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  1. Bought a lovely Yamaha BB414 from Stew last week, great communication throughout and all arrived safely and well packaged. Buy from with confidence!
  2. Here for sale is my P Bass. It’s made from: - Fender Classic Series Lacquer (Nitrocellulose) body in Black, unsure on the year. - Fender Road Worn Jazz Neck, 2008/2009. - Fender Tort scratchplate. - Fender Custom Shop 62 pick ups. - Fender Bridge with Graphtech saddles. - Hipshot Ultra Light tuning pegs. - Nate Mendel signature neck plate. Currently strung with Ernie Ball Super Slinkys. It cost me well over £1000.00 to assemble and plays really nicely. The reason for sale is quite simply that I need the money. As you’ll see by the pictures, the body is starting to age nicely, all natural wear, and should age into a great looking bass. Priced at £700.00, plus carriage to wherever you may be. Any questions just get in touch! Steve.
  3. Up for sale is my utterly immaculate 2007 Crafted in Japan Jaguar deluxe bass. This is almost collector’s condition and has seen nearly no action, it really is in brand spanking new condition. It has hot rod red paint, a matching headstock and currently sports a black pickguard. It’s also got a brilliant kickass bridge 3 way adjustable heavy duty bridge which adds a whole load of sustain. It has upgraded chrome knobs and locking strap buttons / locks. It also comes with the original mint white pickguard, it’s got a hard case too. It has recently had a pro set up just to make sure it’s ok so had a fret level (more of a tickle than a major going over), crown, polish, fret board lemon oil treatment, relief, action and intonation set with new rotosound strings. Bought from a fellow basschatter in November, selling due to needing the money...
  4. Had this pedal about 6 months, served it's purpose, no more drop tuning so no need for it now - it's in very good condition and shows no sign of ware. Comes with the box and power supply and price includes postage.
  5. I’m selling my Yamaha BB200. Bought it off Basschat a couple of years back, typical condition for a bass so old, I think it’s late 80s or early 90s and still plays nicely and sounds great; as always, you get a lot for a little with Yamaha. Slight crack in the headstock that has been repaired at some point, as pictured, doesn’t effect anything. Strung with Rotosound half wounds. Looking for £180.00 delivered or £170.00 collected in Middlesbrough.
  6. I’m selling this Ibanez Gio GSR205B 5 String Bass in Weathered Black. Had it a couple of years, limited home use only, still has original strings. Slight markings near the jack input, other than that pretty pristine. They’re £250.00 new, looking for £170.00 delivered or £160.00 collected in Middlesbrough.
  7. Hi McNach - I’ve turned the truss rod a quarter anti clock wise as you suggested, and also put some 50-110 strings on... heavy! The action is now very high, and I can’t even adjust the bridge saddles to go any lower really. Is this common? How can I now get the action lower? The strings are much tighter now though which is good.
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