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  2. What's the current UK shipped price (given the price drop).......seriously interested in this.
  3. Thanks chaps, really appreciated! Glad to here I'm not alone in this - it's funny how taking the plunge back in, is in fact harder than quitting in the first place. I've been kind of forced into a short period off work at the mo, and that's what got me thinking. I did try vinyl collecting in my bass-break, but that didn't go that well, so it's been sold. I'm kind of back at where I left off - and that's the hard bit. Wish I had a time machine to see how things will end up, as I'm not mad on throwing a pile of cash at something which may prove fruitless. It's me, I know!
  4. Hi BC'ers! I've been out of the bass loop for around 18 months. I essentially grew tired of my own playing, the band I was in, just everything, really.....I really needed a break from it, so sold pretty much all my gear through the site here. No regrets. I've kept a look in occasionally, but obviously with COVID, all I've been doing is working 6 days a week, with no real interest in the bass world. However, of late, I've begun to look here on a daily basis.....browsing Bass Direct.....just getting a bit of a bug to play again. I'd done about 25-odd years before I stopped. An old drumming pal contacted me about some possible recording. Spotted a couple of items, the GAS has kicked in a little - I'd really like to almost start over, and really look at scales, technique, etc., which I never really bothered with before. Change my tone. My only problem that's holding me back is my own reservation - ie, the chances of playing out again post-COVID. Opportunities around here were drying up long before I stopped (part of my reason), and I couldn't face being just a home player. I've no interest in playing covers in pubs, either (done that xxxx times over). Not making this easy, am I?! Originals I love doing. Clearly, getting back in takes some cash, fine, but I'd want a decent bass - can't face anything less, as I'd only be selling it to upgrade weeks later! Apologies for the rambling post....I guess I'm just sounding out loud for some validation, and some ideas of what's possible looking forward. I feel I'm ready to start over, just a little hesitant that I'll end up back where I was before.
  5. Fender Instrument Cable (Performance) - 18.6ft, 5.5m. It's the long one! One jack is straight, the other angled. Barely used, selling as it's my last cable remaining, since everything else has gone. Free postage, only looking for £8! Payment by PayPal 'gift' please. Thanks for looking! SB 😀
  6. Sold Jack my Rumble amp. Jack's a new Basschatter, and very clearly a super addition to the community. Payment was instant, and super comms throughout the transaction. Deal with complete confidence! 😀
  7. Hercules Mini Bass Stand Lovely stand, barely used, so in absolutely superb condition. Folds up and fits in a cables bag with ease. Gives great support, with your typical Hercules build quality. Over £20 new, only asking £12 for this, includes UK postage. Payment by PayPal 'gift' please. PM with any questions or interest! Thanks for looking, SB 😀
  8. Thanks Tubster! Appreciated. If I had enough packaging to risk it, I would send it. But like an idiot, I dumped the old box......
  9. Sold Hugh a Mono strap. Transaction was flawless - Hugh is clearly a very nice man, and super easy to deal with. Many thanks Hugh!
  10. Sold Tom my Little Mark 3. In my 10 years+ on Basschat, it's been harder to finder a nicer chap to deal with. We've done a few deals over the years, and they've always been an absolute pleasure. Tom was my first Basschat classifieds sale, and so it's quite fitting that he's one of my (maybe even the) last one I'm doing. I'll check back in, though - sure Tom's FB page will be at least 20 pages by then! 😆
  11. MARKBASS LITTLE MARK 3 Purchased by myself earlier this year (brand new), ordered from The Bass Gallery in London, who had me this one sent direct from Markbass HQ. Due to various circumstances, this has seen very little use indeed. The condition is, as such, completely immaculate. I even bought the genuine Markbass case to keep it in - these are nearly £60 alone. I'm sure if you've got this far, you'll know how good these are, 500w of immense output, in a truly lightweight package. I am only asking £250 for this, and that includes full UK delivery to your door. Only reason for selling, is that I am leaving the world of bass behind, hence I'm having a big clear out. Payment via PayPal 'gift' please. Please PM with interest, and thanks for looking! SB 😀
  12. Sold Paul a Barefaced cab. Really super chap to deal with - we did the transaction on trust, a proper Basschat deal! Instant payment, great comms throughout. Really glad you're happy, Paul.....enjoy with my best wishes.
  13. Tortex picks, .88mm, 22 brand new. Only asking £3, posted to your door in the UK. Payment by PayPal 'gift' please. PM with any interest! Thanks for looking, SB 😀
  14. Minotaur Bass Strap Very good, used condition. Strap superb, just used around the holes where it attaches to the bass. These are handmade straps, amazing quality. Now surplus to any requirements, only asking £12 for this, UK postage included. Payment by PayPal 'gift' please. PM with any interest, and thanks for looking! SB 😀
  15. Black Mono Bass GS1 Strap, in short (listed as 40"-46", or 101cm-117cm). Condition is excellent. Used sparingly, so in excellent shape indeed. Only asking £18, UK postage included. Payment by PayPal 'gift' please. PM for any more info, and thanks for looking! SB 😀
  16. Fender Rumble 40 Immaculate amp, complete with custom made Roqsolid cover. Never left the house - both items showroom condition. These retail at around £215, without any covers. Only asking £95 for mine! Collection only on this one - from New Romney, Kent (TN28). Payment by PayPal 'gift' in advance, or simply cash on collection. Please PM with any interest, and thanks for looking! SB 😀
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