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  1. Gk Plex hits 2 and 3 nicely. I loved mine.
  2. Then I thoroughly recommend either the Orchid Electronics or the Countryman 85. My 85 has been to pretty much every gig I've done for almost 20 years now.
  3. Like the stuck record that I am, I was going to recommend these but it seems I've been beaten to it. Oh well then, consider this a plus one. M81 has also been mentioned and is also great. Lastly I know hartke make a nice one but I've never used it so can't comment further.
  4. Yeah the nano has a different case to every other PT board. As mentioned above you're supposed to run the two loops of strap around a gig bag.
  5. How do you find them generally? I've long fetishised Adam Audio but they've never had a product in that price bracket before. I wondered if they were a bargain as a big player develops a great smaller speaker or if they were a cash in on the name and not actually very good..
  6. FWIW the produce like a pro guy has spoken several times about how much he likes the ilouds. Is this just for audio work or also for listening to music? I find studio monitors fatiguing for actually listening to music or watching films as they're far too harsh. I spent a few years messing with eq profiles or trying to have two sets of speakers but eventually just settled on some pretty-flat hifi speakers, in my case Microlab Solo 9C. I'm over 90% listening for pleasure and less than 10% audio work though, and when I do it's just for me so I decided that them not being reference-grade was worth it over trying to listen to youtube/spotify low-quality mp3s on studio monitors! EDIT - Interestingly I loved studio monitors for the (tiny bit of) video gaming that I do. Bottomless bass and extended highs make for some really cool sound effects and foley that you miss out on using standard 2.1 pc speakers.
  7. Jack

    foxyFuze feedback

    Sold Al my Rolls preamp and I couldn't have asked for more from a buyer. Ideal.
  8. That's clearly a ridiculous question. You can have eight 4R cabs for 8000 watts though. :D
  9. I get the economics argument as it will obviously drive the price up but not that it's too difficult. For one, most dedicated wireless units are standard across the different countries now, and for two Line 6 already do it.
  10. Rolls sold. Remainder on ebay but I'd prefer to sell here so please do make me an offer.
  11. Korg tuner sold, Rolls pending. Keep em coming guys.
  12. I bet the cabs are out of phase.
  13. Last bump before y'all have to look for them on ebay!
  14. Pleased that we could make a deal. That Sire (maybe the vintage one of the same as I like the black binding) is exactly what I'm going to do with my Bongo fund so thank you for that as well. PS- White
  15. Without meaning to be patronising, have you increased the USB gain using the trim setting in global settings?
  16. Forgive me for asking, but you know that they're centre positive? Regardless I hope you get it sorted asap.
  17. There'll be a small loss due to the inefficiencies of a large power supply idling but the short answer is "no".
  18. I knew I should have PMed you about this when I saw that Ashdown.....
  19. Yes, yes it will. Good call.
  20. Sansamp para driver in front of the Quilter would be brilliant, but then you've already got the stomp so why bother? Anyway, that's not the question you asked! Handbox sounds like the best bet for this?
  21. 90 now. Not me though, although I do use mine almost daily.
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