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  1. If it was me I'd write "(or is it?)" in small letters underneath.
  2. I'd have the control plate in line with that lovely grain.
  3. Don't worry. Good things are worth waiting for.
  4. No need. It's covered extensively in the DoI thread.
  5. As for toenails... Some years ago I found it was becoming increasingly difficult to cut my own toenails. Part of it was bend almost double and trying to breathe at the same time. Since I became a bit more, er, cuddly this has been a challenge. The other part is that I wear varifocals but the close focus part of the lens is at the bottom when I really need it to be at the top. This invariable results in neck ache from bending my head back for focus at the same time as being crouped up, so to speak. Jack hasn't been able to trim his own toenails for a few years and the chore fell to me. I hated the job because he's such a baby about it. We decided to get a chiropodist who does home visits every ten to twelve weeks. £27 each. We've been doing that for about five years now. It's made life a lot more pleasant for us both.
  6. I found these easier and less annoying to use than the standard type (as mentioned by @Lozz196). They're very sharp. Nail Clippers - USHION 15mm Wide Jaw Opening Stainless Steel Fingernail and Toenail Clippers Cutter for Thick Nails with Fingernail File for Men & Women Big
  7. Welcome Christina. My deepest sympathy for your loss.
  8. Skin and snot. I understand your point of view now.
  9. It doesn't look that bad from here.
  10. No. What I meant was that the saddles being centred at 17" from the twelfth almost halves the saddles' useable travel since intonation adjustments will always make the string free length more than 17" but never less. If you set the saddles to the shortest free string length then measure your 17" you will end up with the most useable adjustment.
  11. Good man! I have one observation in that the free string length should never be less than the scale length (34") so you could gain a little extra saddle adjustment over what you have now with the saddles 17" from the twelfth at the centre of adjustment. I think that's right anyway. Perhaps someone else could confirm this for me.
  12. Great job! I like the colours you chose.
  13. Might be worth searching or asking in the Repairs and Technical section.
  14. Thanks for sharing. Inspirational thread. I'd like to think that, in another life, I would be doing similar projects.
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