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  1. Thank you. Yes have you noticed the difference between my side of the stage and the guitarists'? For the benefit of points: The bass gear is my boring but very capable digital fakery rig. Shure GLXD16 into HX Stomp. Last night with one of my QSC K12.2 wedges used as a bass amp rather than as a traditional monitor. We've played some large stages recently (where I use a wedge as a monitor) and the drummer has on occasion complained about a lack of bass guitar where he sits. He should fix that himself now that I think about it...
  2. Down by the beach today, nice big bar with an easy load in. Using my wedge as backline as I can hear the other wedge just fine. On in 5...
  3. Good day for us on Saturday, we played the middle day of the three-day Stone Valley North Festival in Ushaw Moor. Unfortunately just the second stage, which meant a tent that was largely indistinguishable from a million other tents we've played this summer, but still. I was asked if I wanted to use the Ampeg half stack that was provided as backline, to which I said that depended on how much they could give me through the wedges. The monitor engineer seemed to take that particular comment on board and it was like a blinkin' reggae gig where I was standing. Good times.
  4. I was going to suggest a Sire 5 string v7 or even v10 but you've been playing a while and you know what you like so just get the yamaha. Buying a bass is line buying a guitar, look for sharp frets, dodgy controls, 60hz hum/grounding, the way it balances, all stuff you already know from guitar. You'll be fine.
  5. I'm also curious. The shure had so many advantages and was clearly the best thought of wireless, can't believe it's gone, there has to be a replacement on the way. Proper pack rather than bugs Pedal and rack options In built tuner
  6. A sports bar in Washington last night, one of my favourites with regards to load in and stage space. We play there maybe every 6 months and it's always a good gig with a good crowd. Our mission? To keep people in after the football. It didn't really work too well but it filled up again with a new crowd before we started. Rig was a Sansamp and I took a wedge because I usually stand too far away from the other monitors but we set up a little differently this time and I ended up with my head about a meter from the stage left pa main. Oh well, overkill is the correct amount of kill.
  7. Growing up in a biking family (and the only one to not get the bug) I find that statue a little much, no way a Harley could get up a hill that steep.
  8. Well I'm in the North too and only want the cab. There might be a deal to be had here, although I can't quite work out how...
  9. You can count on roughly 20-25% if you get caught. It should be import duty, then VAT on top of both the item and the postage, but they don't always catch everything.
  10. Happy with active eq or a Baxandall but please, god, no Fender tone stack.
  11. I'm waiting for a Handbox at the moment, and I'm about half an hour from Stoneham. Happy to register interest and help out where I can.
  12. Clearly it's a way to deliver clear, high quality sound consistently over longer distances, projecting uniform, high-quality sound from the front to the rear of the audience.
  13. Another in a seemingly endless array of scooter rallies, this time headlining at an aeroplane museum. Pro sound and lights, an amazing jbl srx 15" wedge to myself but the crowd were miles back behind a big empty dance floor. Too sunny for anyone to come into the hangar and watch until it got dark near the very end. Such a shame really, it's our fourth time here and we've always had a blast but every other band reported the same thing of a big crowd that started just at the threshold of the hanger about 20m away from the stage. PXL_20220708_210718191.mp4
  14. No, that's why we just don't listen to guitarists.
  15. See that's why I bought it. Plenty of other DIs are happy to take 48V or batteries but they're not always forthcoming. Nice to have options.
  16. Jack

    Three-way cabs

    We've just bought two of these at school, they're to be installed as pa in a few weeks but I had to test them first. They do make excellent bass cabs, although there's a little too much low end for my taste.
  17. I have to preface this story by saying that everywhere we play gets a set of posters a week or so before the gig as well as phone call 24-48 hours before to double check and confirm everything. I get there first, see a bartender, "Hi I'm Jack I'm with the band, where's the stage? What door's best? etc etc" So I start loading in. Guitarist joins me, as does singer and drummer, everything is now in the bar. The first thing to go up is our backdrop so we put that up and then start setting up everything else. After clocking the backdrop said bartender nervously comes across and asks if that's our band name, we say it is. She says that's not the name of the band that's booked tonight. Blank looks all round, lots of fervently checking diaries, etc. Eventually we find the facebook messenger between our singer and the bar manager, which goes something like this. That's it. No response from the bar. He's made us drive all the way down there after work to a venue that never bloody confirmed in the first place. Idiot. Does that count as a bad gig? It wasn't technically a gig, so maybe it's not the worst gig I've ever played. It's certainly the worst attempted gig I've ever played. We couldn't even demand any kind of payment (from the bar at least) as it's clearly our singer's mistake. I wonder why the bar didn't say something when they got the posters or the phone call, maybe whomever dealt with those wasn't the one booking bands. Oh well, here's hoping tonight is better.
  18. I would happily swap my Joe Dart head bopping talent for some Joe Dart bass playing talent.
  19. Speak to James at Brightonion. He's done 2 custom projects for me and they're both brilliant.
  20. I can't tell if we agree or disagree...
  21. Then you might really enjoy the 'di after the head' route, at least more than most. Despite the fact that I've said it wouldn't be my first choice for this application, my countryman is one is the best bits of kit I've ever used. Can recommend.
  22. Yes but in that application they do come across as being very bright. Most (stereotype alert) people using big valve amps are using coloured cabs of the 8x10 or similar ilk, very unlikely to have tweeters etc. The amps are set up to 'combat' this so they sound good together, as a package. Taking a feed from just the amp can sound less than good in this case. Usually you'll want some sort of speaker sim, ir, or just drastic eq on the board to approximate the sound you get on stage from the cab.
  23. One of my favourite local venues last night. We thought we were in for a kicking to be honest because Big Country were playing upstairs but we still managed to pack the place. Our drummer's (very attractive) day job colleagues showed up mid way through the first set and once pretty women start dancing then everyone starts dancing.
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