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  1. Posting for my son who has inherited my bass habit. Over the past few months he has developed a hankering for a US Musicman Stingray but after forecasting his financial income (pocket money) realises he needs to do a 3-into-1 trade type arrangement. So ideally the following 3 basses would go in a single straight trade for a US Musicman Stingray (4 string, single pickup models only). We reckon the three basses would land at the price of a secondhand Stingray (£1350ish). Details follow: Ibanez SR506 : usual SR series fast neck and a great way to get an affordable and easy playing six stringer. Has a couple of small dings on edge of body but really clean otherwise. No gig bag unfortunately. Status Energy : Ash body and fitted with hipshot detuner (original tuner included). Also comes with a Hiscox Status branded case. Bit of thumbnail grazing above the pickup but otherwise in great overall condition. Status The Groove : this is the bass that has given him the taste for a Stingray. Awesome sounding bass from the triple coil pickup (I seem to recall one is a dummy coil?). Excellent condition. Includes generic gig bag. Soooo.....ideally the world would be nice and neat and someone out there is willing to part with a US 4 string single pickup Stingray in straight exchange for these three. We realise the world often isn't that perfect but let's give it a shot.... More pics available upon request. Ideally meet up for trade (edinburgh and central belt) rather than trying to post.
  2. Ibanez SR506 6 string bass in excellent overall condition. Brown mahogany colour. Despite being a 6 string, the neck is fast and slim, typical of Ibanez SR basses. Bartolini Mk1 pickups, 3 band EQ, Hi-Mass Bridge. Couple of dings (pictured). No gig bag or case I'm afraid. Prefer collection (for socially distanced tryout) or can meet up in Edinburgh-ish Update - have posted a new ad which incorporates this bass so withdrawing this one
  3. An itst bitsy teeny weeny Nano boost pedal by U.S pedal makers, AWOL. Takes up hardly any pedalboard space and delivers totally clean boost - I've used it as a transparent boost to even out the volumes between a passive and active bass (on to boost the passive bass, off when using the active one). Boost level controlled by a knob on the back of the pedal. AWOL are a pretty small maker and I don't believe there's another one of these currently for sale in the UK. Original box, sticker and wee velvet bag all included. Happy to post for an additional £5 (first class, signed for). Any Questions just shout!
  4. So every now and then I think to myself "I really need and octave pedal". Then I buy one and decide I don't after all (this will be the third such occasion). So up for sale is a dinky wee Markbass Octave Raw pedal. Velcro on the bottom but never gigged. Boxed - even the little rubber feet are in the box still unused. Selling at 65% of what I paid for it new plus £5 for postage (1st class, signed for).
  5. So this might have been covered before - but I've seen a fair few YouTube pedal reviews where they use a looper to capture a bass line then do lots of knob twiddling with the loop playing to demonstrate what the pedal does. Makes a lot of sense as you have a consistent input and can clearly hear the difference when adjusting each fx parameter. This inspired me to use this approach to 'tune' my own pedalboard. Yeah sure once we get gigging every room will need some EQ tweaks but this has really helped me get the sound in my head in quite a controlled manner. Just using a really cheap B1on to capture the loop. I'm not a massive fx guy, just compression, EQ and a teeny smidge of drive - usually with a '74 P Bass. Recording just a simple loop then made it a 10 minute job to get the pedals set up just as I wanted. Anyone else do this? Is there an even slicker way of going about it
  6. Andy, I've been a little apprehensive about commenting because it was me who bought The Groove Bass just ahead of you. However it looks like things have turned out very well in the end - that's a beautiful bass you have. Here's the Groove settling in with the existing Energy bass. Feel the start of a wood neck Status collection coming on...
  7. Just bought a lovely Status bass from Martyn. Seamless transaction, quick shipping and bombproof packaging. Many thanks Martyn.
  8. So it's raining and I'm sorting through all my gear getting ready in anticipation of rehearsals starting again and I thought a family portrait would be in order. Been a couple of changes over lockdown but here goes (L to R): MarkBass Little Marcus 800 into a Barefaced Big Twin II 1974 Precision Sadowsky Metro Express Vintage Icon Fretless Trace Elf and Barefaced Super Compact (for rehearsals - because the BTII would be stupid in our wee practice room!) Pedalboard - relatively neat with just a TU-3, Spectracomp and Sansamp
  9. In 35 years of playing, I realised this is only my second white bass. Sadowsky Metro Express, we are getting to know each other.
  10. I have just sold my bass to Davide. Great guy to deal with and he took care of arranging a courier for getting it over to Italy. Great communications and prompt payment. All good.
  11. Bumpity bump. I do need to move this on so I'm open to serious/sensible cash offers.
  12. Pup spacing is 70s. I've toyed with getting some lollipop tuners to further confuse the spec!
  13. Set of 6 tuners taken off a Mex Fender Player stratocaster. Mint condition. Happy to post for an extra £3.
  14. A useful 10 band EQ pedal, the sliders light up when powered on. Used only twice for gigs at a venue that needed some particular frequencies cut out. Works off standard 9v pedal power adaptors but also comes with a handy cable for powering off a 9v battery. Can post for an extra £3.
  15. I have no idea what the fingerboard radius is but it feels quite 'round' which i think means a smaller radius. The neck is definately correct for the '74.
  16. Hi all, up for sale goes my '74 AVRI Jazz, owned by me since new (2018) I've really enjoyed owning and gigging this, but find myself always going back to my '74 P bass. It's a curiosity too! It came from the factory with the specification deviations to the standard AVRI spec as follows: Pickguard - Tort (should be black) Thumb Rest - lower position (should be above the strings) Neck plate - only stamped with Serial Number (should also be "F" stamped) Sunburst pattern - brighter more like a 60's pattern (should be slightly 'darker' '70s pattern) I have emails from Fender confirming that it was a genuine mis-build (see photos) Everything else is exactly as a '74 AVRI should be; poly finish, 70's bridge pickup position, block markers, binding, fender stamped tuners, chunky U-shaped neck (a big surprise for those normally used to super slim Jazz necks). In excellent condition but I have gigged this - it's not been hanging on the wall! , a bit of swirling on the finish, a tiny finish ding on the rear that won't photograph and a wee dink on the binding (pictured). Prefer to meet up rather than ship. No trades but might consider a Stingray (Classics or Specials only). For reference, I raised a thread about the curious spec at the time here:
  17. Terrific bass (previously mine for 6 years) and a great guy to deal with!
  18. Hi spyder, I think this is going to have to be a face-2-face one, sorry.
  19. Possibly the most indulgent home/studio rig I've ever owned but I've got to make some space. Ampeg Portaflex PF-20T all tube 20w bass head. Immaculate condition. 2 x Ashdown RM110 cabs (each 8 ohm 250w) - these had custom red grilles and large logos added by Ashdown UK (by the previous owner who is a member of this here forum). Will also include 2 quality D'Addario speaker cables. Sounds-wise this can do modern and zingy with an active bass right back to old school P-bass thump. A gorgeous addition to any bass players home!
  20. Great Cabinet and easy to move around thanks to compact dimensions and sensible handles. Owned by me since new (2015). 400W @ 8 Ohm In fully working order, no functional issues. The bottom of the cab has become a bit scuffed - this is a common feature of these cabs due to them not having rubber feet but in no way impacts the performance. Includes the padded cover. Collection from Edinburgh.
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