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  1. Musically great. But the Blue Man Group are far more impressive on their own, without a backing band.
  2. When every day is sh#t how do you mark one out as being more sh#t than the rest?
  3. I'd personally go for 8ohm cabs. You're not going to hear at lot of difference in actual volume between an 8 and a 4, and it leaves you the flexibility to add a couple more cabs later should you feel the need.
  4. Why not just go for a zoom ms-60b. One stomp box sized pedal with multiple effects. Take your pick from the reverbs and delays, and have everything else in the arsenal should you ever need it.
  5. "Made from reclaimed pine". i.e cut out of an old kitchen table.
  6. I think this used to be mine.
  7. That's pretty much the same reason I ended up playing bass. Well...... except for the good looking part.
  8. Bloody Americans! Coming over here and moving Essex over to the west coast just so they can watch the sunset on the beach. 😡
  9. Still almost 5 days to run. The current price is meaningless.
  10. I don't see how his feedback can be fake. Looking at the people who have left feedback, each one of them in turn has high feedback scores, sometimes ranging in hundreds. There's no way even someone as nutty as him could build up a fake profile like that. It would involve thousands of purchases in hundreds of different user names. That would only leave one explanation. That the feedback is genuine. I don't know which is harder to believe. I honestly don't get it.
  11. "My haters from the special guitar conversion world". 😂 It's only his guitars that I would describe as "special".
  12. I love the look of them. But I've never actually played one. There was an absolute beauty five string version for sale on here about 18 months ago that I was really tempted with, but I'd never played anything other than A4 string at the time so didn't pull the trigger. Ironically I now pretty much exclusively play a six string. While the look is a major selling point for me, it would also be my best concern. They have a definite rock / metal vibe. If that's all you ever intend to play then great, go for it. But you'd like a bit daft turning up with one to play in pretty much any other genre.
  13. There's that word "clean" again. I'm really not understanding a lot of these threads.
  14. I'm the same with Mayones. So I just say it like the salad cream. 😂
  15. Same. I recently changed all my gear to lightweight stuff, and at the same time put up for sale a 2x12 vox guitar amp that weighs about a thousand pounds because I never wanted to hump heavy stuff around again. The guitarist in my band bought it and it takes two people to carry. So that didn't work out as expected.
  16. Not offended. Just really bored with the whining that seems so prevalent in today's society. To be honest I'm not surprised you quoted me, and I normally wouldn't respond. You really are the walking embodiment of the playing chess with a pigeon analogy. I've never met anyone quite so keen on the clickety clack of their own little keyboard.
  17. Oh God! Give it I rest FFS! Some people really need to get a life!
  18. I come from a small mining village. Only famous people I know of are some bloke who used to be on The Bill, and a guy on an Australian gold mining program who left the village when he was about six. As far as I know, neither of them can sing or play an instrument.
  19. Looks like most of the work has been done to be fair. Just remove the neck and it's fully ready for the fire.
  20. What an extremely sad little world we live in. I'm so offended by this thread. I think there's a statue somewhere I need to go and pull over. How anyone makes it through life these days is absolutely beyond me. Poor little things.
  21. You can't really say all Americans are dim anyway. Like the UK, it's only actually about 50 percent.
  22. I'm no expert. My PC was anyway pretty high spec so I didn't really need to look into it. I would say you're correct about ram. The more the better. I don't think a soundcard really matters because your audio interface would bypass it anyway.
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