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  1. rze99


    Not surprising but not very open. Lots of guitarists expect a Precision type sound to play off
  2. Many thanks yes that’s been mentioned to us. California meets Sarf Landan
  3. Re the cost. That's simple. All the parts are used. I mainly build with used parts. Keeps the cost low and - if required - resale isn't too painful; The P bass has so few components and is so easy to put together. It's a doddle. And a classic of course. Good call re Bruce the Ric. Yes. He used an Ibanez Rickenbacker ("lawsuite") copy initially before they got their 6k advance from Polydor.... then Rickenbackers, but changed around 1978/79 for All Mod Cons. They used the same studios as Thin Lizzy and Phil Lynott told Bruce that he would cut through and have more weight with a Precision (that's what I heard). He was right! That said, I'd love a JetGlo 4001. But that's just silly. I'm a guitarist and just play bass for recording and fun. Anyway I saw the Jam on the All Mod Cos tour a couple of times and I most closely associate Bruce withe the Black and maple P bass.
  4. Cheers Dave- glad you were entertained. here's the Bruce build thread
  5. and the newly built "Bruce Foxton" bass gets a video debut..
  6. and on that point, is the "long reach" one "the one to get". Not sure why i mean the access to the headstock is easy is it not?
  7. I've had one help correspondence with Andertons and never again. Total dimwit.
  8. Hmm thank you maybe that's it .. because I have loads of allen keys. Is that the tool? I'll check your thread. The Fendertool says 3/16 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-American-Professional-P-Jazz-Bass-TRUSS-ROD-ADUSTMENT-Precision-SHORT/282477505503
  9. Hi all I need a truss rod allen key for MIM Precision bass neck headstock end adjustment. Just needs a tweak so not desperate. I've got a whole bunch of allen keys and none seem to fit. Is it imperial measurements? Any kind forum member please post me a link to the right one to by - or measurement - or if you have more than a couple hanging around sell me one directly? I'm in London. thanks R
  10. Looks superb. Happy NBD!
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