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  1. Thanks. Don't know why I didn't see that, age I guess.
  2. Weight please.
  3. Cheers Karl, it probably is a tad heavy, sad though as it would make a fine addition to my little collection. Have a bump while I chew it over, stay safe my friend.
  4. Just confirm the nut width for me Karl. Is this one 40mm? Or is that what you like?
  5. Bargin! Bit heavy for me but this won't be here long. GLWYS
  6. I bought an Ibanez SRMD200 Mezzo with a maple board in Tango Orange and to say I'm very impressed would be an understatement! Very light and very powerful with a heck of a bottom end. I'm so happy with with it that I bought another one in blue, equally amazing. This: https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Ibanez-SRMD200-Mezzo-Sapphire-Blue-Metallic-/art-BAS0010383-000?campaign=GShopping/GB&ProgramUUID=5G_AqJarZwoAAAFl0FZyjI8V&gclid=CjwKCAjwoNuGBhA8EiwAFxomAwkhGfURLk8JlW2G80bHzNcSQWr7-I6M3jWHaZ-sRfgWBYWlpE5Y2RoCAdwQAvD_BwE
  7. That's a great looking bass Iain, going shopping for one now, fantastic colour!
  8. Pete just bought my shorty Stingray and what super pain free, friendly guy to deal with. Very fast payment and great comms, an absolute pleasure to deal with and a credit to Basschat. Enjoy Pete. Tom.
  9. You need to give this to me at once!! Love it, hope you enjoy it👍
  10. It is unlocked, I bought it new from Apple and put my Tesco sim in it.
  11. Thanks Mick. I think he wants a real one, the £2000 + one, that's the only one that comes in starry night blue.
  12. Hi, sorry, it's a 32gig and the battery is a diy job, plenty of vids on how to do it. Doesn't need it yet though. My wife's was 82% before we did it.
  13. Hiya, here is my iphone which is immaculate in Rose Gold. works perfectly with no issues. I have been bought a new XR (I've been a good boy apparently) so I don't need 2. The battery is at 87% and I will include a new battery & kit for the future. It's fine for now. The round disc on the back is magnetic so it can be attached to a phone holder. It will of course be reset for the new owner. The price is posted in the original box
  14. Thanks again all, you're a great bunch. Sold now.
  15. I've got a lump in my throat, you are all so kind, thank you very much. Tom.
  16. Thank you so much guys. What a lovely place this is.
  17. Bit of a story behind this one. I bought one of these about 3 months ago and discovered that the switching system was jaffed (technical term for not working) so I sent it back and Ernie Ball have sent me a replacement which is this one, so brand new and unplayed and a great saving on a new one. This one works just as it should, weight is just 3.6 kilos, this is a brand new bass! Delivery by courier included in the price. Tom
  18. Hi folks, here is my Player Precision in what I think is the best colour, Buttermilk. It's in pretty much great condition save for a couple of marks on the lower horn inside. Plays absolutely great with no issues. I'm sad to let it go but I had a stroke on New Years eve and I'm struggling to even lift it off the stand atm. Hopefully I'll improve in time but it feels hopeless right now. It's a 2019 model and it only weighs 3.8 kilos Price includes courier delivery. Tom.
  19. I stupidly keep looking at this, it's a lovely thing Karl.
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