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  1. Always had great service from Ashdown - and Guy in particular.
  2. Fender Mustang Bass - 2016 MIM PJ config Torino Red Home and recording use only. Really nice condition. Shipping to mainland UK @ £20 (in softcase and boxed) Shipping to Europe @ cost to be confirmed at time of purchase
  3. I've been gigging shorties constantly for the last 5 years (before that mainly just a P-Bass). I love 'em.. it started with a Dano '63 "reissue" (of a bass that never was) bought on eBay for 120£.. that was followed by CIJ candy apple red competition stripe Mustang (can't remember where)... a Hofner Club... then the newer PJ Mustang and most recently a Gretsch Electromatic Junior Jet v1 (with the TV Jones designed PUP) which cost more to import than it did to buy. Some have moved on but the Dano, the CIJ Mustang and now the Gretsch all see lots of action - all great basses with different voices and they fit in guitar cases which Easyjet let's you put in the overheads when flying 🙂
  4. I was aware that Rosewood had become a restricted material and was being used a lot less on new guitars. i guess what I’m really interested in is how does it apply to importing (or exporting) older guitars with rosewood fretboards - which could be 50% of everything ever made.
  5. Fender just announced some new mustangs (American Performer) at NAMM this year. Classic mustang PUPs + jbass bridge pup + classic bridge in surf green, aubergine and Sunburst. retail is around 930£
  6. "Five days later I get a phone call “Hello Mr Smith, it’s Customs and Excise here”. They had my guitar at the airport, it’s now only 30 miles away from me. They’re concerned that the fretboard is Rosewood (its not), and that it will need certification. They ask me to put it in writing that it is not rosewood, and that if I lie it’s a criminal offence etc. As she hangs up I swear her mutter something about Leroy getting a new twink for his cell." What's the deal with importing rosewood fretboard necks? (BTW Nice colour ... I had one of the "sonic blue" ones. Least blue thing I'd ever had - had to swap it for a red one... which is most certainly red)
  7. Sorry, I mean a "nut" (or bolt?) accepting an allen key.
  8. Gretsch Electromatic aka Synchromatic (G2022) - ebony burst (or black) with a single PUP would be best.
  9. Cheers - It's a Gretsch Junior Jet - with a hex nut at the headstock end. Can I check my understanding of something, you're saying turn to the left until it feels super loose, then keep turning and it will start to tension again? (and not fall off?).
  10. Thats exactly what id normally expect, but the more i tighten the truss rod (turn it to the right, looking down at the hex nut from the headstock) i’m sure there’s more relief (concave) in the neck - unless i’m totally confusing things.
  11. I have a bass neck which I can't seem to loosen the truss rod off enough to get the neck straight when under string tension. I know it needs a little relief but I like the neck pretty straight so I loosen the hex bolt until it feels like it's super loose but the neck still has too much relief in it Any ideas as to how I can get the neck straighter?
  12. That's a shame. You could try a Mono M80 Case, the electric guitar one. I use if for my shorties (Mustang, Dano '63) when out and about. https://monocreators.com/products/classic-electric-guitar-case-black They’re pretty tough and I'm sure it'll fit a Junior Jet.
  13. They got these on Ebay.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gretsch-G6299-Flat-Top-Electromatic-30-3-Prime-Short-Scale-Bass-Case/273221337943?epid=20019563147&hash=item3f9d42c357:g:59AAAOSwDrVa~uwG:rk:18:pf:0
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