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  1. Hi I acted as an intermediary for a friend who bought a bass from @itsmedunc and everything was easy with happy patied all round. Thank you for being such a good member here
  2. Sorry missed that point. As a guitarist. when I play bass I find I just do this automatically on both guitar and bass, playing with a plectrum. Wen playing bass with finger I do what Sting does - use my thumb and mute with my palm. I'm playfully imagining some form of G bender -like contraption that automatically lifts a mute under the strings when you pull down on the strap....
  3. John Deacon used foam up against the bridge which works well.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. superb gig. top band and I like em heavy before the pop and drum machines
  6. I'm excited to announce the launch of our new album, Few Who Stop, by Scoorieboy, my recording band project with John Mackie, ex-Scars. Recorded and mixed over the last few months, it’s launching today. Check it now out now on Bandlab where it is immediately available to stream and buy. https://scoorieboy.bandcamp.com/album/few-who-stop. Also coming available on iTunes/Apple Music: (1-7 days), Spotify (5 days) Google Play (3 days). Amazon (4 days), Pandora: (2 weeks), Deezer: (2 weeks). Most tracks also have vids available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/scoorieboy/videos
  7. Band just cut this while distancing.
  8. Here's my '99 USA P white blonde ash with rosewood. You can just see the grain in some lights. These pics make it a little lighter than it is in the flesh. Very nice pickups and has a sort of vintage vibe look.
  9. Stunning! Is that an LPB refin?
  10. Stunning! Is that an LPB refin?
  11. I like the Tort. 500 bases? Wow. You’ve spent more time trading than playing them.
  12. thank you @Rick's Fine '52 That'd be great. Wait until the rain comes next week! I'd especially love to see a few more detailed shots of the 1961 Jazz Olympic White Also your '53 Precision blonde, blackguard, and 1966 Precision white blonde if you have an easy link to them. That's a spectacular collection and great taste. R
  13. For me there’s a little extra woody clunk less present on other bass designs. That’s the best I can do!
  14. That's beautiful! Right choice to swap out the natural rest I think. Here's a really nice 54 tribute parts build I bought from @Sparky Mark
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