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  1. Thanks everyone. Time isn’t a worry (although the sax I bought a couple of weeks back came in 8 days, 4 of which saw it sat in customs in Coventry). Sadly the seller has gone very quiet so I am hoping it hasn’t been sold.
  2. I have found a nice little gem I am interested in importing from the states. The seller has priced up shipping with USPS and it’s £125. Not a deal breaker if it has to be but I was wondering if anyone has any experience with other carriers who may be less expensive. The neck will come off and it will be well boxed. I guess approx 1m x 60cm x 30cm max and probably between 10-15kg but could creep over depending on packing.
  3. T-Bay

    Sad songs

    Bob Mould - Black sheets of rain, an entire album of perfect misery.
  4. I guess best will come down to which is easiest to play in tune and which one you like the sound of. The search for the perfect reed is like the search for the perfect bass!
  5. We are just cool it seems 😎😁
  6. No problem, thanks mate. There are a couple of types available from the states so might give one of them a try. The tenor one is good enough for me to check leaks etc but is about a semitones out over the full range.
  7. Hi mate, did you have any luck on the mouthpiece? The sax arrived today and I am totally smitten. The pads are nowhere near as bad as expected. I tried my tenor mouthpiece and got a tune out of it but intonation was out. It needs a couple of new springs and a damn good service but I may be able to save the pads with a good feed. That would be useful as I can’t find a uk supplier of white/ cream leather ones.
  8. I have only just stopped shaking my head after watching it the first time. They some good stuff on there but sometimes over restore stuff, sadly they did that and more and removed everything great about it.
  9. Thanks! That would be fantastic!
  10. Don’t suppose there are any C melody ones in there? (Guessing not)
  11. That is gross. I hate to think what the reeds are like.
  12. Just bought this one to my add to my Tenor and Alto. It’s a 1925 Martin C melody. It needs a repad but otherwise very nice. Should be with me in a couple of weeks from the states.
  13. I have zero issue with a tribute, however the ‘fashion’ for slowing a song down to the point of tedium and putting warbling vocals as a tribute is deeply irritating. But any song like that is generally irritating.
  14. Yup, three in fact, including a mini grand, and guitars, bass’s, keyboards, amps, PA etc etc. One of the few benefits of working there at the mo. We have a decent staff band with lead and rhythm guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and even a horn section on a good day.
  15. Had a chance to do some very basic tests on this today with a few people at work. Using a recently tuned piano we tested people to see if the could recognise two notes played at the same time as being an octave apart or not. 100% of people tested (6) could do this every time without hesitation. Next we tried two notes one after another with a small gap and the person had to say if they were an octave apart or not. Very varied results, professional musician was 100% every time, one part time musician was right nearly every time, the other part time musician (me) was right about 80% of the time, other three were around 50% right. It was noticeable that it was easier when the second note was higher than the first, all agreed on this. We then tested our captive musician and he was 100% correct even when three octaves apart and a 30 second gap between first and second note. An interesting lunch hour!
  16. I wonder if the innate aspect is the ability to sense a doubling/ halving in frequency. From the way nerve impulses are generated in the ear, and built in timing function in our brains it’s possible that we can determine such changes. That said I work with special needs kids who can’t tell if a note is higher or lower than the one before, even with some fairly big intervals. What would be interesting would be to see if people can perceive such intervals visually, for example, the speed a dot moves across a screen.
  17. Any chance of a,link,to the article? (If available online obviously). It is an area that has fascinated me for many years. There are many aspects beyond simple pitch recognition , for example why do so many people find repeated pentatonic phrases so enjoyable? Why do we love some music and hate other?
  18. I think it’s an age thing to some degree, in the 70s and 80s most school music teachers were classically trained so not necessarily open to the sorts of music that would suit a bass guitar. If the same question were asked on a forum for members or orchestra’s maybe the response would be more positive. My music teacher didn’t believe anything written after ww2 and mostly anything after 1850 was worth listening to. Being involved with teaching kids music through a charity I am pleased to say music in schools is very different now.
  19. When we were given the option of recorder, those that didn’t want to could play football or run around outside, strangely recorder wasn't that popular which may have been the idea.
  20. I can read music, although far too slowly to play by, other than that it was a complete waste. Uninterested teacher who didn’t think what I like was even music (punk, heavy rock, alternative), only interested in classical music, 20 tossers out of a class of 30, no practical. It could have been so much better.
  21. Nowhere close, it has a top horn removed if anything. Single cuts have an extended horn that stays attached to the neck all the way along.
  22. Haha, Racism dressed up as humour and ‘witty banter’ with a healthy dose of ‘let’s not offend anyone’ to prevent criticism, soooo hilarious 🙄
  23. Damn the auto correct 😂 Yes you are right, I will change it
  24. This^^^^^ plus as a fellow owner of a Terror head I would have a look at the EQ settings. They are a bit weird on the terror heads and I find I have to roll off the bass to next to nothing and really boost the mids and treble. That really helps cut through but won’t sound as good when playing solo. I also revalved the head for a punchier sound, cheap and dead easy to do.
  25. I would love a baritone, or bass or contra bass but they are serious money! ‘Cheap ones’ seem to start around £2k
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