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  1. Yeah I’ve had an American Deluxe Jazz V that’s similar. With the “wood” finish and I had to go for it again with this Overwater
  2. Had delivery of this beautiful J style bass from Overwater! Slick, smooth & tonally very useable in most is not all circumstances! Spec as below - Outline Overwater Custom Contemporary J V 5 String Fretted Scale Length - 35” Neck One Piece Maple Neck Maple Fingerboard Maple Binding No Markers 24 Frets Nut Width - 46mm Standard Bolt-on Construction Luminlay Side Dots Body Swamp Ash Body (no top) Electronics Overwater Noiseless J Pickups Overwater Active 3 Band With Added Passive Tone & "bright switch" Locking Jack Output Overwater Black Actel Knobs Hardware Hipshot Black Tuners Top Loading Overwater Bridge in Black 18mm One Black String Retainer Finish - Natural Lacquer With Added Black Pigment (to make the grain pop) Satin Finish Added Luminlay Side Dots Passive Tone Control Maple Binding
  3. Just jumping in, The Earl Haig would be great! Be great to meet & see others again
  4. Quiet week has turned into a busy one! A Nordy bass & a new P Bass coming :)

  5. Been having a great experience with Bass Bro’s. They sold my 72 Jazz for me recently & sorted out a problem with the bass too for me before it being sold. Excellent service & very communicative. In addition, I’ve. bought some great OC2’s from there too
  6. Pulled the trigger & ordered a Noble! 

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    2. TKenrick


      I remember feeling like I was taking a big risk ordering one but it's one of the best bits of gear I've bought in the last decade, enjoy!

    3. Kev


      The car is probably cheaper!

    4. Drax


      The car is delivered quicker :)

  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Saying goodbye to my 72 Jazz today. She’s served me well over the years!




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    2. LukeFRC


      Sale linked to the extra bass accidentally ordered when you rang Overwater?


    3. Phill


      @LukeFRC partially 😂

    4. SpondonBassed


      Should've applied for an Overwater overdraft

  9. Rang overwater for an update & have ordered another 😩😂

    1. LukeFRC


      that's sure some upselling!

    2. eude


      Can I recommend email next time? ;)

    3. lownote


      I did that and this time they copied the restraining order to me electronically

  10. Rupert Neve DI - You all know what it does. Bought asa backup for some other DI's in the studio & used once. Mint condition & have the OG box. Meet, Deliver, Post (at buyers expense) £200 ONO
  11. EBMM Stingray Classic V Purchased at the beginning of the year (see other NBD post) Absolutely lovely bass in great condition (bit of rust on the top two pup cover screws) Sounds like a Stingray would if it have 5 strings! Selling to fund another Overwater. Pickup, meet or post (at cost)& organisation of buyer) is all fine & I have the OHSC too. Open to sensible offers too but no trades.
  12. EHX Bass Micro Synth Pedal - Purchased last year from Andertons maybe? A powerful good tracking bass synth. Need to raise funds for another silly bass purchase! Pickup, meet or post (at cost) is all fine & I have the OG box too. (I have taken the little feet off the bottom & I haven't got them anymore) There is a little bit of green pen on one of the sliders too Open to offers too.
  13. MXR Vintage Bass Octave Pedal - Purchased this year from another member & it sounds great with a lovely small footprint. Need to raise funds for another silly bass purchase! Pickup, meet or post (at cost) is all fine & I have the OG box too. (I have taken the little feet off the bottom & I haven't got them anymore) Open to offers too.
  14. Just had some update pictures on my latest Overwater come through 😍 Not gonna share them yet though!

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    2. Phill


      I'll make a post when more bits have been screwed together haha!

    3. Rich


      I think posting a new-bass related status update and then refusing to provide pictures for the rest of us to drool over could be construed as rule-breaking behaviour.

      Rule 6 plainly states:

      "You also explicitly agree that you shall not:
      ( a ) provide any content or conduct yourself in any way that may be construed as;
      unlawful, illegal, threatening, harmful, abusive, harassing, stalking, tortuous, defamatory, libellous, vulgar, obscene, offensive, objectionable, pornographic, designed to interfere...".

      There are no pictures. I object to this. Therefore, objectionable behaviour. *bangs gavel* guilty as charged. Cough up the pics or prepare for a ban.


    4. Phill


      I'll Wait for the Bass Police to run up first, then I'll hand over the evidence ;)

  15. Gasping for a Noble DI!!

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    2. acidbass


      To be fair Kev you could say the same about any piece of equipment we use live.  Who will notice the difference between a £100 Harley Benton P or a £4k Pino sig Fender?  After all the compression, EQing, speakers, room etc, both will sound like P Basses.

    3. Kev


      Hopefully you'd notice a difference in how it plays, otherwise indeed, why bother!  I doubt at a gig you would notice what a high quality DI is doing to your tone.  Or, at least, id enjoy some blind sound tests to see if people are noticing what they think they're noticing :D

    4. Phill


      I'd have to agree with you both! On both counts! It will be used in a studio though 

  16. Audition tomorrow! Might be playing some country very soon :) 

    1. Lozz196


      Good luck, hope it goes well

    2. Phill


      Thanks Lozz, I got the job!

  17. That's great to hear! Same experience here too. I was messing around with the centre detented pots on my Custom P5 & Did something to one of them & they sent a whole new knob, spring, instructions plus two allen keys to tighten them up too. Cant fault them!
  18. UPS delivered a bass I'd sold & it's turned up damaged. Today was going so well!

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    2. Dazed


      Hope you can get it resolved 🤞🏻
      I must admit the idea of shipping has me breaking out in a sweat. 

    3. NikNik


      Me, too. Some guy wants me to ship my Ibby Ashula to Thailand. Told him absolutely no way! I'd be nervous sending to Tadcaster,  never mind Thailand!

    4. musiqman


      That is why I always insist on a case and double walled cardboard boxes (like the Reverb branded ones) when shipping privately.

      What a terrible news :(

  19. Anyone know any UK boutique pedal builders who makes Auto-Wah's?

    1. JapanAxe


      ThorpyFX were planning to release a pedal based on the old Lovetone Meatball but apparently that's gone on the back burner because of component supply issues.


      Sorry, that doesn't help you much!

    2. JapanAxe


      Why not buy the auto wah kit of your choice (based on whatever boutique pedal) from somewhere like Jed's Peds or Fuzzdog, and either build it yourself or pay/convince a friend to do it for you.

    3. Phill


      JapanAxe I like your thinking! Thanks :)

  20. I absolute love any form of Bass VI, been using the Squier for many years & got to use it on a few sessions/performances too luckily! Switched to the Labella flats first then shimmed the neck etc & had great results. I do have a very cool Fender Custom Shop Bass VI arriving on Monday 😄 which I've been waiting at least 2 1/2 years for
  21. Currently got 3 boards on the go! The big one as a min, the small for travelling lighter at pop gigs in the city mainly & a studio board with just the OC-2 & Cali 76
  22. OC-2 collection is building up slowly!


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    2. spacecowboy


      Nooooo! Set them free! I can hear their cries!

    3. Kev


      If Status comments could include GIFs, there would be one of Ryan Reynolds asking a question right now.

    4. Sarlscharisma


      …and one of them I suspect is mine 😉

  23. Bought The Bassist’s Strymon PSU. quickly packed up and shipped and very easy buying/trading!
  24. Bought Quatschmacher's MXR Vintage Octave. Quick easy & very impressed! Great person to deal with
  25. Yes, I've been playing it sitting down mostly & it does rub a bit but it's manageable at the moment!
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