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  1. I have a 79 Strat in natural and it doesn’t have marks like that.
  2. I haven’t finished connecting all the cables up but have done a rearrange on my new (home made) board to fit the GX-100 in. I will lose the separate tuner at some point. Pleased with it so far but may swap the GX to the lower tier.
  3. Mustang Sally and Shotgun are the two worse songs ever written. I cannot physically listen to either as it genuinely offends my soul that such travesties exist.
  4. T-Bay

    Boss GX-100

    Just had mine delivered today. Planning on mostly guitar use when I bought it but after an hour on bass I am seriously impressed. It has a good range of sounds and once you get your head around it, it’s easy to tweak to your taste. I wasn’t planning on gigging it on bass but think I may well give it a go now. Edit: had a chance to play with this more today and am SERIOUSLY impressed. The system is easy to navigate once you get your around it (doesn’t take long) and it’s easy to build patches from scratch or adapt the ones there already. It has a lot to offer us bass players and even more if you get stuff off the Boss tone studio (I think that’s free but not sure).
  5. Hence the reason I haven’t stated what was alleged to have been said, I only clarified after 4000’s post. If you had quoted my entire sentence you have got ‘wouldn’t wish to misquote someone on such an emotive area.’
  6. No, I hadn’t heard that, but anyone who could support May is an utter muppet, the comments I heard were regards to immigration, but I won’t go into detail as I heard them second hand and wouldn’t wish to misquote someone on such an emotive area. As I said before, I can only speak as I found and she was very unpleasant on that occasion. Edit: Just read the clarification and what al load of BS, ‘the best thing to happen to this country in a long time’ but not a supporter of the Tories? I like her even less now 😂 She should definitely stick to music (as is very often the case, Eric Clapton etc etc)
  7. Saxophone forums are weird places. I gave up on café saxophone after seeing several new members abused for asking questions. There was a hierarchy on there where certain members seemed immune to any criticism/ sanction for the rudeness. Not a friendly place at all. Sax on the web didn’t seem as bad but some strange folk on there.
  8. I suffered horrendous cramp in my feet and legs a while ago. My consultant suggested Andrews liver salts. I was somewhat sceptical but it made a massive difference. At worst it won’t cause any harm so perhaps worth a try.
  9. I had one sorted many years ago using a heat press. The guy put it on this ally block thing which heated up. I can’t remember much more than that but it wasn’t expensive but not a £10 job either.
  10. That isn’t an interaction with a member of the public though, it’s a pre planned PR interaction and, look at how many politicians stage similar things to show how ‘human’ they are. I can only speak from personal experience, and she was foul to people she didn’t know, with no reason, nothing occurred before hand which could have caused it and from the reaction of others around her they didn’t seem surprised. It may be the only time it’s ever happened (I doubt it), but I can only speak as I find, I won’t defend someone/ ignore the situation because I liked their music. At the time we were all who the F this muppet causing all the fuss was. I was more than a little surprised when I realised who it was.
  11. I have heard other stuff as well that seems to agree with the experience I had. Even on a bad day on a bad week basic manners cost nothing and the assumption that being famous makes you important can FRO. The people she was abusive about were a group of Biochemists, myself included, whose only crime was to be in front of her. I think there was also a bit of a stink a few years back over some questionable comments on a radio program as well (a bit far right iirc) but I didn’t hear it personally.
  12. After being in double figures for years I am now down to four, all fill a niche. At the moment I have zero GAS for bass stuff. It has taken many years but I am happy now with what I have. Feels strange in a way……
  13. I loved her music but came across her briefly in real life and she was foul, proper diva.
  14. My cobra blue ultra- And a sneaky six string- Blue is my favourite colour.
  15. There is nothing Amazon sell that I need so much I would buy it from them.
  16. I think strings direct will price match if you call them. GAK are usually pretty reliable to be fair so maybe a genuine mistake on this occasion, I still think they should cover the extra postage though.
  17. As it’s their mistake surely they will cover the extra postage? And a fiver for a set of strings seems steep anyway. I use stringsdirect, the prices are great and postage is only £1.99 or free over £30.
  18. +1 on the name and shame, I am a generally chilled out sort but would have exploded down the phone if they came out with that crap.
  19. Way ahead the record shop in Derby for me. We used to spend an age in there and as they got to know you they would play you stuff that had come in that week. And rifling through the bargain bin brought up some obscure classics as well. The NME was also useful back in those days.
  20. Whiplash claim from Trace Elliot combo not being secured when the driver braked hard? Come to think of it, that would be funeral costs, not whiplash claim………
  21. How do you get on with the Empress Zoia? I have been wondering about getting one for a while but don’t know anyone with personal experience of them.
  22. Made myself a new board - Got a nasty lung infection but I will populate it once I am up to it.
  23. Being a set neck as opposed to through neck, isn’t it basically like an old studio model with banding?
  24. Royal Mail are brilliant around here, DHL are fine, no problems (tracking is pants though). Herpes are either fine or mindblowingly bad so it’s pot luck. The worst are Yodel and the now defunct Initial city Link. I would not use any company that used them as I knew it would be a nightmare.
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