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  1. I didn't sell it, but it's not to hand at the moment. (In storage, 100 miles away from me.) Keep an eye on this eBay auction..... (Nothing to do with me, but doesn't appear to have a reserve on it, and currently at £107.) G&L M2000 Tribute Bass Tobacco Sunburst
  2. You're not wrong! Someone, hurry up and buy this!
  3. "a 32 piece rotary-cut laminated veneer neck", if the wikipedia page is accurate. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philip_Kubicki_Factor_Bass
  4. FWIW, after a tiny bit of research, according to the wood database, the weight is similar to mahogany, maybe a little heavier. https://www.wood-database.com/nyatoh/
  5. LOL. I think it would have been OK without! That's sooooo crazy. 15 slices of wood!!!! Someone will pop up in a minute and tell you..... You're not hearing the sound of wood. All that glue holding those 15 slices of wood together. THAT BASS SOUNDS LIKE GLUE!!!! People freak out when they buy a Mex Fender and the body is made of more than 2 pieces. A 15 piece neck..... You must be mad, mate! That's plywood, that is. Fancy plywood!
  6. Couple of thoughts...... Rather than one piece necks, I think all the SR's have laminated, ("hippie sandwich" LOL), which makes 'em stronger, IMHO. Sometimes it's just luck of the draw. I don't own any Premiums any more with the KTS rods, just a few of mid-series without the KTS rods. Both of my 500's are as stable as stable can be. One requires a 1/8 turn truss-rod tweak, once a year. The other neck is so stiff, it barely needs a truss-rod, which isn't really engaged, just snugged-up to stop it rattling. You can re-string that with high-tension flats, when it had previously had very low tension round core DR's on it, and measure the relief, and it won't have moved. However..... Luck of the draw...... Back in 2016, I bought a B-Stock SR600, which had the same wenge/bubinga laminate neck as the 500's. When I opened the box on it, I couldn't figure out why it was being sold as B-stock. Not a mark on it. Needed a setup for sure, which I did. However, it soon became apparent. The neck was a rubber band. The slightest temperature or humidity change and the neck would either banana forward or back bow, in either case making it completely unplayable without re-adjusting the truss rod. (I suspect this was the reason the original customer had returned it and it was now being sold as B-stock, I think.) Who knows. Maybe one of the pieces of wood in that neck was weak, had a flaw in it, or it just was young wood, or hadn't been dried properly. To my way of thinking, the rods are more important and come into play more with a one piece neck. With a laminated neck, less so or not at all. There is an argument for having the rods, whether graphite, titanium, steel, that I've heard. Wives tale.... Maybe. Apparently it lessons the chances of dead-spots. I don't have an opinion on that either way. I had a Fender neck with a dead spot. Never owned an Ibby with a dead spot, KTS rods or not.
  7. I was going to point out that the 305 has a Mahogany body, and the 375 is maple. The maple gives a "snappier" sound, the mahogany more warmth and sustain, IMHO, having owned both. But, and it's a big BUT, it seems that the 2019 spec 305 has a Nyatoh body. I've never even heard of this type of wood, so I've no idea....... EDIT: Oh and the maple bodied 375's typically weighed at least 1lb more than the mahogany bodied 305's, if that's important to you.
  8. "OOOhhh baby, I can make you come.....", and that was the first words from her mouth. (I'll go back to sitting quietly in the corner.)
  9. Was that the one with the burl top, that was a "special limited edition", so may not have been in the main catalogue?
  10. Need to look a little harder on the Ibanez site. EDIT: I need glasses. I read 1205, not 1605. LOL. I'll have another look.
  11. Hmmmm. Catalogue page.......
  12. I think they "dropped" the KTS rods from the Premium 1300/5/6 and 1400/5 in 2018. (2017 models in these model number series' had them.) The 2018 models.... 1820/5 and 2600/5 have them fitted. The new Aguilar PUP 2019 models 2400/5 has them. (Taking this info from the catalogue, not the web page.)
  13. Just relating my experience..... Yamaha published specs say.... D'Addario EXL170 / 0.045-0.100 for the BBP34 and D'Addario EXL170-5 / 0.045-0.130 (5 strings) for the BBP35. However, I after I got my BBP34 I queried this with Yamaha as soon as I noticed the strings didn't have coloured ball ends (ie. not D'Addario's). I actually thought they might be Elixir coated strings based on the feel, and the reply I got from Yamaha support confirmed this..... Thank you for your email regarding your Yamaha BBP34. Our Guitar Specialist has advised that the BBP34 is factory fitted with Elixir 4-String Nanoweb E14077 Nickel Plated Bass Strings, 45-105. I hope this helps and thank you for contacting Yamaha Music Europe GmbH (UK). Kind Regards, Alison Osborn Best Regards Your Yamaha Customer Service Team
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