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  1. That Tom Paton bloke who managed was well dodgy. Does anyone know if they could play.Great trousers though. Poor Les got ripped off I think.
  2. I read about the UK birds in Ronnie's book. Will have to give them a listen.
  3. The Spice girls were terrible. There was nothing remotely spicy about them I did quite like dirty spice the ginger one though. Music wise this was the beginning of the end next thing we now people were crediting Gary Barlow as musically talented.
  4. Notice how although the man is famous he is completely laughable despite having a number one record and quite a good voice. This is why everybody from the northeast trys to lose their accent and bugger off down south as soon as fame comes calling.Its just not a cool place to come from. Sorry.
  5. Spender rocks.lol.If you are from Newcastle you may well know Nail can run faster than a train.
  6. I remember when there was ships on the tyne.
  7. Am I really not allowed to mildly swear on here now?
  8. I notice the brain police are on basschat now. Chocolate starfish?
  9. Saw it via torrent day after it came out. Frank still infuriates me. Some of the most beautiful music ever made,his solos are sublime. Also a nerdy egotistical chocolate starfish who was rubbish at comedy and who didnt treat women to well. Again I can see myself in there which is probably why I still love him.
  10. Use the driver for the next model up. Behringer don't give you a proper driver even though they say it's plug and play it has loads of issues mine works perfectly using the next model ups driver.
  11. I'm sure theres a previous thread on this embarrassment
  12. Morrissey is his own worst enemy which is a shame and I think it was probably him who caused a lot of the friction in The Smith's. Andy Rourke is a great bass player.
  13. That is your opinion. Other people are allowed their opinions regardless of you deeming them to be morally right or wrong.
  14. I do think the man has a point regarding free speech being slowly eradicated in this country unless you are left wing. I dont really rate much of his stuff after the 90s but the Smith's were a fantastic band. Morrissey always comes across as very bitter and passive aggressive in interviews. I'm sure he has enough money to survive though.
  15. Roly Wynne early Ozrics for me if it was him and not Ed on the recordings. Taken to soon. Apparently he taught a lot to Stu Zender aswell.
  16. Considering the bass line is programmed using software she is very clever to get the exact tone from her bass. And playing against a midi pattern is hard.
  17. I love it. Wanted one for years. If the devil played an instrument this is it.
  18. I love Krautrock. Surprised no one has mentioned Popol Vuh and the great stuff they did in the Werner Hertzog films.So atmospheric and beautiful.
  19. I dont get on with the necks though I would love it. An Ibanez neck on a Stingray would be dream setup I think.
  20. As the Bernard Edward's which strings things carry on and was "it just in his fingers" I recently swapped to half wounds and to my joy his tone or my half arsed version of it definitely seemed to materialise. On an Ibanez soundgear. I think it must be half wounds.Any thoughts?
  21. Er, what about all those early blues players, or do we discount them because they were poor and black? Buddy Holly was just one of the first to tap into an already well established genre and repackage it for the post-war baby boomers. More marketing creativity than musical creativity I'd say. If you play some Buddy songs the way he did they are actually more complicated than you think not just12 bar and open chords.
  22. I Have watched a lot of music videos of new stuff lately and recently watched Animals as leaders. Do you think bass and guitar as instruments are starting to merge? I have to admit being a guitarist and a bass player into more of the experimental side of things it seems a nice solution.More strings? Lol.
  23. Lol.Nice one Dave the acts really coming along.
  24. I would personally not deal with any people who refer to themselves as "a crew"
  25. It still annoys me that software is released before all glitches are ironed out.
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