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    Lawrence bought an SM58 from me, fast payment and great comms, can't ask for more. Thanks very much Lawrence, Tom.
  2. Hi all, I have a Shure SM 58 for sale, in excellent working order. in great condition but there may be the odd small mark on the casing. It has a new aftermarket grille on the as the original had a ding, the originals are included in the sale if, like Jeremy Clarkson you are good with a hammer.. £55 delivered . This is not a fake as it is the correct weight. My digital scales show 325g .
  3. Just received Nick's Buttermilk P Bass and what a beauty! better than described with a great low action. Totally honest and friendly guy to deal with, a true credit to Basschat. Posted very quickly, great comms. Thanks very much my friend. Tom.
  4. Haven't used it for awhile but I'll plug it in and do a comparison and get back.
  5. @CameronJ you make a sound argument there, the D5 is a bit hotter output isn't it? Will it work better without fantom? By the way all my equipment is in 1st class working order. I'm very careful with my stuff. Would a condenser mic be better for acoustic amp? I don't know much about the subject. I do have a Sennheiser 845 too but I can't hear a lot of difference so I tend not to use it much. Thanks for your help.
  6. Thanks BRX, the riddle is solved! The link you gave was very informative, my mic is very definately a FAKE. It weighs 247 grammes against over 300 for a real one. The writing on the box is fake. If you unscrew the top it screws on to a plastic thread wheras the real one is metal There are other things as well. So I think I know where the problem lies and it's going back to crack converters. Thanks for your help guys, it's appreciated. Tom.
  7. I've just tried again using a Laney Afresco 30w acoustic amp which has no phantom power switch and I have to turn it until it's almost feeding back and even then there isn't enough volume to be heard beyond about 8 feet. So why do my other 58's work so well with phantom on and like the above without?? They have done for years. Yes the mic/line button is in for mic.
  8. Ok, I've used these mic's for years and without phantom power they are useless through a Roland ac 60 acoustic amp. My other sm 58's work fine with phantom power with no issues. this one works but with a loud buzz. If I plug in and switch on there is no volume to speak of but when I switch phantom on, which is what Roland tell me that I need to do my other ones work fine.
  9. Hiya, does anyone know who can repair shure sm58's please? I bought a used one that's like new, box and all. It's fine until I turn on phantom power and then there's a loudish buzzing noise. Cheers, Tom.
  10. I had the single and the double pickup versions, great basses but heavy old hectors..
  11. Harley Benton sounds like the 'James Nelligan' guitar that Stagg produce. The rep called in my shop on his monthly visit and I asked who JN was and he told me he was an accountant in their German office....
  12. I bought one of these, same year and same mods. Faster than a really fast thing going fast. It's a bargain for the money. GLWYS.
  13. Marinus, that looks stunning, I'm almost! Do the original pickups come with it? Take care. Tom.
  14. Oi! peculiar? you need talk yer tart, you're from Darlo' ...
  15. I agree with everyone strangely....
  16. Great buyer! Lovely guy to deal with, very fast payment and great comms. A real gentleman of the Basschat parish, Thanks Claudio.
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