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  1. This was bought for a project but covid disappeared so no use to me now. Link: https://www.thomann.de/gb/behringer_umc404hd.htm
  2. This is my BG250 TC combo. First class condition and sounds great, it also has toneprint A & B a great way to change your tones. 250watt amp section so loud enough. I also fitted castors so it's very easy to move around, plus it's not heavy to start with.
  3. Here is my Hofner Ignition HI-BB violin bass. In mint condition with no issues at all. Plays just as it should, the price includes postage to the UK. Thanks. Tom.
  4. Here we have a pair of Pre sonus active studio speakers, they have been switched on once to test them and never used again. They are great sounding speakers. Here is a link to the website: https://www.presonus.com/products/Eris-E45 There is a small white mark on the back corner of one speaker, camera couldn't really pick it up.
  5. Could you get an exact weight please? Very interested.
  6. Looks wonderful! Always wanted one of these in that colour. Bit out of my price range at the moment GLWYS.
  7. Had Patrick round this morning to pickup my Blackstar guitar amp, had a good old natter about all things music, what a gent! Sorry Patrick I forgot to offer you a drink, my apologies, maybe when you buy my J200 😁
  8. Hi, the weight is 7.2lbs or 3.2 kilos.
  9. Cheers Paul, hope you and yours are too. I had Mike (Pestie) round the other day to steal my Markbass speaker 😃
  10. Here is my Blackstar 1 watt valve amp HTR-1 with separate speaker, I couldn't believe how loud and overdriven these things can get! Great for small gigs or practice amp. Can post at your cost.
  11. Here is my hardly used Ibanez Mezzo in mint condition. It's 32" scale and is sooo easy to play, very loud P bass pickup and lovely maple neck this colour combo is hard to find in the Uk now. Collection preferred but I have a box if you want to arrange your own shipping. The weight is 7.2 lbs or 3.2kilos Thanks for looking.
  12. Mike just been and bought my Markbass 151 speaker, what a lovely guy, had a good natter about moles and bands Great to meet you mate and thanks. All the best, Tom.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. Hi all, can someone recommend a wireless mic' for our church hall system please? Budget is about £120 Thanks all. Tom.
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