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  1. Not wanting to extinguish your BBQ, but I wouldn't say that the S versions have contouring, simply a radiused slab body. It does soften the edges compared to the bound tops but still not as comfortable as a Fender IMO. I hope I've overstated it so please keep us updated.
  2. When the LM3 replaced the LM2 they were class AB. My 2009 LM3 is class AB. Class AB LM3 and Combo 2 heads continued until 2012 when the class D power section was introduced without publicity.
  3. How old is the LM3? I'd be interested to know if your broken and 'new' ones are class AB or D?
  4. Agreed. Mine are both S models as I found the binding really uncomfortable.
  5. Thank you. It's interesting a bass that a fair percentage of players just can't get on with at all is perfect for others. Yes, the SRs are probably as comfortable to play as any bass out there (unless thin narrow necks aren't your thing) but as you say specific conditions can turn things upside down. I've found that as I have gained more experience that I can adapt to almost any bass (shortscales, Hofner violins, Gibson SG, Warwick Thumb, etc.) but the Rickenbacker is my biggest challenge. Maybe I should've retained the pickup cover and anchored my wrist on that when using a pick?
  6. Yoiks, that is unusual! Agony in seconds? How come?
  7. Geddy, Chris Squire, Bruce Foxton, Lemmy; there must be a shedload more? However, I'm more interested in BC'ers who actually play Rickenbackers, not observations about famous players.
  8. I've just started a new thread asking about Rickenbacker playing preference in the Bass Guitars forum and would appreciate your opinions. Cheers.
  9. I find playing Rickenbackers with fingers more comfortable than with a pick due to the lack of forearm contour, even on the S models. However, I much prefer the sound with a pick so adapt my playing to suit even though it's out of my comfort zone. I'd be interested to know whether other BC'ers have a preference?
  10. Here's mine again. Any more out there?
  11. Maybe it's because the CMD121P combo might be Markbass biggest seller but the majority of these tales relate to that particular product. In fact the only Markbass product that broke down on me was the combo 2 head in my CMD121P. I have a suspicion that vibration of the head in its vertical orientation may subject certain components (or solder joints) to unforeseen stresses. Mine suffered a cracked solder joint on the speaker output connector and latterly a failed pre amp board.
  12. I love this film of the history behind the British valve industry. It also shows how they're made in detail. https://youtu.be/GDvF89Bh27Y
  13. Perhaps a Stonehenge stack of three TE 2x8 cabs ?
  14. Ashdown are in Heybridge, Essex; not so far from Trace Elliot's old Maldon site.
  15. Perhaps using "Vox" (with capital V) rather than "vocals" in the thread title is a bit confusing? Anyhow, is the speaker dust cap dented please? Thanks.
  16. In your situation I'd seriously consider retiring your faulty combo head and replacing it with a good condition, newer second-hand LM series head. As the CMD121H has a single 12 speaker I doubt that you are putting the full potential at 8 ohms of 300 watts through it? So you could also buy a brand new LM250 Black for approximately £200 with full warranty that can output 150 watts with likely more than enough power to drive the combo speaker to its limit.
  17. LM2 and LM3 had same frequency points for their EQ sections. The high EQ control actually boosts and cuts a range of frequencies, not just 10kHz, which I can hear make a clear difference even on my non tweeter cabs.
  18. Is the hard case the original Trace Elliot one? Perhaps you could treat us to some TE photo porn?
  19. Is it the rack mounting version? Cheers.
  20. The Series 6 came after the Mk V. The SMX came after the Series 6. Yours is clearly Mk V as it says on the front panel.
  21. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that driver diameter defines a cab's low end response. In my experience Bergantino HD210 cabs have incredible low end extension. The ABM600 has real "heft" to its low end that decent cabs can reproduce and the 4 ohm SVT212AV sounds like a great partner; enjoy the trouser flapping. (-:
  22. Why not pay to use the Basschat Marketplace (if you haven't already of course)? Items Wanted and the Other Musical Items for sale/exchange could be your friend. Lots of bassists dabble with guitar too. I wouldn't go near ebay or gumtree but Basschat is a friendly community (mostly!) and you can trust the member's feedback too.
  23. Perfect, thank you. Totally agree.
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