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  1. 1 hour ago, 4000 said:

    This. It's so easy to be seduced by a good-looking instrument, but although that is important, it's not the be-all and end-all. And let's face it, you could never afford to buy every great looking bass you see. You'd be buying one every day!  😉

    Absolutely, but, buying a bass a day could be a very pleasant way to spend a few days? 😏

  2. 12 minutes ago, Simon. said:

    Please guys! Stop posting this stuff!

    My bank balance does not appreciate it... 🤤

    andydye - those are three beauties, but the PJ is awesome. Wow.


    3 minutes ago, bassfan said:

    Andy.... that is a lovely collection, without wishing to hijack the thread, can you put up some more pics of the PJ, unless you have a post elsewhere. Is that a matching headstock? 

    The fretless PJ really is a special one, thanks guys :)  I'll concoct a post with a few more pics of it 

  3. Help please!

    It's looking very likely that I'll need to get me and my db to Switzerland in March for a weekend of shows (plenty of time to work out how the feck to do it) and I'm looking for ideas/options for flight-proofing it...

    It isn't an expensive db, less than £1k so paying over £1k for a flightcase for it feels a bit overkill, especially when I may not need to fly with it again and certainly have nowhere to keep a mahoosive db flightcase!

    Flightcase hire? Any recommendations? Any offers?

    Just general help please :)

  4. So I'm looking for a Phat Phuk B to give that bit of fur around my p-bass tone on certain songs, but, you can't get 'em anymore, I was wanting something before this coming weekend but that's not looking massively likely now, what I'd like to know though...is...is there anything out there now that does a very similar job / produces the same kind of effect, not drive, not fuzz, just a bit of fizz? hairy clarity maybe?



  5. Been quiet for a wee while on this as Jon has had a busy LGBS and then had some guys in on a course doing builds but here's a bit of progress, body all together and the top carve/shape/bend has been done. Neck is well underway, fingerboard is on, side markers fret ticks are in...

    Lovely :gas:




  6. a wee update :)

    Nice piece of Swamp Ash for the body...this'll be the view of the back

    ...all glued up

    Yes my wife is incredibly loving and patient, she's amazing!! I believe there's a canonisation petition somewhere online :D

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