with cash balance (PayPal). I would prefer you to try them out to appreciate the quality of workmanship as I suspect you may want to know more than I’ve offered up here. This is your opportunity to get on the 5iver trail at an exceptionally good price. More information and snaps on request. Thanks for looking
  4. Just a note: I would prefer to meet and xchange on both these basses, I would ship within the U.K. Mainland but it would be at “buyers risk” and cost. They are hardcased and would be well packed, they are too good to end up as matchwood in the back of a couriers van.
  5. Just to clarify the excellent workmanship on these two Basses. They are (as you can see) Neck Through, that’s an NT Bass for less than the price of other U.K. Luthier’s Bolt On Necks.... great playability, similar Neck profile to a Thumb NT. Truss rod cover is magnetic and looks great. As is the ‘Gubbins’ cover on the rear of the Bass. Fretted: And Fretless You really have no excuse have a closer look and choose your pick. I’m open to trades with cash, maybe a BOGOF deal on a suitable 34” 5iver (Fretless) or May be a ‘D’ class head with matching cab. Try me🤔 Thanks for looking. 😎
  6. Possible trade, Warwick Thumb 5, NT, fretted or (preferably) fretless. That's a two for one deal..
  7. Head Snap Snaps of 12th position ‘Scorpio’ Inlay
  8. Ha, well spotted, 18mm bridge width on both basses.... 😱
  9. I can play them (badly), but it hurts the next day....
  10. Oldman

    Custom sei bass 5 string

    You’ve still got this then....
  11. Sublime, if only I was 30 years younger hefting this rig would have been a pleasure. GLWTS
  12. Oldman

    WITHDRAWN Pedal Peddler part 3

    Decided to withdraw this and persevere .... 😱
  13. I have this for sale: Bought on this ear forum, works a treat, downloaded the software package, fab, this is it I thought, Boutique sounds, err, no. 99 presets, 99 user patches to faff with, too much. I ended up using just two sounds. I thought Brill, put in the setlist have a patch for either each tune or similar tunes, then woke up. Not gonna happen is it, not for me anyways. So back into the mix it goes. Got me self a Keeley Comp that’ll do me. £145.00 delivered including the £25.00 Boss power supply. Thanks for looking
  14. Oooops! I’m thinking ‘Stereo’ Quilter ..... I must resist
  16. Oldman

    Eden VT300a price drop

    Super, smashin’, lovely. Thank you.
  17. Oldman

    Eden VT300a price drop

    How heavy is this beast, I can’t find any tec specs other than in your post.
  18. Oldman

    Oldman Feedback

    Sold the Spector to Cosmo Valdemar Sold the Dean Pace 5 to Ateyercheese Both transactions smooth except for glitches with carrier
  19. Oldman

    Feedback for Ricksterphil

    Sold an SWR 4 x 8" to Phil, collected today cash on the nail, communications good pleasure to deal with him.
  20. Oldman

    Feedback for Skinner

    Sean bought my Genz Shuttlemax 12.2, came over, brought me of his Krampera Cabs ( no not the 15” ) tried it bought it, simple easy transaction. Thanks Sean, pleasure doing business.
  21. Decided to sell this on and simplify my rig, I’m never going to use it in its four cab 600 Watts a channel mode... Twice I’ve had comments about the effect a low B (with the boost on) has on punters... “What me worry”. I do. Great EQ, I ran it with the GT-1B through the FET channel, when mixed with the Tube channel it sounded wonderfully ‘rounded’. It’s in excellent condition and come with its Genz gig bag. I could take a trade, a smaller Class D Head such as the TC BH 250, but prefer cash. Price is delivered U.K. mainland. Thanks for looking I could sell a couple of cabs as a get up and go rig....
  22. Oldman

    Steve_nottm Feedback.

    Steve rocked up at my place to look at my PJB C 4’s after saying if they fit in his car he’ll take them, they did (fit) and he did (take them). A very smooth and prompt transaction arriving on the button after a gruelling day at the pit face 🤫. Pleasure doing business with you Steve and Lettie the Lurcher liked you as well.