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  1. Maybe she'll do an extended version of John Cage's 4'33".
  2. Amputation, you know it makes sense.
  3. I'm not quite sure what you're saying here. I've been on Guitarchat for ages. I didn't spot that there was a guitar section on Basschat. Maybe I just ignored the banner because I was already on Guitarchat and it was telling me to go to Guitarchat.
  4. I thought I'd see what it was about, so I watched the "Incapable" video. It was four minutes of building to something which I thought would be tremendous, but actually turns out to be the same but with a bit of added percussion. Watch the first minute, and if you're not one of the target demographic (ie. it hasn't exactly captivated you) move on to about five minutes in, then sample a bit of the last minute or two. If it had been two minutes long, fine, but it was coming on for none minutes long. Anybody who likes that but criticises prog for self-indulgence should be smacked in the face with a Rickenbacker.
  5. One night I went to a gig at a local pub, the band being known to me. The vocalist said shortly before the gig started "our trombonist's trombone has arrived but he hasn't. Does anyone want to play the trombone?". Well, I'd had a couple of pints by then, and I knew what embouchure meant, so I volunteered. I think I played brilliantly (I'm sure I hit at least one note spot on). Since then, I have had occasional thoughts of trying playing trombone again. Maybe even doing an interesting recording of trombone and fretless bass (definition of a minor second: a trombone and fretless bass playing in unison).
  6. I didn't realise there was either. And it's got posts on it from 2015. Evidently neither of us have been paying attention.
  7. I'm sure there was a BC event in Northampton post-Bassworld, I was never on Bassworld but came to an event in Northampton - the first of the bass bashes I've been to. IIRC, I met @[email protected]@alexclaber(who had just picked up a new bass) and @seashell(or @Seashell2) among others.
  8. Headless, of course. That's an easy way to lose a kilo or so of unsightly wood.
  9. Neutrik combo sockets will accept 2-pole and 4-pole speakons, at least according to Neutrik. https://www.neutrik.com/en/neutrik/products/speakon-loudspeaker-connectors/speakon-chassis-connectors/speakon-combo I had to check as my Speakon cables are all 4-pole (I think), and I use them in combo sockets.
  10. Coming on for twenty years ago, I had a Trace Elliot 4x10 combo. It was, er, very heavy, so heavy that I think one of the girls I know (she was a 2m ex-blacksmith before the operation) would have had problems with it. I later finished up with a Tecamp Puma 900 and Barefaced BB2, which had the advantages not only of being lighter than the Trace but sounding better too. I've only played one gig with the current combo, a GR Bass carbon fibre combo at 9.5kg for 500W, so I have yet to confirm that the sound is as good but it was promising.
  11. Must have been a right palaver having a wee.
  12. I've got the 5-string version of the Portamento and it's excellent. Plenty of tonal variation to be had and very playable.
  13. If it was good enough for Bernard... Mind you, he never played slap[1]. [1] almost
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/384954327400 I have a more primitive version of this. Ah, found it - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/403709306880. Very handy device.
  15. Stop buying basses in batches of 50 then.
  16. You are either very insecure, very clumsy, or possessed of a tendency to overthink things. 😁
  17. And you shouldn't buy neck-through basses because you can't just fit a new neck on them if it breaks.
  18. The oldest of mine have worked perfectly for 35 years.
  19. You can use any effect with any other effect, or indeed with the same effect again, with the ME-60B (which have you got, the ME-50G for guitars or the ME-60B for bass?). That's why I like the Zoom effects, the B3 was the first multieffects I encountered that didn't insist that you started with a compressor, then preamp, then modulation, then reverb/delay. The only limitation is the amount of processing power each uses, you can't exceed a certain total amount.
  20. I can't quite see the logic in "had really good offers hence why i decided to put on here". Maybe the pricing is due to some issue with converting between base 12 and base 10 when he's counting on his fingers.
  21. I use Schaller strap locks. Had an issue with one set of the S type as the hex head on the strap buttons seemed slightly oversize and one allen key (probably slightly undersize though I'd not had any problems with it before) turned in the head without moving it . Another allen key was able to tighten it, though it was still a somewhat sloppy fit. Boston make Schaller clones which are the correct size. The advantage of genuine Schallers is that they have a ramp on the peg that engages in the button, so you just click them on. The Bostons don't have that ramp, so you need to pull the knob out to get the straplock fully engaged.
  22. If you're running Windows, download Tonelib Zoom from https://tonelib.net/ which makes editing effects very easy indeed.
  23. The box is built, I'm getting some Dremel bits and a routery thing to try and do the rounding over. Some wood filler and sandpaper also lies in its future. Three of the battens for the rear panel are correctly aligned, the fourth is about 3mm further in so I've got to raise it a bit as the rear panel isn't going to be permanently fixed in place.
  24. It's the ultimate in practicality. It means I can hook my Tsai basses on a washing line. None of the other poxy headstocks in this thread can boast that, can they?
  25. Best: headless Next best: compact and lightweight with straight string runs. Maybe a bit of decoration, but keep those strings straight: While the Precision headstock is a pointless oversized overweight blob, the Tele headstock is all of that and fugly as well.
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