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  1. Well at least you're sticking with four strings.
  2. It is worth checking that the screw driver you use is in good condition and is the correct fit. It makes a huge difference even with poorly formed screw heads. A poorly fitting screw driver will ruin a screw head faster than most other things.
  3. Heating the fingerboard might melt the PVA enough to allow you to reclamp. @Andyjr1515 might know how successful that's likely to be.
  4. Now I'm REALLY sorry to miss this year. That's going to be a heck of an ice breaker...
  5. Have you got a pick in your cleft?
  6. It looks functional enough.
  7. During which you can recover from the tongue lashing you're going to get for using the Mrs's clothes pegs.
  8. I've just noticed that the E tuner is furthest from the nut and the G is closest. I am more used to seeing them the other way around. Is a custom set of strings used?
  9. Welcome Skilamalink.
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