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  1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s - deep blue something
  2. I use either a g30, or x2 systems. never had the slightest of issues with any of them
  3. I enjoy listening to all kinds of stuff. Literally. one day I may be hitting the Handel , Bach or some such the next I might be listening to old school Bathory or older darkthrone. At the moment, I’m listening to a lot of doom - acrimony, electric wizard, cathedral etc.... and death- death, morbid angel, at the gates. I’m always taking a chance on cds on eBay- sometimes with pleasant results.
  4. they're red hot - Robert Johnson / RHCP
  5. Over the hills and far away - Gary moore
  6. Riders on the storm - blues brothers etc
  7. The pedals made by catalinbread/ boomstick/ mojo hand great pedals, but they swarmed over the forums like a virus a good time back. there was the cream pie thing as well. Still have mine though 😂 polish love, the list goes on ........ (don’t google some of these names on their own though- I hate to think what may pop up on a search!!😂)
  8. I have a stage name and have been using it since 2006. initially it was a device to help me deal with shyness, but has since become a separate thing. When I joined Thunderstick, I suggested I use my real name, but it was decided that I keep my stage name as it ‘fitted’. I’m registered with prs etc as both my ‘born’ name as well as my stage name
  9. Anderson’s appear to be showing some class in keeping you totally abreast of the developments here, and are clearly keen to retain your business. fair play to them and *raspberries* to Gibson
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