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  1. Newfoundfreedom

    Charvel Surfcaster Bass

    Meh. It does nothing for me. Charvelles should have a headstock that can kill a buffalo.
  2. Newfoundfreedom

    I can't even caption this...lost for words

    When Batman joins a band.
  3. Newfoundfreedom


    I've got one of these. Good bit of kit, especially if you use 2 basses when gigging and want to change in the fly without the horrible jack plug buzz. Have a bump on me.
  4. Newfoundfreedom

    Bonding with the wrong bass

    I've never tried any of their basses but I've had a couple of Vintage guitars and they're excellent!! They punch well above their weight in quality and sound, and the Wilkinson pickups and hardware are especially good. I can't imagine why one of these wouldn't be excellent. (except for the fact that I personally can't stand "Fender" shaped guitars and basses)
  5. Newfoundfreedom

    I can't even caption this...lost for words

    Yeah it's definitely ugly, but it's already been posted on another thread.
  6. Newfoundfreedom

    Short scales up to around £1000 - what's out there?

    Gretsch Junior Jet 2 and keep £700 in the bank. They're as good as anything out there. Sounds and built quality is superb!
  7. Newfoundfreedom

    Inspired to try

    I'm totally with you. I think that thing is absolutely gorgeous. I think Fenders are at best bland, at worst ugly. P basses being the worst of the lot. They do nothing for me at all. No accounting for taste I suppose.
  8. Newfoundfreedom

    Aria- making a comeback?

    Now those I like very much!
  9. Newfoundfreedom

    Gretsch G2220 Junior Jet II

    Yeah I agree. They missed a trick there really. Still, if you get another chance try plugging one in. I think you'll be surprised at how "big" they sound. I've also got a Squire Jag (full scale) with active bass circuit, which is around the same price point as the Gretsch, and it doesn't come anywhere close to the Gretsch on sound or build quality.
  10. Newfoundfreedom

    Amp crackle

    It sounds like a bad connection somewhere, giving an intermittent signal. As bazzbass says above it could be anything in the signal chain and the only way to find it is the process of elimination. If it's definitely the amp it could be anything from a bad cable connector to a dry solder joint or bad capacitor. The only way to cure it would be to take it to an amp Tec or electricical specialist if it's a decent amp worth spending money on.
  11. Newfoundfreedom

    first gig done!

    Superb! I bet that was a proper buzz. I'm very much in the same boat as you, I've just recently started playing again. My last band was in high school almost 30 years ago so it's almost like starting anew. My first gig (at least as an adult) is just over the horizon as my band is still in the rehersal stage. I'm looking forward to it and dreading I in equal measure. I know once I get up there I'll be fine, but I dare say there will be some amount of nerves on the day.
  12. Newfoundfreedom

    Gretsch G2220 Junior Jet II

    The neck on mine is high gloss (over natural wood) which is a shame. They really should have left the neck bare. Having said that it's super smooth and I've never had any issues moving my hand along it.
  13. Newfoundfreedom

    Aria- making a comeback?

    It's got Ford F40 Stripes. I bet it plays fast.
  14. Newfoundfreedom

    Gretsch G2220 Junior Jet II

    Fair enough. They're still unbelievable value for money new.
  15. Newfoundfreedom

    Cheap cabs alert

    I couldn't decide whether it was really cool or really sad. Although the fact that I just used the word cool is actually pretty sad. 😏
  16. Newfoundfreedom

    Cheap cabs alert

    Yeah I'm sure you're probably right. I wouldn't be at all surprised that such a cable exists. I only meant that you couldn't daisy chain them in the standard way as you would with a double cab connection.
  17. Newfoundfreedom

    Cheap cabs alert

    I was actually going to move mine or de-badge it altogether, but there is an uncut metal plate on the grill under the badge the same shape so it would look a bit naff. I actually flipped the grill over on mine to match my initials "MW". Not sure if I'll keep it like that but I just wanted to see what it would look like.
  18. Newfoundfreedom

    Cheap cabs alert

    I can't compare it to the rumble but they're not mega heavy. I'd estimate about 20kg. The 2x10 is listed at 23kg and the 1x15 feels lighter to me. Anderton's still have a few in stock. https://www.andertons.co.uk/wharfedale/wharfedale-whb115-1-x-15-300w-ported-bass-cab
  19. Newfoundfreedom

    Gretsch G2220 Junior Jet II

    Yes indeed. He still uses it live when he's playing stuff from the first album. Sadly he's sponsored up the wazoo by Fender now so I doubt it will see the light of day again on any new stuff.
  20. Newfoundfreedom

    Bass necks

    As I understand it, a through neck would supposedly offer more sustain, but as I don't think I've ever played one I'm none the wiser. I certainly think they look better, but that's just personal taste.
  21. Newfoundfreedom

    NAD Bugera Veyron BV1001M

    Wow that's an absolute steal! I got mine for £205 brand new from Thomann. Looks like I was just in time too. They've just gone out of stock again for 2-4 weeks the day after I ordered. I may even have bought the last one they had. I'd have been gutted! I've been hanging on for the past couple of weeks waiting for a PA to come in stock that I also wanted. The PA came in and the Veyron sold out within a day of each other. Thankfully I was on the ball.
  22. Newfoundfreedom

    Gretsch G2220 Junior Jet II

    There's a black one for sale on here for £150. Absolute steal at that price.
  23. Newfoundfreedom

    NAD Bugera Veyron BV1001M

    ..... and cheap! Don't forget cheap. Unbelievable value at just over £200.
  24. Newfoundfreedom

    Gretsch G2220 Junior Jet II

    I have one in Sunburst. I keep trying to tell people how good they are. Absolutely superb little basses, and they sound massive. Talk about punching above your weight.