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  1. From Markbass - 47.84 lbs / 21.7 Kg
  2. I'm not really sure. It's the only specs from Markbass themselves
  3. Going Friday Haven't been this excited for a live show in years
  4. Yea I'm fancying recording some spaghetti western type themes at the moment
  5. Thanks for the input! it's going off to my tech in the next few days I'll definitely look through those now thank you 👍
  6. Surplus to requirements & space! Good condition, a few scratches to the corner protectors & comes with fitted Roqsolid cover with bottom flap. Open to offers of course. Pickup preferred but could deliver within reason. Currently in storage, so apologies for the rubbish pics. Some specs from Markbass - Bass Cabinet Markbass Standard 151HR 8 Ohm Power: 400 W Loudspeaker: Neodymium oudspeaker Type: Neodymium Horn: yes Impedance: 8 ohms SPL ( 1 W/1 m): 100 dB Frequency Response: 40 - 20 kHz Enclosure: Plywood Connections: ¼" Jack & Speakon Markbass Standard 151HR Cabinet The standard 151HR 1 x 15" cab will never leave you lacking in the bottom end department. Many players find that 15" speakers give them a deep, classic sound that suits many music styles. This cabinet can be used on its own, but combining it with a Traveler 102P or a standard 104HR makes for one powerful stack. Features: IMPEDENCE 8 ohms WEIGHT 52.9 lbs / 24 kg WIDTH23.4 in. / 59.4 cm HEIGHT 23.8 in. / 60.4 cm DEPTH 18.9 in. / 48 cm
  7. Picked up this bass vi at a music store/studio I freelance at. Ex demo model for a great price! Needs new strings & set up etc. I've alway been interested in this instruments history & usage in different genres.
  8. Really enjoyed that! Some excellent advice too. Just subscribed 😊
  9. Thanks mate! Already down a rabbit hole already 😂
  10. Custom Overwater 5 String "Pingray" Reverse P & MM pickup. Still some details to refine but similar to a Sanberg VM 5 I beleive.
  11. I can't agree with you more. A great bass but having to fund a custom one
  12. Phil just bought my EBMM Stingray. Easy transaction & top bloke 👍 many thanks.
  13. Marvellous issue resolved thank you
  14. I'm trying to mark my item as sold in the basses for sale section but I cannot edit it. Also the replies to thread section has been closed. How can I mark it sold? Thank you in advance
  15. Played the Alban Arena last night with a 2-Tone tribute tour. (last ever gig with that band & tour) great FOH sound as usual, but my IEM mix cut out 4 tracks in. Also managed to use my Micro Pog on my one solo without stepping on my tuner at the same time! 😂 Sell out & very responsive crowd & a great send off for myself & the tour
  16. A 2012/2013 (I beleive) Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray Bass. In great condition with one ding on the rear (pictured) Light stage use, mostly used in the studio. Includes original hard case, strap locks & spare white scratch plate. Open to offers & available to deliver in person (within reason) or courier No trades as the funds are going towards a custom bass. Feel free to ask any questions or to ask for audio/video samples. I am open to offers so feel free to haggle.
  17. Lovely colour & such a great bass! Fancying one myself now
  18. phillcourtmusic.com/blog Diolch.
  19. Hey everyone, not sure what to say so.. My name is Phill I've been playing for nearly 14 years and professionally for 6. I'm a bandleader, composer & music educator too. I've been a lurker here for a while and thought it was about time to introduce myself and join. I'm currently touring with a large tribute act, doing small shows in a 4 piece Soul & Funk outfit & running my own Jazz ensemble. My main instruments are Electric Bass, Fretless Bass, Double Bass, Piccolo Bass & Synth/Key Bass. I also run my own bass/musician blog too. Gear wise I'm mainly using my 1972 Fender Jazz, Fender American Jazz Deluxe V, Ernie Ball MM Stingray, custom heavy relic fretless P bass & a German slimline double bass. A multitude of effects, Markbass amplification. Strings are Optima RB Flats & Protos (endorsement) D'addarrio Nylon Tapewounds & Piccolo Strings & Elixir Nanoweb Steels. Cant wait to get stuck right in and chat to many like minded players.
  20. Professional Bass Player Available UK Europe International Based in South Wales & can travel across the UK, Europe & Internationally. Highly experienced (portfolio available) Can sight read to a very high standard. For all live, studio, TV, radio, tours, dep work & more. Fretted, fretless & double bass. Comfortable with all genres but specialising in Funk, Jazz, RnB & Soul. Phillip Court is a professional bass player, composer and music educator based in South Wales UK. After picking up the bass guitar at an early age Phill felt an instant connection with the instrument. After studying music and music technology at school and achieving his grade eight certificate for the bass guitar he promptly started studying for his DipRSL (Diploma In Music Teaching) and then his LRSL (Licentiate In Music Teaching). As a session musician Phill has played on hundreds of tracks in studios and venues all across Europe and beyond, taking great pride and achievement in his work. During this time Phill has also been composing tracks for artists, commercial companies, educational purposes and publications. Ranging from solo guitar tracks to full orchestral pieces. As a music educator, Phill has been teaching privately and publicly for many years. Using his experience as a professional musician and the qualifications he has gained to confidently deliver informative, well planned and thoroughly interesting and enjoyable lessons. Phill has taught countless musicians who wish to succeed in their musical journey. Along with Phill’s work as a professional musician, composer and musical educator he also works as an examiner-performer for Ax Music Wales, performing and examining their guitar qualifications from entry level to grade eight. For more information or for a copy of my portfolio or rates please email me: [email protected] , call my studio or visit my website: phillcourtmusic.co.uk
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