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  1. Is there a link to where this was originally done?
  2. But 75% did get it correct, which suggests that there is probably something more than random chance going on. Anything beyond that is kind of shakey. I think what you're trying to do is to sort of forget about 50% of the participants as you think that accounts for random chance but it doesn't work that way. That would leave us with 25% of people (which is now 'half') who got it right and the same number who didn't. So, what does that tell us?
  3. Unfortunately the reason that we're on page 3 is because it's kind of an outlier. There's the Behringer BDI21 but that's very different sounding, bass focused, and plasticy build quality. You can also sometimes find the Eden or Hartke pedals for about £50 used.
  4. There's not really enough data to draw a conclusion though. You could say that your results suggest that there's a 50% better than random chance that someone can tell the difference, but that's really all. You want what's called a p value, which is a measure of how likely it is that your outcome is not chance, but that's probably not going to be significant depending on what exactly you did for the experiments. As one of many examples, if your 75% outcome represents 3 out of 4 participants then you're not going to meet any kind of normal standard for significance.
  5. I've got some patches that use cab models but just as many which don't. In fact my most-used preset has some effects, the Aguilar model, and ends with a compressor, no cab to be seen.
  6. Good luck with it, Dave. There's plenty of info on the Stomp megathread if you need it but generally: forget about the installed patches and start from scratch. Also, less is more.
  7. In my (admittedly limited) experience the preamps in the Focusrite interfaces are really quite good and you'll have to spend quite a lot to buy a third party preamp that sounds noticeably better. That leaves us with buying one to add character, and that's what plugins are for I guess. A good preamp does more than just overdrive though, just like with guitar there's a difference using an overdrive pedal into the pa/studio or going via an amp instead.
  8. I mean, maybe. 😁 Is there something your current board can't do? Or could do better? The Stomp will certainly be able to replace your current board and much more but as ever digital comes with compromises. I'm two years in and still adjusting patch levels! I love the Stomp but I still use other stuff too, it's not all things to all people.
  9. Subbed as I still can't find a double overdrive.
  10. RightOn straps are one of those products that have stopped the search. I haven't used anything else since getting my three a few years back.
  11. Jack

    Tech 21 MP40 Preamp

    But they don't though, do they? I'd argue there's a meaningful and appreciable difference between the two basses that even a layman could tell. Probably not so with the pedals. I have actually handed my wife both my Squier and Fender and asked her which was nicer, but I think she spotted the logo and everyone on the planet knows what a Fender is. Perhaps I should try with my MXR Sugar Drive and Tone City Bad Horse. Obviously Darkglass have done the math and set their price point accordingly, it seems to be working just fine. Meh, what do I know?
  12. Jack

    Tech 21 MP40 Preamp

    I don't think I've ever played a bad tech 21 product but I've already lost interest in this because of the price, even though we don't know the price yet. Crazy. I've often wondered what would happen if someone like Darkglass sold their pedals for £100 or so. Would the loss per item be offset by the increase in sales? No need to buy a clone... I just can't see a box with some capacitors in it as a luxury product. It's not like a watch or a car.
  13. Indeed. I really don't think it'd be productive to go back and forth about this, waste of a good thread and all that. Off the top of my head though I can think of several other compromises that would have to be made with those suggestions. My point wasn't that 'mains on top of subs, each side of the stage' is the ideal situation, it was just that it's often the best compromise.
  14. It just is. I know I know, wall loading subs, dispersion, has anyone mentioned power alley yet? The problem is that, in an imperfect world with competing priorities and a different stage each night, it's often the best compromise. I once convinced my hard rock band to at least stack both subs on one side of the stage with the top on top and then have the other top on the other side. Technically better yes, but it meant carrying an extra stand rather than a distance rod, worrying about the legs sticking out, having to secure the three cabinet stack with ratchet straps and then running the output of one of the subs all the way across the frontline.
  15. Firstly, subbed for recommendations. Secondly, please accept my vote for the MXR Sugar Drive. My favourite klone.
  16. I was ordering from thomann anyway and took the chance that the isolation pad might stop my home setup from rattling the floorboards. You know what? It sort of does! I can't speak to their intended use of gig isolation but they should work OK for your purposes. The photo has a weird perspective, the isolator is more than wide enough.
  17. Pleased the sub is treating you well. In one band we've got too much sub for the tops so we've got it at 120Hz to take up the slack. In my other band we're running the manufacturers recommended rig and so they're set to 80Hz, again as recommended. Both are occasionally subject to change in difficult rooms.
  18. Dude if you were a kid at my school I'd have just dragged you into my office to talk about self respect.
  19. We were at a comedy club in Newcastle once. If you've never been to a comedy club, you're really not allowed to talk. A guy is taking all the way through this comedian's set so the bouncer goes over to him. It's quiet, right, so the whole room can hear, even the comedian has stopped. "You're gonna have to stop or I'm going to ask you to leave" "But he's stinky poo!" "I know, but rules are rules"
  20. Don't be like that, a 10m instrument cable is only a little over £100.
  21. Always nice to see corporate reps on forums, welcome.
  22. Cool, I didn't know they made a passive one!
  23. I sold my full fat Helix because the Stomp was so good. The Stomp, a wireless and an extra switch are all I use now. My whole rig fits on a PT Nano. ....it even does a decent impression of a Darkglass... Where are you? Perhaps a local BC will hook you up.
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