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  1. Buy it for the sprig for Christmas...£30.00 Delivered
  2. 😶 I bought this for one of the grandkids who had just started Ukelele’ing. 20 minutes a week is no time at all and the enthusiasm earned and disappeared altogether. I bought on this ear forum can’t member how much. £35.00 will get it securely packed and delivered to you UK mainland. Complete tutorial and CD.....
  3. Another possible Trade is the Bergantini CN212, cash your way subject to condition ( of course). 🤭
  4. I sold my Genzler Magellan to buy this, not disappointed either. After selling my TecAmp Bona I still hankered after a two channel facility so I could Chorus or whatever whilst still maintaining a core sound. It delivers in Spades, it also offers 2 x 600 Watt outputs so 4 Cabs is us. I was so impressed I needed another for backup (the way you do) so I bought a Shuttlemax 9.2 as well. Bear with me on this tale 🤔 Gigged the 9.2 last Saturday and it nearly caused a bowel movement, plenty loud with 2 x PJB C4’s. 900 Watts into 4 as opposed to 2 x 600 into 4 ( Ohms that is). So, i got to thinking, I want to consolidate my ‘Rig’ (s) and just use the 9.2 with (at the moment) the C4’s, hence the TRADE Feeler. I have the original box and packing and a large gig bag that takes in the packaging and amp, footpedal included. I’ll consider a straight trade for a Barefaced BB2 or a PJB C8 LITE Dont want no geetars, pedals, ephemera just the BB2 or the PJB C8 LITE My C4’s will be on the market here later, in the meantime here’s the snaps. Thanks for looking. 😎
  5. I have reduced the "Trade Value" to £600.00, PM me should you be interested in a purchase. I could supply the "Shuttlemax 12.2" as a 'Rig' with 2 x PJB C4's (oooer missus) as new and posted in original boxes (Shuttlemax also original Box). Price for 'Rig' Couriered, about £1,200.00. I am feeling protective about this potential parting of the ways, with the 2 x PJB C 4's this 12.2 gives out 375 Watts a side with a little headroom on the cabs, add another 2 x 8 Ohm cabs and you have a whopping 600 Watts a side. With the Bas Boost up full to 7db we are in bowel movement territory on the 'B'string of a 5iver It all looks like this:
  6. Nothing, I loved the Magellan, I Sussed out the tone circuits ( intuition ) would be similar having owned a Streamliner, it’s a sideways step. Until I gigged the 9.2, I used the 12.2 at rehearsal and for a gig, I wasn’t sure about it but it does it in spades with a frightening, up to 7db boost in the 35Hz to 65Hz band. Ill see what unearths. Thanks for looking
  7. What does the £400.00 in the title allude to? Are you now asking £400.00?
  8. Oldman

    FS/FT Warwick Thumb Bass 1985 NT £1690

    My twins are my grandsons legacy. GLWTS
  9. Oldman

    FS/FT Warwick Thumb Bass 1985 NT £1690

    Good grief Luke you had that one tucked away, nice bass... lovely bass, I don’t know how you can part with it 🤧
  11. I hope this is the right place to post this amalgam of twangy thangs. 2 sets D’Addario 45-130 one set unused other set cut 3 over 2, 35” scale rounds: £20.00 posted 2 sets DR Black Beauties 45-125 both used cut 4 over 1, 35” scale rounds: £18.00 posted 1 set Fodera Nickel 50-135 used cut 3 over 2, 35” scale rounds: £10.00 posted 1 set ZON Ultrasonic round stainless used cut 3 over 2 regular 45-128, 35” scale: £10.00 posted 1 set unknown 3 over 2 roundwound used 35” scale: £10.00 posted 1 set 34” 4 String 2 over 2 (Warwick) used rounds: £8.00 posted 1 x odd ‘B’ half round 37” ball end to nut free for postage. Odd set La Bella flats 1 x B 128, 1 x E110, 2 x D73, 1 x G 52: £10.00 posted Apart from the DR’s which have been on my main bass all the other sets have light use only. Should you be interested in taking them all PM me. Thanks for looking
  12. Oldman

    Oldman Feedback

    Sold the Spector to Cosmo Valdemar Sold the Dean Pace 5 to Ateyercheese Both transactions smooth except for glitches with carrier
  13. Oldman

    Fabric Bass Case

    Please, this is surplus, it’s a bargain.
  14. I have this fabric bass case for sale, it’s fairly large and would fit a 3/2 headstock 35” scale bass. Good condition, a bit dusty through lack of use. External dimensions are: 49.5” x 15.25” x 5” Internal dimensions are: 47.5” x 13.25”/14” x 2.75” Snaps are wrong way but you get the idea. Any questions please ask. I’ll take a snap with a bass inside so you can see! Thanks for looking
  15. I bought a Roqsolid cover for my (then) new toy, an Ashdown CTM30 (acquired from Gareth AKA Walbassist). It was never used as I upgraded in a trade for a Mesa 4-88. On scouring my 'set aside for use another day' pile of carefully guarded ancillary 'equipment I stumbled upon it. I don't need it. Its the fancy one with pockets inside for card or hardboard to protect knobs and stuff £30.00 posted will get it to you. Dimensions are : Length 450mm x Depth 280mm x Height 240mm
  16. Cut this up to accomodate a head I then returned its in tatters now and withdrawn...
  17. http://chownybass.com/product/pitchcraft-octave-pedal/ Does What it says on the box. Tried it once, didn’t get on with it, but a good starting point. All shiny and smelling new...
  18. Y’know, you could put this right back to Warwick and trust that their pride in engineering will sort it.... just a thought....
  19. Two EICH T300’s (well Puma 300’s) for less than the price of one, and, wait for it, a 12db boost on one channel below 200Hz. More punch less Judy at 350 Watts a channel into 4 Ohms. The brilliant TecAmp twin channel Bona Fide. Small footprint, will run each channel into 2 Ohms and bridge as well into 4 Ohms, 800 Watts. Steady, I’m buyin’ it back here. Surplus as I’m Runnin sumting else. Snaps below. Great condition, gig bag that you can use with the head in situ.... Will sell, but will also do partial trade (Full) for a Genz Benz Shuttle 6.2 ( partial), Shuttle 9.2 (partial), Shuttlemax 9.2 (Partial ish), Shuttlemax 12.2 (Partial ish). No cabs, Basses, unlss it’s that Rivoli Blonde, we’ll maybe a 15”... This has been a noodle head for a while but I had occasion to use it last gig, a punter claimed the Bass sound/volume nearly caused a “Bowel Movement”. I was impressed, took me back to the Cavern days and Vox Foundation 18’s. Includes Footswitch ! Ha! 😎
  20. Oldman

    SOLD: TecAmp Bona Fide

    Specs: Two channels make an amp twice as good? With the BONAFIDE you get a two-channel bass amplifier which assimilates two amps in one chassis. This means you can easily switch between two instruments or play two different sounds using the two channels of the BONAFIDE. Due to the completely separated pre and power amps you can even run different cabinets with each channel. TecAmp develop this ingenious “two-in-one“-solution amp. This amp demonstrates the versatility and unique sonic quality of TecAmp products is the result of a well conceptualised, well designed, and well built and not simply a byproduct of a feature intensive amplifier - listen to the BONAFIDE’s breathtaking attack and sonic quality. With its weight of less than 5 pounds this 900 watts amp fits in its functional and protective TecAmp soft bag. two separate bass amps in one housing •any possible routing •ultra compact •»Taste«-Filter, 4-Band EQ, »Line Out« per channel •separate effects loops •channel shared »DI out« post •»Mute« and »Channel« footswitch included •»Channel B« with 200 Hz »Lo Pass« Filter and +12 dB »Sub-Boost« •»Bridged Mode« and »Mono«Switch •900 w power at 4 ohms, 2 x 450 w power at 2 ohms •only 2,2 kg; 4.85 lbs •Made in Germany Specifications; •Preamp: two solid state preamps with separate gain, taste, lo, lomid, himid, hi, master controls, switchable mute, shared balanced XLR DI out post EQ, two serial effects loops and line outs, shared tuner out •Output RMS: 2 x 350 w (4 ohms), 2 x 400 w (2 ohms) / 700 w (8 ohms bridged mode), 820 w (4 ohms bridged mode) •Outputs: Speakon® combo connectors with ¼“ jack •Power Section: Class D with separate volume control for CH-A and CH-B, bridged mode and +12 dB sub boost option, mono-switch •Power Consumption: 900 w •DI out: shared balanced XLR out post EQ •Cooling: temperature controlled fan •Power Req.: smart voltage 80-260 V/AC for worldwide operation •Extras inclusive: Rack mounting kit, footswitch for mute and channel •Optional: soft bag •Dimensions: (W x H x D): 27 cm x 8 cm x 25 cm / 10.7" x 3.2" x 9.9" •WEIGHT: 2,2 kg / 4.41 lbs
  21. Ooooops! Grassed up 😬