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  1. Hi All, Have any of you any recommendations for a replacement pup for the recent Classic Vibe Mustangs? Picked one up recently and love the look and feel but not loving the pickup. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks a million.
  2. Hi John, I am looking for a new wiring harness for a Classic Vibe Mustang, is that something you could assist with? Thanks a million. James
  3. They are XL170’s. As least they were on mine.
  4. [quote name='HowieBass' timestamp='1502923938' post='3354484'] The Cort GB-75 JH bass has a very similar configuration - these are very nicely constructed instruments. [/quote] Agree 100% with this. Fantastic build quality and a really nice instrument. Will serve you well through any situation. I was really surprised at how good they are when I played one.
  5. This work absolutely perfectly. So simple but so so effective, easy to replace and fun getting them!
  6. Have to recommend the Epiphone Jack Casady as well. Fantastic bass, huge tone especially when the impedance switch is on the highest setting. Great looking bass as well.
  7. Chained by Marvin Gaye. Fantastic line by James Jamerson. Have never heard it mentioned too much when people talk about Jamerson but I just love it.
  8. I'm a G&L fan through and through, I had been playing a Fender Aerodyne for years when I picked up and L2000 Tribute and it blew the Fender out of the water in all respects, build, tone and variety. I have been playing a friends SB-2 for the last while live and I love it. Huge sounding bass, great compliments on tone from the layman and players alike after gigs. It's just so full sounding, clear and ballsy and you can still feel it in stomach. Perfect combination!
  9. 99% of the basslines in the band are mine. The guitarist in the band is the main songwriter and sometimes he has a bassline in mind as a key part of the song, if thats the case they are usually pretty good and I have no problem playing them. It usually evolves over time as I'm playing it anyway that more and more of my style creeps into the riff or line. Everything else he'll come in with a bare riff or progression on guitar and we will jam it and discuss it and I'll write a line or riff and let it develop.
  10. I have bought a Westone Thunder Jet pretty recently and I have to say it's a great bass well worth every penny and more. Paid about £100 and it's in great nick considering it's about 25 years old, some buckle rash and non-original knobs but it just gives it a bit of character
  11. Serious Bass, Serious Bargain!! I just bought one of these a couple of months ago for about £105 (€120) and it's a huge amount of bass for the money.
  12. [quote name='BassMunkee' post='423213' date='Mar 2 2009, 03:10 PM']This is my Ibanez - finally got round to taking a proper photo... and [/quote] I have always been curious about the Icemen, how does it sound/feel? I love the look and have been gassing for one for a while!!
  13. I have both the Hodad and the DC and they are fantastic for the money if limited in tones. The Hodad is a little bit more conventional has a six position pickup switch and has some really good sounds in it. The Dc has little sustain but is brilliant at what it does. Both look absolutely fantastic. I think Dan basses are best tested first to see if you like them but I don't regret either of my purchases.
  14. Hi All, long time lurker who has gained a lot from reading the topics on here so I decided I would finally take the plunge and get involved I have been playing about 6 years, in covers bands for the first couple of years and solely originals for the last 2 years or so. Play mainly a Fender Aerodyne Jazz and a G&L Tribute L2000 but have a couple extra bits that you can see from my sig. Most the music I play has been mainstream-ish rock and indie but have been known to play the blues when the mood hits and currently having lots of fun with some soul and funk... So Hi Everybody........
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