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  1. One of my favourite live bands, I last saw in Manchester a couple of weeks before it was blown up. Then had tickets for Wolverhampton but sadly that was cancelled as Brian’s health wasn’t that great. Hoping they will be touring again soon.
  2. I didn’t really get Placebo at first but then rediscovered them a few years later and they are now one of my favourite bands,
  3. 440 refers to standard 440hz tuning. You should never need to adjust that unless playing with musicians who use a strange base setting (possibly used on the continent but I could be wrong).
  4. My first car was 2.0GL in Tibetan gold (metallic brown). Sadly it was written off but I loved that car.
  5. It sounds great, are you still going to try and get the discount or just sign up?
  6. How are youu getting on with this? I am planning to sign up for the freebie two weeks on Saturday as I have next week off so make more use of it.
  7. If I am you have been hiding your Bass playing skills well Paul! and message sent............
  8. The wheels are but the car is a unique 1.6L (the only one ever made in Imperial red and one of only two Imperial red cars left of any type). Sadly I have yet to find a decent set of steel wheels to go on it. I would like to get it back to original if I can. Hoping to have it on the road this summer after 4 years of hard graft over the last six years ( a year off to build an extension and another year of getting a 205CJ road worthy).
  9. I am still happy to do most stuff. This is my present project, should be painted by this time next week if all goes well.
  10. Thanks, that clears it up a little. I sometimes think my mind is too scientific for music as I struggle if I can’t find the ‘why’ as opposed to just accepting that is just the way it is. As I was hoping to mess around playing bass to accompany my fledgling sax playing (the reason the subject came up) I think I need to study this all a bit more!
  11. Closed end, we live on an estate where the ends of the roads finish at a very nice park (been a godsend these last few weeks) and from speaking to other people with the end house they found the same. We had what was obviously the remains of a fire pit in a corner. The cable was the worst as it was a devil to get out.
  12. Apologies if this is a stupid question, and it probably is, but what is the benefit to that? Is it purely the ability to move finger positions across instruments?
  13. And a genuinely nice bloke to boot. I had the pleasure of is company for a short while a few years ago as part of a project I was involved in with 20 kids with a range of disabilities. He promised to come back and find us after the event and was true to his word and took time to talk to each and every one of them. Quite a day that was, Stirling Moss, another true gentleman also took a lot of time to talk to the kids.
  14. They often dump rubbish like that in the garden of the last house of a cul de sac, guess how I know this.......
  15. That’s odd, they have replaced two of mine because of this, about a year apart. I just needed to send the product code on a small sticker underneath. Both bought at the same time but one developed the problem later for some reason. A dodgy batch by all accounts.
  16. The bass makes sense, but if different instruments play different notes wouldn’t there be the possibility of it sounding terrible? Or is the interval such that it’s always ok? I think,I must be missing something really obvious here but just can’t quite get my head around it.
  17. Doing some reading as part of yet another attempt at becoming slightly less musically inept with regard to theory. Couple of things I don’t get with relation to transposing instruments, firstly- why? Why would you want an instrument to play an A when a C is written? Is it some sort of trick for composers to get a fuller sound by instruments at different intervals? And secondly the article said a bass guitar is a transposing instruments, well that’s the first I have heard of that, so is it or isn’t it? Thanks in advance for helping me in my stupidness.
  18. Leonard Cohen is guaranteed to get me out of any room. What a dirge.....
  19. I had tickets to see him this summer. That’s all gone belly up sadly 😟
  20. It’s brilliant, Bob Mould was going through a really rough patch of his life with band and relationship breakups and other problems. You can really hear it all come out through the album. And as we all know, happy people don’t write good music.............
  21. Now you mention that, Black sheets of Rain by Bob Mould, utterly miserable and brilliant at the same time. My wife hates it.
  22. I love NiN Broken, bit it doesn’t seem popular with many people. I think it’s a work of complete genius.
  23. A wedding we played last year, seems a long time ago..........
  24. Sunshine of your love was on my original list, it’s a cracking riff (one of the best imho) but they must hear it sooooooo many times.
  25. Thanks for that info. I plan to sign up in a few weeks when I have some of the basics down a bit better. Not sure how much stuff is on there for complete beginners.
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