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  1. Trace Elliot GP7 2x10 - pre or post Gibson? what are the giveaways?
  2. a universe of thumbs up on the B-DEC! can't praise it high enuf for all-in-1 value and overall quality.
  3. well... it was a nice thot any way lol too bad you're not on my island!
  4. mine with the EMG-HZs and mystery rounds is so good straight off the truck I'll just get another PZBXP and see what flats, maybe rosewood, and different PUs do. GC had this lil devil @ $125US earlier today! for me these are the greatest discovery in ages.
  5. the G&L and others are no doubt fine considerations but in my corner stands the lightweight champion with tons of big balls and heavy punch called the Peavey Zodiac BXP which I've posted about somewhere here on BC. the neck is to die for and if a slim taper is your need I think you'll love how it virtually disappears at the nut yet is surprisingly comfortable for myself who enjoys a bit of chunk. among my dozen inexpensive basses and an L2KT this is my favorite along with my old standby P the '80s Matsumoku made Lotus L-750 which is very different in every way from the Zodiac, can be found for pennies, and holds it's own in any town. both have the looks, sound, total comfort, and dirt cheap prices to make them prized pieces. like with any bass an electronic upgrade can elevate them from great to greater. here's a stock photo, mine is naked (sans scratchplate) and IMO is one of the sexiest basses ever designed. the optional pax are nice but the burst / maple is sweet. if a straight P is preferable they have this one which is often even less costly, there's a black one online in the States for $99! these foreign Peaveys are not crap. https://www.ebay.com/i/183206260257?chn=ps
  6. a nice guy but troubled soul at times who never got due credit being often confused on record with Peter Green's superb vocals and guitar playing.
  7. rather handy having a big bottom buster in your pocket ready to go as needed! she's incredible, really takes the music to another realm.
  8. yeah, I'm listening to some OT from a coupla yrs ago, they got a monster bassist, I think it's ...a ...girl! LOL the thing with the punks hating prog was basic immaturity combined with natural rebellion, and bands like ELP were easy targets post '75 for boneheads who barely cared about their instruments or much of anything, and I can appreciate the whole ethos, yet anyone going to slag Greg Lake is beyond foolish and ELP's early stuff still slays. I mean Punk started in London and did so from 1 lone Stooges show, where would these kids have been had The Stooges not ventured to London for one last gasp? legend sez the few who went to that show came out and started a band or were involved with the new movement, everybody took from a Detroit / LA hard rock gutter band and started something which had died in LA and was buried in London and out of that came a new genre which lasts today. that's pretty damn cool. I missed the whole Punk genesis in LA by moving to Honolulu in mid '75 so I had to play catch up from afar and instantly became a Pistols fanatic with their demo LP for Bullocks, to me they were street geniuses once they became a band and I really never cared for the rest of the UK output. I still preferred the US scene and then Iggy hit again with Bowie in '77 and off it went into a whole other realm of attitude rock which petered out in a decade as the '80s changed the face of rock and pretty much sucked the life out of real Rock n Roll. but it's like Gene Simmons sez, it's all about when you got on the train. in relation to KISS, if you were young and just getting into rock music and they were a big impression on you then you went nuts for KISS, but if you were merely 2 years ahead of that then you probably thot they were a joke. it's all relative but I learned early to have an open mind and ear after being stupid about bands I dismissed and then wised up on. it's been a fun journey and you bet I'm 'old' and happy that I got to see most all the good vintage bands in their prime! now... thank god for the internet! LOL
  9. I often have issues with modern proggers much like I did back in the '60s and '70s, such as most of the Italian bands were too operatic, but when it's good it's great. France, Poland, the Czechs, the Dutch etc. had incredible stuff going and actually got recorded to insane degrees, tons of output but mostly unknown. I've always been huge on (forgive the term) Krautrock with Amon Duul II and CAN being top shelf but two of my Euro faves whom I believe are still going strong are Agitation Free and Ozric Tentacles, I could live on those two alone. Ax Gengrich, guitarist formerly of Agitation Free is rather special as are his old cohorts, in particular percussionist Mani Neumeier from Guru Guru, these guys are all ancient yet still killing it. I've never heard what the punkers thot of Euro prog / Krautrock but I always considered those bands to be more Punk than most Punk bands, those guys just didn't give a damn about much of anything except the music! today, I can't sit thru much of the current fare and still look for what's cool but I like the old school vibe. https://www.facebook.com/ax.genrich http://www.psychedelicbabymag.com/2012/09/guru-guru-interview-with-ax-genrich.html https://www.facebook.com/Mani.Neumeier1/ https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Ozric+Tentacles
  10. at least you caught the last gasp hurrah w/ Janes / Porno, Nirvana etc., that was as close to the vintage days as you'll see, it was really good. enjoy what you got.
  11. I'm on board with that! the greatest 50 years in all history and future.
  12. but can that really happen again? not to repeat the old Patent Office fallacy of nothing new to be invented but re Rock what could possibly be new AND great? '50s, '60s, and early '70s RnR was mostly pretty dumb but certainly had it's immense charms to our parent's chagrin LOL as did the smatypants proggers, then glam and Punk took it to the bottom of the barrel but still retaining cred, after that was the 'grunge' Renaissance which gloriously hit but of course eventually stagnated and we've been left with a weak amalgam of all those bright spots with a few exceptions. is there really any high octane left in the tank or are we just running on fumes?
  13. Q is still my fave Who stuff along with Next and got lucky to see the 2nd show of the '73 North American Quadrophenia Tour right after Keith's infamous crash and burn in Frisco. 1st of 2 nites @ The Fab Forum in LA and got a rare encore, Pete smashing his Les Paul, and two My Generations in one show! can't stand much of Tommy.
  14. I'd put up one of those full plexi sound screens around the kit if you're risking it that far! LOL
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