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  1. Anderson’s appear to be showing some class in keeping you totally abreast of the developments here, and are clearly keen to retain your business. fair play to them and *raspberries* to Gibson
  2. Tuner dod bifet joyo orange juice caline orange burst
  3. Boom shake the room - fresh Prince and jazzy jeff
  4. I don’t see a bass there. as mentioned above- it looks like a guitar shaped prop.
  5. There have been many players that have wowed me over the years- both on guitar and bass, but it only spurs me on to get better. Im now playing (and writing) stuff that I never thought I would be able to do. I put this down to being inspired by those around me and the ones I’ve seen play.
  6. Shake a tail feather - blues brothers and others
  7. If I had my syb to hand I could try to help, but alas- it’s resting at a friend’s house.
  8. Theme from an imaginary western - mountain
  9. Love my p lyte. I got mine in ‘95 iirc. It’s the go to practice bass. as a non active bass lover, I find the pre/ active circuit eminently useable. it’s seen some serious action, but is a real joy to play 👍🤘
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