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  1. Oh boy, just been through this with our new band. After three months nothing had come up then got the offer of a gig so needed to come up with a name ASAP. It’s ridiculously hard and even harder to get one everyone likes. In the end we got one that no one hated. Good luck.
  2. Mine fitted apart from the wires, they wouldn’t fit past the plastic side..
  3. As mine was the bridge pick up I just dremelled the old cover, easier than cutting the body!
  4. Really? I thought it was dead popular, I heard people were dying to give it a go.
  5. I use brake cleaner for all adhesive removal jobs, dirt cheap and surprising gentle on lacquered/ painted surfaces.
  6. I picked up an Alan Entwistle pickup from a fellow basschatter to replace the dodgy bridge pickup on my bitsa Jazz. It has a Seymour Duncan in the neck slot. First impressions were that it seems to be of a decent quality for the money (not expensive new) and is supplied with a sensible length of wire with soldered ends. All good so far. It’s deeper than a standard Jazz pickup but most after market ones are. When I came to fit it I found that the plastic cover will not fit in a standard Jazz slot - the corners are a bit too square to fit it. It’s not far off but enough that you would need to open the slots up which I wasn’t prepared to do. The pickup NEARLY fits in the standard Jazz cover but the wire outlet fouls it. Five minutes with a Dremel and it was good to go. Once fitted I had a play. As you would expect it’s a much lighter sound than the Duncan bridge pickup but pleasant all the same with a bright top end. Adding it mid dial against a full dial (hope that makes sense] bridge adds a nice mid range punch that wasn’t there before. As the original wasn’t working I can’t compare it to that sadly but for a budget pickup I am impressed with the quality and sound. I don’t know if the figment issue would be different on other Jazzes but that was the only issue encountered. Verdict - 8/10
  7. Yes, just preamp valves. It had a pair of AX7s, I replaced them with ECC81s which helped a lot. Cost was about £30 iirc for decent quality valves, cheap ones could be had for about a fiver each but I didn’t want to do that. The valves do affect output though, not an issue with a 1000w amp, but could be with a 500w depending what you need it for and what valve swap you do.
  8. Not used the combo but my terror 1000w head isn’t great at doing clean. I swapped out the valves to get a bit more clean head room which gives a bit more flexibility but I wouldn’t be looking at one if a clean sound was the main buying criteria. I love the sound personally and it works for my band but it’s not the most adjustable sound wise.
  9. Bright spark mini? Mine always seemed transparent.
  10. We have an old fashioned independent shop in our small market town. But being honest I don’t know how it survives as they have a few beginner guitars, some horrendously overpriced (and always dirty) stock and one type of bass strings (if you are lucky). I really would love it to be brilliant but I guess the level of stock it would need would kill it overnight.
  11. For fun I ran my £2 eBay clip up against a Boss one and found no difference. I then used a signal generator to get precise frequencies and see how the two responded and there was no difference once the fact that the cheap one had one less increment than the Boss. I then got a £10 Chinese foot pedal tuner and repeated and got the same result. The only thing I can’t test is if there is any variance across individual units but based on how the circuitry works there is no reason there should be beyond the usual quality aspects but my Chinese one has been used and abused for a few years now and is still going strong.
  12. Sex Pistols - never mind the Bollocks Sugar - Beaster Nirvana - Incesticide Smashing Pumpkins - Gish Pearl Jam - Ten The Cure - Wish The Cult - Love
  13. Not a massive bargain, but picked up what I thought was just a Jazz copy for £60 unseen as I wanted a few bits for a project. Turned out it was a decent quality Squier with Seymour Duncan pickups and upgraded electronics. I use it all the time as it sounds great and I am not worried where I use it or if it’s going to get a ding or two.
  14. I would be interested in the jazz pickup if you are happy to split them.
  15. Kurt Cobain, I was doing my masters in the Netherlands and only had a radio with the world service being the only program in English I could find. To hear a stupid plum voice announcing his death in about two seconds before going onto the cricket scores has always stuck with me. It still saddens me 25 years on.
  16. Tort looks better though. I have one that colour on my black jazz. Best combination 🙂
  17. Or maybe the hardware on the headstock is cheaper and therefore heavier. Mine has Grover tuners, no idea what the epiphones have.
  18. I wonder if that’s what makes the difference, mine is a neck through. You would think the weight where the neck joins would be fairly neutral bias wise but perhaps not.
  19. I am very sensitive to it, it is one thing that guarantees I won’t buy a bass. I even went to the effort of designing and machining a bespoke arm for the strap on an SG I was given as it drove me crackers. I don’t carry my basses under my armpit like some but equally it’s not around my knees. All my straps are on the longest hole apart from one which is particularly long. Not sure how that compares to there’s but guess it’s about average? There is no hint of neck dive on the Tbird when there. There was a thread on here where several people put up pics of their Tbirds without dive, so either it’s limited to certain models, hence my wondering about epiphone versions, or perhaps just one of those urban myths? It does seem to me to be a fundamental mistake for a maker to produce a bass that inflicts damage to itself at any opportunity but it’s far from the only piece of poor design around basses sadly.
  20. I always turn mine on a few minutes before I intend to use it, they only need a few seconds technically but it’s no hassle and just allows them to stabilise a bit more. Similarly I leave it on standby for a few minutes after playing to let it cool a bit.
  21. My Gibson Thunderbird has zero neck dive, is it the epiphone ones that dive as none of the Gibsons I tried ever have.
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