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  1. Y'know what like, shiny new kid on the block, mustapha go, so i went for it, put my Pedalboard up for sale and then quickly withdrew it as I realised I'd have nothing if I couldn't work the Helix magic. I did work the Helix, updated the firmware, joined the forum, looked at synth patches and other wonderous things, started to name my patches so I could swiftly scroll thro and have a patch per tune...... Then it hit me, why, it sounds great, and scrolling thro the patches in the depths gave me a buzz.. But, I play bass, add a bit of distorton, some Sub n Up or Chorus a bit of compression and I'm a happy pedal peddler. So I'm moving it on and sticking with my pedals. Yes I know its cheaper than whats on my pedal board. I am a fickle fecker. Snaps to follow. All the Gubbins here and more. Twill be well packed, none original,box, Mains Adaptor and a USB cable for going online thro your laptop, which I found very simple to use. No, not your laptop mine. It’s as new, bought from here definitely an impulse buy. Thanks for looking https://uk.line6.com/hx-effects/
  2. Good Evening Folks. I bought this before Christmas intending to use it for Jams/Rehearsals/Auditions whilst i was looking for a Band. Its great, a one handed lift, Bass on yer back, Pedalboard in one hand this in t'other. I did two Jam's with it before I realised that it was heavier than one of my cabs and another head I use as backup. Pondering this, I thought, no gigs, no more jams, it needs recirculating back into the Basschat community. Its surplus. the only reason for selling. This little beast moves some air from a 10" speaker. I bought it with what the seller said was a non working tweeter. Its a Co-Axial design and to be honest I'm not sure a tweeter would enhance the sound which is very impressive. I fired it up using a GR208 as an extension cab, some waft. It weighs in at 12Kg and is 320mm x 300mm x 350mm and includes a roqsolid cover. I will ship it for my price, or deliver/meet up. I am not interested in trades or partial trades I'm trying to make room. So please don’t be offended by a refusal. Ideal small trio for pub gigs or with an ext speaker bigger Pub gigs. Photo's to follow. Standard snaps. https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/ibanez-p3110-e-promethean-bass-combo
  3. A Little cheat sheet, takes the guesswork out of impedance(Ohms) http://www.speakerimpedance.co.uk/?act=four_parallel&page=calculator Cheque it out
  4. Bought Christian’s Line 6 HX Effects pedal. Bought one day 30th, arrived the next day the 31st. Probably the swiftest deal ever. Well packed, good comms ***** What’s not to like. I’m yet to get to grips with it….. fab deal.
  5. There is no dubiety with regards to quality of the cab, it looks a stunner. Mr EICH was way ahead in design terms, GLWTS
  6. I was Selling my real estate, I actually pieced this together and wired it in as a permanent thingy to use, I had some fun. Then I realised I will need it whilst I get to grips with the Helix Jobby, so with the exception of the mini Sub n Up (sold); I’ve decided I had to withdraw everything. Sorry I know I’m an eejit for even thinking I could master the Helix Effects in a short time.
  7. I found MacDaddy’s input invaluable when I had already bought the SYB5. Achieved the sounds in the clip, then I tried a bit of noodling, it didn’t track below E on the B string and struggled at times up to F# on the E string….. it’s going back. i gip at paying a couple a hunnert for a single pedal to upgrade. I think I might have found the “Holy Compromise Grail”.
  8. O man, lusted after a pair of these, the second one eluded me so I never bought one…. And now these two! But in between I bought a couple of cabs. GLWTS. a damn fine price.
  9. I’ll trade for an envelope filter thangy cash your way or a flanger, or sell for cash.
  10. What a tale, I had two of these, the 4 control knob variety, didn’t need two so I sold one. Now I realise that I only want the Up part with a tiny amount of Sub, not 2 Subs, so it’s on the Block, unused harry brand spankers, all shiny, free battery as well delivered to your doorstep. Usual Tone print jiggerypokery stuff.
  11. This is the B string nearly 38” from the Ball end to the winding post.
  12. Not sure, I’ll measure up and let you know, I have a 35” scale (4 over 1) bass so I can gauge if they will fit there’s a fair bit of winding. Is your bass 3 over 3?
  13. 1 set of Thomastk-Infeld Flats. Cut for 34” 3 over 3. Never gigged (what’s that gig business again), put on a 6ixer I had a brief romance with, very brief.
  14. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Naughty boy, PM offers.
  15. I’m lovin’ the “budget” covers, I do the same with my GR 208’s.
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